October 13, 2010: Player of the Year Awards:

Fróði Benjaminsen, HB Tórshavn
Player of the Year

For the second year in succession, and third time in total, HB Tórshavn midfielder Fróði Benjaminsen picked up the player of the year award. It hardly came as a surprise to most people as he is the player who can – and does - decide matches on his own.

With 13 goals for HB, and five of them coming in the last six games of the season, Benjaminsen was HB’s top goal scorer.

When other players miss from the penalty spot, Benjaminsen stays cool and scores. When time is running out, Benjaminsen scores the winning goal. He scores from the distance and he heads them in from corners. And when HB is not attacking, Benjaminsen is the man the opposition must get past in midfield, as he is equally as good defensively as he is attacking.

Benjaminsen also won the player of the Year award in 2001 when playing for his childhood club, B68 Toftir.

Andras Gango, NSÍ Runavík
Goalkeeper of the Year

Hungarian goalkeeper Andras Gango, who changed from ÍF Fuglafjørður to NSÍ Runavík this season, has previously been runner-up for the goalkeeper-price, but this time he pipped Jákup Mikkelsen to take top honours.

Gango conceded 33 goals in 27 league matches and kept 7 clean sheets.

The 26 year old Hungarian, who speaks Faroese fluently, came to ÍF Fuglafjørður in 2006.

Heðin Askham, EB/Streymur
Coach of the Year

After a very slow start to the season where EB/Streymur picked up only 5 points in their first six matches, the 2008 champions finally started to gather pace, and their 9 point-deficit a that point to leaders HB - and eventual champions - was cut to only 3 points in the end, and where EB/Streymur in the last 9 matches scored 29 goals and played some very eye-pleasing football.

That, coupled with victory in the cup, persuaded the voters to choose Askham as coach of the year.

Erling Jacobsen, Víkingur
Young Player of the Year

Some had noticed 20-year old Erling Jacobsen’s fine and stable performances as a central defender for Víkingur since he arrived midway through the season, filling the gap of Atli Gregersen who went to Scottish Ross County.

But it was in his debut as left back for the Faroe Islands in the 1-1 draw against Northern Ireland where Jacobsen’s close to flawless display caught the eye of every football fan in the Faroe Islands.

Golden Boot to
Arnbjørn Hansen, EB/Streymur

Arnbjørn Hansen from EB/Streymur, who scored 22 league goals, was named the official winner of the golden boot although he was equal with Christian Høgni Jacobsen from NSÍ Runvík, who also scored 22 goals.

But the rules dictated that Hansen should be the winner as he had played fewer minutes than Jacobsen throughout the season. Hansen, who was substituted a few times during the season, had missed about 242 minutes of the league while Jacobsen had only missed the 90 minutes when he was suspended against B36 in the penultimate round + another 8 minutes for 2 substitutions.

If this is a rule the organizers just made up is unclear. Sometimes when players are equal on goals, the one who has played fewer matches is named the winner. That would have been Jacobsen in this case, as Hansen appeared in every match for EB/Streymur while Jacobsen missed the one game for NSÍ. But that would have meant that Jacobsen would actually have been rewarded for his 5 yellow cards which earned him the suspension in the penultimate round. As a principle, that must be considered wrong.

If that is why the organizers chose to count the minutes played instead of matches played, is only speculations from this website. Another option to find the winner could have been to count the yellow cards and naming the player with fewest yellow (or red) cards as the winner. Hansen received only one while Jacobsen received 7.

But then again, why not hand two golden boots as the players in fact scored the same number of goals? Isn’t that the most logical thing?

However, this was Hansen’s 2nd golden boot as he also won it in 2008. Jacobsen isn´t “barefooted” though as he also owns two golden boots as he was top scorer in 2005 and 2006.

Arnbjørn Hansen made two hat tricks during the season; in the 6-0 win over AB Argir where he scored 5 goals and in the following match against B36 were Hansen scored 3 of the goals in the 4-1 win.

Hansen looked certain of ending the season on top of the top scorer chart as he was leading Jacobsen by 4 goals going into the final round, but although Hansen added another goal to his tally in the 3-1 win over B68, Jacobsen incredibly scored 5 goals in the 9-1 win over B71 Sandoy to draw equal with Hansen.

The votes were cast by the captains and the coaches of the 10 Vodafone Division teams and the press.

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