October 05, 2009: Player of the Year Awards:

Fróði Benjaminsen, HB Tórshavn
Player of the Year

Often, the player of the year is a player from the champion team and therefore it was no real surprise that HB Tórshavn’s captain, Fróði Benjaminsen, was awarded the prestigious title this year.

Benjaminsen plays in midfield and is arguably the player HB would least be able to dispense. Few players can match his physical strength which he uses in both defence and attack.

Benjaminsen´s best form was maybe in the first third of the season, where he also scored 5 of his 10 goals in total in the first 8 matches of the season.

This is Benjaminsen´s second Player of the Year Award as he also picked up the award in 2001 playing for B68 Toftir who ended 3rd that year.

Benjaminsen has previously also played for B36 Tórshavn (where he scored the decisive goal against HB in the winner-takes-all last match of the 2005 season which B36 won 2-1 and became champions) and Fram Reykjavík in Iceland.

Jákup Mikkelsen, KÍ Klaksvík
Goalkeeper of the Year

For the second year in succession, Jákup Mikkelsen was voted as the Goalkeeper of the Year. – This despite the fact that only 07 Vestur conceeded more goals than KÍ, who conceeded 57 goals in 27 matches (Mikkelsen played in 26 of those, missing the 7-0 hammering by EB/Streymur). Mikkelsen managed 4 clean sheets during the season.

- But it’s not Mikkelsen’s fault that KÍ was relegated. He just happened to play for a team which didn´t have the qualities to play in the top division.

Mikkelsen has also had a number of great performances for the national team this year again, but this is his last year on the international scene as he has announced his retirement from the national team after the world cup qualifiers against France and Rumania in October.

But he will continue for KÍ who play in the 1st division in 2009, and maybe we´ll see him back in the top division in 2011. – But he didn´t expect to play for many more years, the 39-year-old expressed.

Bill McLeod Jacobsen, B68 Toftir
Coach of the Year

For several weeks in mid-season, B68 were in the runners up position in the table and were the surprise team of the league. And with that positon, it would be no surprise that their coach Bill McLeod Jacobsen was voted Coach of the Year.

But towards the end of the season B68 seemed to have lost their breath and slipped down to 5th in the table, missing out on the Europa League place. But that didn´t change the mind of the voters though, who still thought that McLeod Jacobsen had done an outstanding job at B68.

McLeod Jacobsen is also – together with Heðin Askham - the coach for the Faroese Under 21 team which has had a very successful year, beating Russia and drawing with Moldova. That has probably also brought him a few votes.

Although that “cowboy name”, William “Bill” McLeod Jacobsen still is a Faroese, although we´re not sure of his origin.

Finnur Justinussen, Víkingur
Young Player of the Year

Not many knew the name of 20 year old Finnur Justinussen before the start of the season, but that status has very much changed now, as the striker has been tormenting defences and especially goalkeepers throughout the season with his 19 goals which made him league top scorer.

He has the ability to be on the right place at the right time and is especially strong with his head. His coach Jógvan Martin Olsen said that Justinussen is always working hard, both during matches and training.

Golden Boot to
Finnur Justinussen, Víkingur

The golden boot was given to Vodafone Division's top scorer, Finnur Justinussen from Víkingur for his 19 league goals, 2 ahead of last season´s top scorer Arnbjørn Hansen in second place with 17 goals.

As Justinussen didn´t score a single goal last season (usually he wasn´t among the starting 11), nobody would have predicted him to become the top scorer this season.

It could be said that Justinussen doesn’t have the goal scoring abilities from strangers as his father Símun Petur Justinussen has 3 times been the top scorer in the Faroese league earlier.

The votes were cast by the captains of the 10 Vodafone Division teams, the coaches and the press.

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