November 28, 2007: Player of the Year Awards:

Nenad Stankovic, NSÍ Runavík
Player of the Year

On Friday, November 16, it was revealed that Nenad Stankovic of NSÍ Runavík had been voted as Player of the Year 2007.

The votes were cast by the coaches and the captains of all the teams in the Formula Division as well as the media.

Stankovic, or just Nenad as he is mostly called, is from Serbia and joined Skála in 2004.

He was quickly recognized as one of the very best central midfield players in Faroese soccer – if not the best - and was one of the main reasons for Skála's 3rd and 2nd place in 2004 and 2005.

And when he joined NSÍ Runavík in 2007, NSÍ were immediately reckoned as one of the favorites for the championship. And he didn't let the NSÍ-faithful down, as he throughout the season was the dominant factor in midfield.

Jens Martin Knudsen, NSÍ Runavík
Goalkeeper of the Year

The "bobble-hat keeper", as Jens Martin Knudsen is so renowned for in Europe after he wore a bobble hat in the famous victory over Austria in 1990, was honored with the title Goalkeeper of the year.

This was a fitting ending to his career, as he announced at the end of the season that he will now be retiring from top football. He retired from the national team in 2006. With the 2007 Championship title, Jens Martin Knudsen has now come full circle, one could say.

- He started playing as a kid with NSÍ before he later moved to GÍ Gøta and Leiftur in Iceland (in addition to short spells in Denmark and Scotland) before he rejoined NSÍ in 2001 and now, at 40, helped NSÍ to win their maiden title.

But he will always be best remembered for the 1990 win over Austria, wearing his famous white bobble hat.

And now, just after Knudsens's retirement and 17 years after the Austria-game, the Faroes and Austria have just been paired again in the same group for the 2010 World Cup Qualifying campaign.

Johan Nielsen, NSÍ Runavík
Coach of the Year

The choice for Coach of the Year was a no-brainer. Jóhan Nielsen won his 12th championship as a coach, after leading HB Tórshavn to 8 titles in the sixties, seventies and the eighties, and increasied that tally with 3 with GÍ Gøta in the nineties before he won it again with NSÍ in 2007.

Bogi Løkin, NSÍ Runavík
Young Player of the Year

The Young Player of the Year award went to NSÍ's 19 year-old Bogi Løkin. He got better and better as the season went on and he's being predicted a promising future.

He comes from a good pedigree as his father is Abraham Løkin (formerly Hansen), voted the best Faroese player in 50 years in connection with UEFA's 50th anniversary in 2004.

Golden Boot to
Amed Davy Sylla, B36 Tórshavn

The golden boot was given to Formula Division's top scorer, Ivorian born Amed Davy Sylla of B36 for his 18 goals, 4 ahead of Arnbjørn Hansem (EB/Streymur) and Paul Clapson (KÍ Klaksvík).

It's is doubtful if Sylla will be back in the Faroe Islands next season. But he will be missed, not only by B36 supporters, but any supporter, as Sylla has been one of the most entertaining players to watch with his superb skills on the ball.

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