Equipment for soccer
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Find all the equipment for soccer you need, whether you're an active soccer player, a hard-core soccer fan, a soccer coach or even that dreaded man with the whistle, the referee (sarcastic grin).

We have traced down the best places to buy equipment for soccer online. Everything from soccer jerseys to soccer coaching equipment, from soccer videos and DVD's to soccer trophies and awards.

But as you can see, the site is called Soccer AND Equipment, which means that we do not only deal with soccer equipment but also soccer in general.

For example we'll take a look at soccer history and how it has developed since its origin in 250 BC - yes, that early :o). We'll also take a look at the best soccer players in the world, both present stars and the legends.

And the women are not forgotten either, as we'll devote a section for women soccer. And not to forget, the soccer moms.

If you are a caretaker of some kind, leader or coach, we'll also have a section with some ideas for fund raising. Yeah, everything costs these days.

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