Profiles of
Famous Soccer Players

Read about some of the world's most famous soccer players – both present and past players.

We'll feature profiles of David Beckham, Thierry Henry, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and so on.

But we will of course also take a look at former stars, like Pelé and Diego Maradona, arguably the two most famous soccer players of all time.

Maybe Beckham is as famous, as the other two, but whereas Beckham has become famous for many things that are not directly related to soccer, the other two are first and foremost famous entirely for their soccer, although Maradona tried to change that in the latter stages of his playing career, among other things because of doping. But Pelé has always been known as the perfect example of a soccer player, both on and off the pitch.

We'll also look at the youngsters, who will be the stars in the future. Some players become famous at a very young age. Take Wayne Rooney for example. He's only 19 but is already a household name in the world of soccer, after he burst on to the stage at the 2004 European Championship and later signed for Manchester United where he already has proved his unique talent.

Another promising young talent is Freddy Abu, born in Ghana, but is now a US citizen. He became famous already as 14 years old when he signed a contract with a Major League Soccer club in 2003. That made him the youngest professional sportsman in United States professional sports history for more than a hundred years. Many a European club is now keeping a watchful eye on this soccer phenomenon.

The stories about these young players that have become world famous are often extremely fascinating, especially those about the South Americans, often Brazilians. Typically, they have come from a poor family, and couldn't even afford soccer boots and let alone a soccer ball, so instead they maybe played (barefooted) with a ball of yarn, maybe stolen from their mother (ssssssh, don't tell her:-). But they had a dream and they had a passion and they had the will. - 15 years later they became a world champion. That is the typical story of many of the famous Brazilian soccer players. Truly fascinating stuff!

Take a look at our ever growing list with profiles of famous soccer players below:

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Profile of Wayne Rooney, one of England's most promising soccer talents, who, aged only 16, took England by storm with his thunderous winning goal against Arsenal and lid up Euro 2004 in Portugal.

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