October 31, 2008: Player of the Year Awards:

Arnbjørn Hansen, EB/Streymur
Player of the Year

There was no way around him, really. With his 20 goals in the league, 22-year-old Arnbjørn Hansen was a strong favourite in winning the best player of the year award.

And most would agree, that without Hansen in their team, EB/Streymur might not have lifted the title.

For example, he was the man who scored the winner in stoppage time in the crucial match against HB in round 8 which meant that EB/Streymur opened op a 5-point lead. Maybe it was the most important moment of the season.

And when NSÍ Runavík in round 16 could have closed the gap to only 2 points had they won, it was Hansen who gave EB/Streymur the lead before he set up Hans Pauli Samuelsen to cement victory and increase their lead in the table to 8 points.

Midway through the season, Hansen didn´t score in 3 matches in succession and that immediately took its toll on EB/Streymur´s point-harvest as they lost all of those matches.

Towards the end of the season, Hansen had a 5-match goal-drought, and as a result, EB/Streymur’s 10-point lead in the table was slowly shrinking and EB/Streymur seemed anxious as HB were getting closer.

But in the penultimate round of the season, Hansen showed his worth when he with a hat trick against Skála secured EB/Streymur the championship title.

Arnbjørn Hansen was in 2006 voted best young player of the year. Then we, amongst other, wrote this about him:

“Arnbjørn Hansen is seen as one of the brightest forward-talents for a long time and his displays this season have already seen him included in the national team.

He's got good technical skills; he's quick and strong with the head and finishes from all angles (with his feet, that is:-). A very exciting player for the future, indeed".

Well, he didn't disappoint us, did he?

Jákup Mikkelsen, KÍ Klaksvík
Goalkeeper of the Year

Jákup Mikkelsen of KÍ Klaksvík picked up the goalkeeper of the year award in tense competition with ÍF Fuglafjørður´s Hungarian Andras Gango. In the end, only one vote separated them.

Mikkelsen has been in great form this season, although the table could indicate something else, because KÍ is alongside B71 Sandoy the team that has held the fewest clean sheets, with only 4 each. However, it’s not Mikkelsen who is to blame for that. On the contrary, because without some of Mikkelsen’s crucial saves, KÍ could have been relegated.

Mikkelsen probably also got many votes for his performances in the national team where he has been outstanding this year.

Mikkelsen, who is 38, has recently said that it’s not clear if he will continue playing for the national team next year.

Mikkelsen was also voted best goalkeeper of the year in 2005, when he also picked up the more prestigious player of the year award.

Sigfríður Clementsen, EB/Streymur
Coach of the Year

It was no real surprise that EB/Streymur-coach Sigfríður Clementsen was voted as coach of the year. Winning the double makes it difficult to avoid that.

Clementsen, who is 35, also lifted this award in 2005 when he guided B36 to the Faroese title.

Róaldur Jacobsen, B36 Tórshavn
Young Player of the Year

17 year old sensation, Róaldur Jacobsen of B36 was voted best young player of the year. He has played nearly every minute of every game on B36’s midfield, and in the last match of the season, his two first goals in the Formula Division (the winning goal deep into added time) secured B36 the bronze medal position.

On the B36-supporters website, www.whitetigers.fo, they describe him like this:

“Maybe the brightest Faroese talent at the moment. In his mind, he is always a step in front of the others on the field because of his incredible understanding of the game. This also usually keeps him from getting under pressure. Young, but unimpressed. Has breadth of view and good technique. Creative. Proved that he can cope even against the professionals of Brøndby IF. A massive talent.

Golden Boot to
Arnbjørn Hansen, EB/Streymur

The golden boot was given to Formula Division's top scorer, Arnbjørn Hansen from EB/Streymur for his 20 league goals, 5 ahead of Andrew av Fløtum from HB Tórshavn in second place with 15 goals.

Hansen scored 2 hat-tricks during the season; one against B68 early in the season and the other in the penultimate round when Hansen´s 3 goals secured EB/Streymur the title.

He managed to score against all of the teams in the Formula Division except B36 Tórshavn. However, B36 didn’t avert Hansen’s danger in the cup final, where Hansen netted twice for EB/Streymur in their 3-2 victory.

Arnbjørn Hansen, who is 22, went off like a rocket from the start of the season and was banging them in, one in every match, and had scored 10 goals after 10 matches.

His average then decreased somewhat and midway through the season he had a small – by his standards – goal-drought, failing to score in 3 successive matches in round 13, 14 and 15. Without Hansen´s goal, EB/Streymur couldn’t cope and lost all of those 3 matches.

In round 16, NSÍ could get within 2 points of EB/Streymur had they won, but with Hansen back to scoring ways, EB/Streymur beat them 2-0 and increased the lead in the table to 8 points. The opening goal came from Hansen.

But after having scored his 17th goal in round 20, Hansen didn’t find the net in his next 5 matches.

However, when he was needed the most, Hansen was back with avenges, bagging a hat trick against Skála in the penultimate round which secured EB/Streymur the title.

In both 2007 and 2006, Arnbjørn Hansen missed around 7-10 matches because of injury, but still he made his mark on the top scorers-list. In 2007 he was second with 14 goals, 4 behind Amed Davy Sylla of B36. In 2006 he was 7th with 11 goals, 7 behind top scorer Christian Høgni Jacobsen from NSÍ who scored 18.

The votes were cast by the captains of the 10 Formula Division teams, the coaches and members of the press.

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