June 24, 2005: UEFA Champions League first qualifying round draw:

HB Tórshavn’s dream of meeting Liverpool FC is still alive!

But to make that dream come true, HB will have to beat FBK Kaunas from Lithuania, because the winner of those two will be rewarded with a match against Liverpool FC – provided Liverpool win their first round qualifying match against Welsh side Total Network Solutions.

But how will HB’s chances be against FBK Kaunas?

Well, HB will have to be at their very best and then some, if they are to beat Kaunas. HB’s European results have often been quite ok at home, but their results away from home have been lackluster, to say the least. They will have to improve considerably on that account.

FBK Kaunas is not unfamiliar to HB, as HB did play against them just 2 years ago in the Champions League qualifying round. HB lost 1-0 at home then, but Kaunas did not impress in any way. But unfortunately, HB’s performance on the day was well below par. The players seemed tired and HB’s game plan was much too cautious. Away, HB lost 4-1.

HB traditionally get very bad results away from home in these European matches, as do all Faroese club teams. Some of it undoubtedly has to do with their wrong mentality, where they always have pre-excuses for loosing; like: “we are a very long way from home”, and “it’s going to be extremely hot to play there”, and “we have been in these East European countries before, and it’s always difficult to play there”, and so on and so on. It seems like they say, that because they know even before they play that they will lose, then they will be excused.

That attitude must change. Players must really want and expect to get a good result, because if they just accept taking a hammering, then they will get one.

But this time, HB have an extra motivation for doing well, and that is that mighty Liverpool will await the winner of the contest between HB and Kaunas (but only if Liverpool can overcome their own opponents, of course). If a match against Liverpool will not inspire HB, then nothing will. But of course, that also applies for Kaunas.

But if Liverpool can come back from 3-0 down against AC Milan in a Champions League final, then HB Tórshavn can also beat FBK Kaunas. But it really does take a special effort to get such results.

The first leg will be played on Tórsvøllur Stadium in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands on July 13 and the second leg will be played in Lithuania on July 20.


Draws were also made in the UEFA Cup, and there B36 Tórshavn will play Icelandic side ÍBV Vestmannaeyjar and NSÍ Runavík will face FHK Liepajas Metalurgs from Latvia. First leg will be played on July 14 and the second leg on July 28.

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