NSÍ Runavík meet Icelandic champions Valur Reykjavík in the Atlantic Cup on 12 April, 2008

11 April, Update

Atlantic Cup to be played on Saturday after all…
This changing of dates probably says all about the seriousness – or lack of it – of this match between the Icelandic and Faroese champions. If not taken seriously, why bother with it at all? However, the news is now that the match will be played on Saturday after all, and not on Sunday. I.e.:

Valur Reykjavík – NSÍ Runavík on Saturday 11 April, 14:35 Icelandic Time!

The match will be played in the Kórinn indoor arena in Kópavogur, near Reykjavík.


09 April, Update

After having been in contact with our spies at the Pentagon, we have now found out that the apparently "extremely secret" match in the Atlantic Cup between Faroese champions NSÍ Runavík and Icelandic champions Valur Reykjavík will now be played on Sunday, April 13 (and not on Saturday). And the match will not be played in the Faroe Islands, but in Iceland.


April 08, 2008: Atlantic Cup 2008:

NSÍ - B36 brought forward to 10 April, and is now B36 - NSÍ
The 3rd round match between B36 and NSÍ that (according to the new rescheduled program) was supposed to be played on Sunday, 13 April, has been brought forward to Thursday, 10 April. The match has also been switched from Runavík (NSÍ's hometown) to Tórshavn (B36's hometown). Therefore that match between the same clubs in round 13 on 29 June have also been switched, and will instead be played in Runavík, i.e.:

10 April: B36 Tórshavn – NSÍ Runavík (round 3)
29 June: NSÍ Runavík – B36 Tórshavn (round 13)

Atlantic Cup 2008
This rescheduling has been done because NSÍ will play against Icelandic champions Valur Reykjavik on Saturday, April 12, in the annual Atlantic Cup. – Or at least it used to be annual, but last year the match was cancelled (mentioned in the February 2007 update) and it seemed the Atlantic Cup had come to an end.

But now it seems like the tradition will continue after all. But at the same time it seems to be a very "secret" match this year, as it's very difficult to find any information on the match – not least where it will be played; in the Faroe Islands or in Iceland. The Faroese F.A. and the Icelandic F.A. do not mention anything about it on their websites and neither do NSÍ or Valur on their websites.

However, even years, the match used to be played in the Faroe Islands, and odd years in Iceland. So, as we have 2008, we guess it will be played in the Faroe Islands. But this might also have changed because of the cancelled match last year, which was supposed to be played in Iceland.

Confused? No wonder :-)

Changed name to NATA Cup ?
After some digging around the internet, it seems that the cup might have changed name since the last match in 2006, and is now maybe called NATA Cup instead of Atlantic Cup. But little does it help, as this match still seems to have very little interest in both the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

Read the whole history of the Atlantic Cup here.

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