Ingi Højsted Returns to B36 Tórshavn

April 21, 2006:

Ingi Højsted, 20, who signed a contract with Premier League club, Birmingham City, in November 2005, is back with B36 Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands .

Ingi never earned a place in Birmingham's first-team and only played one half with the reserves in a game against Manchester United who won 4-0.

As the prospects of first-team soccer didn't look too bright, Ingi Højsted and Birmingham decided to part company.

Ingi Højsted will turn out for B36 Tórshavn already this Saturday, as B36 Tórshavn encounter B68 Toftir in a league match. Although B36 already have a strong midfield, it won't take long for Ingi to secure a place among the first 11. He will also be an asset in the annually game between the champions of Iceland and the champions of the Faroe Islands, the Atlantic Cup. This game takes place in Tórshavn on Saturday, April 29, 2006. (Read more about the Atlantic Cup here).

But Ingi Højsted doesn't intend B36 Tórshavn to be the end station for him, as he still has ambitions to play abroad. But he cannot sign for another club yet, as the transfer window doesn't open before July 1st. So, until then, B36 will benefit from Ingi's service.

Other clubs abroad have shown interest in Ingi, but so far there's not much news on which those clubs are - apart from Ipswich Town in the Championship, where he was on a trial at Easter.

But Ingi Højsted's biggest dream is still to play in the Premier League.

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