September 27, 2015:
Round 26 of the premier division "Effodeildin":

FC Suðuroy - ÍF Fuglafjørður 5-2 (1-2)
0-1 Leivur Joensen
0-2 Adeshina Lawal
1-2 Mamuka Toronjadze
2-2 Valerian Iobashvili
2-3 Jón Krosslá Poulsen
2-4 Jón Krosslá Poulsen (pen)
2-5 Jón Krosslá Poulsen

FC Suðuroy had their back against the wall before today’s match where only a victory would keep them alive before the last round next Saturday.
But when Leivur Joensen and Adeshina Lawal had brought the visitors in front by two goals scored in quick succession around the half-hour, FC Suðuroy looked dead and buried.

However, five minutes from the break the home team got a glimpse of hope when Georgian forward Mamuka Toronjadze pulled goal back.
And when his compatriot Valerian Iobashvili equalized seven minutes after the break, the fightback was on and on the hour-mark Jón Krosslá Poulsen put Suðuroy in front. But Poulsen was far from finished yet as he completed a hat trick; scoring on a penalty in the 80th minute and sealing the win just a minute later to make it 5-2.

FC Suðuroy still need to beat HB on away soil next Saturday to avoid relegation, but as the current state of HB is, that is far from any impossible task.

However, should AB Argir get a point against NSÍ Runavík at home, then three points will not be enough for FC Suðuroy.

But it’s a shame that either of these teams will be relegated as they simply are too good for that. Maybe it would be wiser to have a play-off between no. 9 in the Premier Division and no. 2 in the 1st division, B68 Toftir, to make sure that the Premier Division stays as healthy as possible. 

Víkingur - HB Tórshavn 3-2 (2-0)
1-0 Páll Mohr Joensen
2-0 Heðin Hansen
2-1 Pól Ingason
3-1 Sølvi Vatnhamar
3-2 Bartal Wardum

Despite losing today, HB are still favourites to pip KÍ Klaksvík for the 4th place in the league and qualify for the Europa League as they stay two points ahead before the last round which could prove tricky for HB though as they face FC Suðuroy playing for their lives.

A point for HB could be enough, as KÍ then would have to win 6-0, but as their match is against EB/Streymur, that is not impossible. But as the current state is of HB, it’s not at all possible for FC Suðuroy to get a victory. But should AB Argir get a point against NSÍ, that victory would be of no avail to FC Suðuroy.

Today HB were trailing 2-0 after just a quarter of an hour. Former HB player Páll Mohr Joensen scored the opener in the 7th minute as he was left completely unmarked after a long throw-in.

Defence was unconvincing again in the 16th minute when Víkingur scored with a similar goal, where HB failed to clear properly from a corner, and Heðin Hansen was clear to double the home team's lead after a second cross.

HB, who had two 17-year olds and one 18-year old in their starting line-up had nothing what so ever to offer in the first half, but improved a lot in the second half where yet another 18-year old came on to replace the injured right back Jógvan Rói Davidsen.

HB were right back in the game when 20-year old Poul Ingason let fly from long range, five minutes after he had come on as a substitute.
By that time however, Víkingur should already have killed the game as they squandered two sitters where they simply had outpaced the slow HB-defence.

HB never got real close to the equalizer though; the best effort coming from Adrian Justinussen’s long range shot which Geza Turi fisted over the crossbar.

Instead Víkingur all but decided the match in the 87th minute when Sølvi Vatnhamar received the ball in the penalty area where he turned and fired the ball between the goalkeeper and the near post.

Although 18-year old midfielder Bartal Wardum equalized with a header, it was too little too late for HB.

NSÍ Runavík - KÍ Klaksvík 4-1 (1-0)
1-0 Pól Jóhannus Justinussen
1-1 Hjalgrím Elttør
2-1 Pól Jóhannus Justinussen
3-1 Pól Jóhannus Justinussen
4-1 Jann Martin Mortensen

Having lost today, KÍ are now depending of bottom team FC Suðuroy getting at least a point against HB Tórshavn in the final round in order to snatch the last European ticket for next season. But unless KÍ beat EB/Streymur by six goals, they Suðuroy would have to beat HB.

After Pól Jóhannus Justinussen had given NSÍ the lead midway through the first half, KÍ equalized through Hjalgrím Elttør midway through the second half, but with three goals in the last 12 minutes of the match, where Justinussen completed his hat trick and the other coming from Jann Martin Mortensen, NSÍ won a handsome victory in the end.

After the match, NSÍ coach Trygvi Mortensen announced that he will not be in charge of the team next season. 

A correction about the all-time scoring record in one season:
This was the third match in succession that top scorer Klæmint Olsen did not score, and he now only has one chance left to equal or surpass the records of Súni Fríði Barbá and Uni Are of 24 goals in a season. Olsen is currently on 21. Last match is away to AB Argir where he'll need a hat-trick to equal the record.  (Last week it was mentioned that the scoring record for one season was 22, but the correct number is 24!)

B36 Tórshavn - AB Argir 2-2 (1-1)
1-0 Philip Lund (pen)
1-1 Álvur Christiansen
2-1 Benjamin Heinesen
2-2 Magnus Egilsson

A bit too much partying for B36 maybe since securing the title as they have only picked up a point in the last two matches.

Today they led twice, but had to settle for a draw in the end.

Danish forward Philip Lund, who limped off injured at half-time, gave B36 the lead from a penalty late in the second half, but Álvur Christiansen restored parity within four minutes of the second half.

Benjamin Heinesen restored B36’s lead after 70 minutes, but within five minutes, AB were level again through Magnus Egilsson. - A point that could be crucial in the relegation battle, because if AB manage a draw against NSÍ in the final round, they will be safe as a victory for FC Suðuroy against HB Tórshavn will not be enough for them.

EB/Streymur - TB Tvøroyri 2-2 (2-2)
0-1 Martin Tausen
0-2 Jonas G. Hansen
1-2 Andras Olsen
2-2 Rógvi Egilstoft Nielsen

TB drew for the 14th time this season, but where they usually have come from behind, they this time threw away a two-goal lead as EB/Streymur scored in the 44th and 45th minute to get a point.

TB had taken the lead already in the second minute and doubled their lead after 22 minutes.

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