October 23, 2010: Round 27 of the Vodafone Division:

HB Tórshavn - B36 Tórshavn 2-1 (2-1)
1-0 Fróði Benjaminsen
2-0 Hendrik Rubeksen
2-1 Christian R. Mouritsen

HB have won their 21st Faroese title with a 2-1 win over B36.

HB opened the match brightly and on five minutes Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen tested the agility of B36 goalkeeper Magnus Poulsen who had to make a decent save to stop the long range effort.

The early pressure paid off after 7 minutes when Fróði Benjaminsen gave HB the lead from a corner.

HB then quickly dropped back and B36, who had been out of it in the first 10 minutes, were seeking at HB's goal. Hjalgrím Elttør was in a good position to shoot in centre of goal from the edge of the penalty area, but he blasted the ball a meter over the crossbar. A few moments later Róaldur Jacobsen was close again when his flat diagonal shot from the distance went narrowly wide of the far post.

At the other and, Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen's free kick once more tested the B36 goalkeeper who was up to the task again.

But with 5 minutes left of the first half, HB struck again. Vagnur Mohr Mortensen's free kick from 25-30 metres bounced off the upright where left back Hendrik Rubeksen was ready to put the rebound in.

But B36 pulled a goal back a couple of minutes later to set up an exciting second half. It can be difficult to get the balance right whether to defend or attack, but maybe HB were overly confident in the period after the 2-0 goal when they again attacked with many men. The result was that they were left vulnerable at the back when B36 countered through Bárður Olsen who released Hjalgrím Elttør down the left hand flank where he outpaced HB right back Levi Hanssen and broke into the penalty area and got close to the by-line where his pass bounced off a sliding HB defender to Christian R. Mouritsen who from a tight angle fired the ball over the head of goalkeeper Marcin Dawid and into the near top corner. - A very fine counter-attack by B36.

In the second half, HB were wary of going forward and instead lay deep to protect their lead. On the hour mark offensive midfielder av Fløtum Jespersen was substituted with the more defensive Kári Nielsen.

Although B36 had a clear majority of possession throughout the second half, they failed to create the big scoring opportunities. A flat cross across the face of goal could have become dangerous, but no-one was at the end of it to put it in. Also a curling cross from Mouritsen could have become dangerous had the unmarked Klæmint Matras reached it, but he didn't.

The best chance for B36 fell to Jónas Tór Næs after a corner, but his finish from close range was off target - maybe because he had to stretch to reach the ball.

Well helped by a couple of faked injuries, time quickly ebbed away, and as HB could still afford to concede another goal, their title was never under any real threat in the closing stages of the match.

After the match HB captain Fróði Benjaminsen was handed the trophy by UEFA president Michel Platini who visited the Faroese Football Association on Saturday.

EB/Streymur – B68 Toftir 3-1 (1-1)
0-1 Jóhan Petur Poulsen
1-1 Sorin Anghel
2-1 Gudmund Nielsen
3-1 Arnbjørn Hansen

EB/Streymur had to rely on B36 beating HB in order to win the title. That didn't happen. But EB/Streymur went behind already in the 1st minute when Jóhan Petur Poulsen shocked the home-crowd.

EB/Streymur finally found an equalizer through Sorin Anghel in the 38th minute; 10 minutes after B68's Eli Simonsen had been sent off.

EB/Streymur then took the lead early in the second half, before B68 were reduced to 9 men three minutes later when Jóhan Dávur Højgaard was sent off.

Seven minutes from time Arnbjørn Hansen made it 3-1 with his 22nd goal of the season. But as Christian Høgni Jacobsen scored 5! goals for NSÍ today, Hansen and Jacobsen ended equal on top of the top scorer list with 22 goals each.

NSÍ Runavík - B71 Sandoy 9-1 (3-1)
1-0 Jens Joensen
1-1 Thomas Hans Rubeksen
2-1 Christian Høgni Jacobsen
3-1 Klæmint Olsen
4-1 Heðin á Lakjuni
5-1 Christian Høgni Jacobsen
6-1 Heðin á Lakjuni
7-1 Christian Høgni Jacobsen
8-1 Christian Høgni Jacobsen
9-1 Christian Høgni Jacobsen

Although B71 conceded no less than NINE! goals, they still avoided relegation as AB Argir beat FC Suðuroy who would have survived with a draw.

Central defender Jens Joensen gave NSÍ the lead in the first minute, but Thomas Hans Rubeksen equalized 7 minutes later. However, the joy was short-lived, as Christian Høgni Jacobsen restored NSÍ lead the minute after. Klæmint Olsen then put NSÍ up 3-1 after a quarter of an hour.

Early in the second half there was a strange episode when Johan Troest Davidsen scored for NSÍ. B71 protested heavily, which cost them a yellow and a red card. Believe or not, but moments after, the referee actually annulled the goal! – But not the cards!

With 10 dejected B71 men, the floodgates opened. Heðin á Lakjuni made it 4-1, Christian Høgni Jacobsen 5-1 and then á Lakjuni his second of the day to 6-1. In the last quarter of an hour Jacobsen added another three to make in 9-1 to NSÍ who held on to their 3rd place.

AB Argir - FC Suðuroy 1-0 (0-0)
1-0 Tróndur Sigurðsson (pen)

FC Suðuroy needed only a point to avoid relegation (as long as B71 didn't get anything from NSÍ). It was going like that until midway in the second half when Tróndur Sigurðsson shattered all Suðuroy-hearts when he scored on a penalty.

In the end, Suðuroy paid the ultimate price for their cowardly tactics of just going for a 0-0 draw.

Víkingur – ÍF Fuglafjørður 1-3 (1-2)
0-1 Bartal Eliasen (pen)
1-1 Hjartvard Hansen
1-2 Uni R. Petersen
1-3 Bartal Eliasen

A place in Europe was on stake in the match between no. 4 Víkingur and no. 6 ÍF. That Europa League place looked to be going Víkingur's way, but deep into added time, Bartal Eliasen made it 3-1 for ÍF which sent the Europa League ticket ÍF's way and left Víkingur empty handed.

It was also Eliasen who had given ÍF the lead on a penalty some 20 minutes through the first half.

Hjartvard Hansen restored parity in the 37th minute, but only to see ÍF regain the lead through Uni R. Petrsen in the dying moments of the first half.

In the end, ÍF and Víkingur had the same number of points and the same goal difference, but as ÍF had scored 50 and ÍF only 44, ÍF ended on top.

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