10 March 2014: Super Cup:

Last season’s cup winners Víkingur beat champions
HB Tórshavn 2-1 in this year’s Super Cup

HB Tórshavn - Víkingur 1-2 (0-1)
0-1 Bárður Hansen
1-1 Fróði Benjaminsen
1-2 Bárður Hansen

Víkingur dominated the first half and had an early chance by Hallur Hansson and a free kick from Súni Olsen that went wide of goal after five minutes.

Olsen was the creator of the opening goal in the 27th minute when he brilliantly knocked a free kick into the goal area where the defenders were guilty of ballwatching and allowed the smallest man on the pitch, right back Bárður Hansen, to sneak behind them and head home.

The murky conditions could have proved fatal when Olsen tried directly from another free kick from 27 metres, but Teitur Gestsson in the HB goal got his whole body behind the ball.

HB never managed to threaten the Víkingur goal during the first 45 minutes.

HB improved much in the second half when forward Andrew av Fløtum came on for Poul Ingason, but it was however Víkingur who almost doubled their lead, but only a great save where Gestsson tipped the ball over the crossbar denied Víkingur their second goal.

HB then equalized in the 53rd minutes with the help of former HB-player who made a meal of a back-pass which allowed Andrew av Fløtum to get in-between and slip the ball to a clear Fróði Benjaminsen to score.

HB dominated for the next quarter of an hour, but the finishing wasn’t up to par to make it count.

Víkingur then stared threatening at the other end again, and after two close attempts, they were a bit fortunate when they scored the winning goal with 12 minutes remaining. Víkingur were attacking, but HB looked to be in control when a sliding tackle from one of their defenders played the ball into the feet of Bárður Hansen who coolly scored with a well placed low left foot shot from outside the penalty area.

The match was played in murky conditions under bad floodlights in Gundadalur, although the match could just as well have been played at Tórsvøllur a 100 meters from Gundadalur, where the floodlights are 1st class. But with the possibility of rain, the organizers probably chose Gundadalur as it has roof for the spectators, whereas Tórsvøllur doesn’t. Originally the match was also scheduled for Sunday at 3 o’clock when there is full daylight.

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