Faroe Islands receive their second tennis-egg in succession, as they lose 6-0 to Scotland

September 02, 2006: UEFA Euro 2008 Qualifier, Group B:

Scotland - Faroe Islands 6-0 (5-0)
1 - 0 D. Fletcher 7'
2 - 0 J. McFadden 10
3 - 0 K. Boyd (pen) 24'
4 - 0 K. Miller (pen) 30'
5 - 0 K. Boyd 38'
6 - 0 G. O'Connor 85'

The Faroese national soccer team seems to be in its deepest crisis ever since the Faroe Islands entered the world stage in 1990 by winning against Austria. Of course, the Faroe Islands have always struggled and will always do so, but never before have they lost 2 qualifiers in succession with a 6-0 score.

Scotland had their first go at goal after 4 minutes, when Hartley fired a low shot from 25 meters which went just wide of the left post, although Jákup Mikkelsen in the Faroese goal probably had it covered, had it been on target.

Just a couple of minutes later, Scotland took the lead. Miller on the left, too easily, raced past the defender and got to the byline and played the ball across, where Fletcher came storming into the box, behind the defenders, who forgot to cover their back, and placed the ball in the net.

On 9 minutes Scotland had doubled their lead. Scotland played a long through ball into the Faroese penalty area, but Miller is tackled as he tries to shoot, but the ball bounced straight back to McFadden, who from the edge of the penalty area scores with a low shot just inside the left post.

The Faroese team was shaken, and their lack of self confidence was made visible when their corner-kick was curled behind the byline just 10 meters from the corner.

22 minutes into the first half it went wrong for the Faroe Islands once again. Óli Johannsen made a sliding tackle in the penalty area, but McFadden theatrically dived – Ronaldo-style – and fooled the Russian referee, who awarded Scotland with a penalty. A very soft one, indeed! Jákup Mikkelsen in the goal guessed right and almost saved the spot-kick, but Boyd, who took the penalty, had the luck on his side.

And on 28 minutes, Scotland got another penalty. This time is was Atli Danielsen who intended a sliding tackle, but instead he hit the ball with his arm, and although it seemed a bit harsh at first, the referee didn't have any other choice than to blow his whistle for another penalty. Jákup Mikkelsen again guessed right and touched the ball, but the luck remained with the Scotts, as the ball crept under Mikkelsen's body.

37 minutes into the match, Scotland made it 5. Fletcher's through-ball beats the Faroese off side trap and leaves Boyd clear with the goalkeeper who saves at first, but Boyd is first on the rebound and taps the ball into the empty goal.

2 minutes from the end of the first half, Kenny Miller was lucky not to be sent off, when he gave Faroese Pauli G. Hansen an elbow. The referee didn't even give the Faroes a free kick, but when play was stopped later, Miller was given a yellow card (the referee was probably informed by an assisting referee).

In the second half, Scotland took their foot off the throttle, as 5-0 was plenty enough and they wanted to save some of their energy to their next game which is already on Wednesday away to Lithuania.

However, just 2 minutes into the second half, Scotland appealed for yet another penalty, as Boyd went down in a duel with Atli Danielsen, but this time the referee's whistle remained silent.

On 58 minutes Jákup Mikkelsen made a diving save from McFadden's free kick and on 79 minutes, Mikkelsen again saved well from Boyd's downwards-going header from 6 meters.

But 6 minutes from time, Scotland inflicted the Faroe Islands with their second tennis-score in 2 successive qualifiers, when a sleeping defence allowed O'Connor to shoot from 12 meters. This time, Jákup Mikkelsen probably should have done better, as he had both hands on the ball.

Final result: Scotland 6 – 0 Faroe Islands.

When asked in the radio, the Faroese coach, Jógvan Martin Olsen, wasn't very interested to make remarks and said he wanted to watch the game on video (with popcorn and coca cola?) before he made any conclusions. Ehh, did he sleep during the match?

The Faroes have now lost their two opening games of the Euro 08 qualifying campaign with 6 goals to 0 and yet the Faroe Island have to play against the stronger teams in the group, quarter-finalist from the World Cup, Ukraine, and runners-up, France, and not least the World Champions themselves, Italy!

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