August 20, 2008, Portugal vs. Faroe Islands, Friendly International

Portugal beat the Faroe Islands 5-0
with 3 goals coming in the last 5 minutes

Portugal vs. Faroe Islands 5-0 (1-0)
1-0 23' Carlos Martins
2-0 48' Simao
3-0 86' S. P. Duda
4-0 89' Bruno Alves
5-0 90' Nani

Just as is looked like the Faroe Islands would escape with a 2-0 defeat, Portugal netted 3 times in the last 5 minutes to win 5-0.

Portugal had been attacking constantly against a very defensive Faroe Islands team throughout the 90 minutes and rarely did the Faroes even touch the ball at all on the Portugal half. Especially the defensive left hand side for the Faroes had problems in stopping the Portuguese attacking machine, where especially Nani had an easy job of getting past the Faroese left back Leif Niclasen, who made his debut for the Faroe Islands.

Also central defender Egil á Bø, aged 34 made a debut for the Faroes, and so did midfielders Bogi Løkin and Andreas Lava Olsen, who both came on in the 2nd half.

And it says something, that the most experienced defender was 20-year-old Johan Troest Davidsen with 4 caps.

However, Portugal still only managed to score once in the first half. The goal came after a corner midway through the half when Carlos Martins' shot from outside the penalty area took a wicked deflection off Mikkjal Thomassen and deceived Jákup Mikkelsen in the goal.

Portugal had other chances in the first half, but wasted them all.

After 13 minutes, Jákup Mikkelsen saved Simao's shot from the distance comfortably and 6 minutes later, Almeida got a free header from close range but headed wide.

On 37 minutes Mikkelsen was stretched by Deco's freekic, and 4 minutes later Raul Meireles drive hit the crossbar.

For the 2nd half, the Faroes switched goalkeepers; René Tórgarð getting his debut replacing Jákup Mikkelsen.

But Tórgarðs clean sheet after his debut lasted only 2 and a half minute – However, Tórgarð could do nothing to prevent the goal. Portugal attacked on the right hand side and Nani's perfect cross in-between the 2 central defenders provided Simao with a free header from close range to make it 2-0.

10 minutes later, Nani's dribbles on the right set up Danny with a shot from the corner of the goal area, but the ball clipped the top of the crossbar and went behind for a goalkick.

On 73 minutes Tórgarð dived to keep out Portugal's long range effort.

And just as it looked like the Faroes were going to escape with at 2-0 defeat, Portugal scored 3 times in the last 5 minutes to win 5-0.

S. P. Duda made it 3-0 when a cross to the near post was flicked on to the far post for Duda to head home.

Three minutes later it became 4-0 when a corner from the right wasn't cleared and instead ended at the feet of an unmarked Bruno Alves who fired the ball into the back of the net.

And in the 90th minute Dani completed the rout when indecisive defending allowed him to get the ball in the penalty area.

The Faroe Islands had no attempt on the Portuguese goal, except from a weak long-range shot from Høgni Madsen who had come on late in the 2nd half.

Match highlights: Portugal vs. Faroe Islands

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