October 26, 2005: Playoffs for the Formula 1st Division, first leg:

GÍ Gøta - B71 Sandoy 3-0 (1-0)
1-0 Hans Jørgen Djurhuus
2-0 Krzysztof Popczynski
3-0 Hanus Jacobsen

The first leg of the playoff matches for the right to play in the 1st division 2006, between GÍ gøta, who ended in the second to last position in the 1st divsion, and B71 Sandoy who became second in the 2nd division, was played in Gøta today.

The first half was quite even, but it was GÍ who got the only goal, when Hans Jørgen Djurhuus scored already after 10 minutes.

Early in the second half, GÍ doubled their lead with a goal from Krzysztof Popczynski.

And 36 minutes into the second half, Hanus Jacobsen made it 3-0 and all but secured GÍ's place in the Formula 1st division next season.

The second leg will be played in Sandoy on Saturday, October 29, 2005.

October 29, 2005: Playoffs for the Formula 1st Division, second leg:

Gí Gøta retain their place in the 1st Division

Althouh B71 Sandoy took the lead early in the match, they were never going to win back the deficit from the first leg, which GÍ won 3-0, and when Krzystof Popczynski equalized, B71 lost all hopes and GÍ strolled to a convincing 4-1 victory, with 2 goals from Kaj Ennigarð and one from Sverri Jacobsen.

On aggregate, GÍ won 7-1 and will stay in the first division where the have been represented since 1980.

B71 Sandoy - GÍ Gøta 1-4 (1-2)
1-0 Clayton Soares
1-1 Krzystof Popczynski
1-2 Kaj Ennigarð
1-3 Kaj Ennigarð
1-4 Sverri Jacobsen

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