October 2011 Round-Up:

31 October, 2011

Brian Kerr steps down as Faroe Islands national coach

We’re still doing catch-up, but last Wednesday the Faroe Islands Football Association published a short statement informing that Faroe Islands national coach Brian Kerr was set to leave his post as the parties could not agree on a new contract.

“We at the FSF [Faroe Islands Football Association] have been satisfied with the work of Brian Kerr. With Brian Kerr as national coach, the Faroese national team has reached good results. Therefore it saddens us that it was not possible to agree a new contract with Brian Kerr”, FSF president Christian Andreasen said.

Kerr took control of the Faroe Islands in April in 2009. On 09 September 2009 (09 09 09), the Faroes beat Lithuania in a World Cup qualifier which was the Faroes’ first competitive win since beating Luxembourg 1-0 in 2001. The following European Qualifying campaign produced 4 points after a draw against Northern Ireland and a victory against Estonia.

Both Kerr and the Football Association had been interested in continuing the deal, but in the end they could not agree on the financial terms.

Today the news broke that the Faroese Football Association had had talks with the former captain of the Danish national team Lars Olsen regarding the vacant coaching job. But no deal had been made yet, the Football Association told, and other coaches were also on the list. The only certain thing is that the coach will not be Faroese, the F.A. told.

But Olsen is also currently being linked to the vacant coaching job at Danish club Brøndby IF.

"As such I have no comment to the change of coach at Brøndby. The only think I will say now, is that Brøndby is a major club that will always be interesting tom e as coach", Olsen told Danish newspaper Politikken a few days ago.

Olsen was also linked to the vacant coaching job for Iceland a few weeks ago, but Iceland opted for a Swedish coach in the end.

Lars Olsen has been coach for Danish clubs Randers FC and OB Odense. As a player, the central defender captained Denmark to the European Championship title in 1992. He has won six Danish championship titles with Brøndby IF.

31 October, 2011

TB Tvøroyri promoted after intense drama

We're lagging behind with this one as it happened on Saturday 22 October where the big story was that the oldest football club in the Faroe Islands, TB Tvøroyri, founded in 1892, had been promoted to the top flight after winning 11-0 in their last match of the season and where the crucial goal that clinched the promotion was scored on a penalty more that six minutes into added time.

You may remember from earlier in the month that it looked like TB had blown their promotion chances when they lost 2-1 against HB Tórshavn with only 2 matches remaining, and going into the final round, TB were tied with AB Argir on points, but AB had a superior goal difference of 6 goals.

After 88 minutes, AB were 6-0 ahead in their match against FC Hoyvík, while the score line between EB/Streymur and TB was 0-10. At this stage AB owned the promotion spot…

But then AB conceded a goal after 89 minutes. This was still enough for AB, but more than 6 minutes into added time TB were awarded a penalty in their match which Serbian Bojan Timic scored on.

This meant that both TB Tvøroyri and AB Argir were tied at 61 points and both with a goal difference of +55. But as TB had scored 81, AB had "only" scored 80, it was therefore TB who got promoted.

TB Tvøroyri chairman, Andre Dalfoss, had this to say to the Faroese Broadcasting Company:
"This will mean a lot for the town. This will mean a lot for Tvøroyrar Bóltfelag (TB). We will become 120 years next year. We are the oldest club in the Faroe Islands and we are the foundation under Faroese football, so we are the club that has the greatest history and the greatest traditions. We are the club who everybody knows about. Now we are back on track where we are supposed to be".

TB won their last league title in 1987 but were relegated the following year and have struggled ever since to become a regular fixture in the top league. It was maybe true once that TB was "the club who everybody knows about", but nowadays many have already forgotten TB's former heydays.

At AB Argir they were furious about EB/Streymur's 11-0 defeat and slammed them with all sorts of allegations that might bring some AB officials a lengthy touchline ban next season.

Alongside TB Tvøroyri, FC Suðuroy is the other team to be promoted which they made sure of some weeks ago.

Results from final round:
EB/Streymur – TB Tvøroyri 0-11 (0-8)
AB Argir – FC Hoyvík 6-1 (1-0)

1st Division final table (top 3) where top 2 are promoted:

1 FC Suðuroy 27 22 4 1 88 23 +65 70

2 TB Tvøroyri 27 19 4 4 81 26 +55 61
3 AB Argir 27 19 4 4 80 25 +55 61

06 October, 2011

On Friday 7 October the Faroese Under21 team faces Denmark at Aalborg Stadium in Denmark.

As the senior team has played all of their qualifying matches for the European championships, some players how now become available for the U21 team. One of those are Newcastle based forward Jóan Símun Edmundsson. Also FC Fyn (DK) defender Viljormur Davidsen, who has been in the senior squad in the recent matches - although on the bench - has been selected. Likewise is TB Tvøroyri midfielder Gilli Sørensen, who was in the senior squad recently, but on the bench.

The full Faroese squad:

Goalkeepers: Teitur Gestsson (HB Tórshavn), Hans Jørgensen (07 Vestur)

Defenders: Heini Vatnsdal (FC Suðuroy), Erling Jacobsen (Víkingur), Rógvi Holm (HB Tórshavn), Høgni Eysturoy (B36 Tórshavn), Sørmundur Kalsø (KÍ Klaksvík), Viljormur Davidsen (FC Fyn), René S. Jacobsen (Brøndby IF)

Midfielders: Hallur Hansson (HB Tórshavn), Róaldur Jakobsen (B36 Tórshavn), Karl Løkin (ÍF Fuglafjørður), Dánjal á Lakjuni (ÍF Fuglafjørður), Andre Olsen (B68 Toftir), Gilli Sørensen (TB Tvøroyri), Kaj Leo í Bartalsstovu (Víkingur)

Forwards: Jóan Símun Edmundsson (Newcastle United), Klæmint Olsen (NSÍ Runavík), Páll Klettskarð (Víkingur), Gunnar Zachariasen (AB Copenhagen)

Denmark have played one match in the group where they beat Northern Ireland 3-0 away from home. Northern Ireland on the other hand beat the Faroe Islands 4-0 at home. So it might get tough in Denmark on Friday...

As a as a curiosity, it can be mentioned that one of the Danish players is forward Andreas Laudrup, son of former star-player Michael Laudrup who played for both the big clubs in Spain, Barcelona and Real Madrid as well as Juventus in Italy.

09 October, 2011

1st division news:

1st division side TB Tvøroyri have likely blown their promotion chances

After losing 2-1 in the closing stages of the match against bottom team HB Tórshvan, it looks like TB Tvøroyri have blown their chances for promotion to the top league.

With FC Suðuroy way out in front all season, the battle for the second promotion-spot in the first division has all season been between TB Tvøroyri and AB Argir.

TB did a massive haul in the last couple of rounds to get 3 points ahead of AB Argir by beating leaders FC Suðuroy and then AB in added time a week ago, meaning they only needed two wins and a draw in the remaining 3 fixtures to get promoted.

And it looked good for TB who took the lead shortly before the hour-mark, despite being down to 10 men as Serbian goalkeeper Ivan Stojkovic had been sent off in the unlucky 13th minute of the game.

But in the 83rd HB equalized with the help of an owngoal from Serbian defender Dmitrije Jankovic, who was the one who scored the added-time winner against AB.

And with less than 3 minutes remaining of normal time, disaster struck for TB as Jógvan Andrias Nolsøe scored the winning goal for HB.

As promotion-rivals AB won their match against EB/Streymur 6-0, it means that AB and TB are equal in points, but with 6-goal superior goal difference for AB.

It’s unlikely that TB can make up that goal difference in their last couple of fixtures, although the last match is against exactly EB/Streymur. But at the same time AB play FC Hoyvík who are second from bottom.

AB visit 6th placed Víkingur in the penultimate round which shouldn’t be too problematic for AB while TB have a tricky away fixture against 4th placed NSÍ Runavík.

So at the moment, the promotion looks to be in AB’s hands. But football is a strange game…

Standings with 2 matches remaining:
Teams - Points (goal difference)
FC Suðuroy - 64
AB - 55 (+47)
TB - 55 (+41)
NSÍ - 38
Skála - 37
Víkingur - 31
EB/Streymur - 28
HB - 27
FC Hoyvík - 26
07 Vestur - 0

TB, founded in 1892, is the oldest club in the Fraoe Islands and have won 7 titles; the last one in 1987, but were relegated the year after and have struggled to become a permanent fixture in the top flight ever since. Their last appearance in the top division was in 2005.

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