November 2014 Round-Up:

November 30, 2014

B36 Tórshavn’s coach quits
Last Monday, the news broke that B36 coach Sámal Erik Hentze had decided to quit his job, citing that he didn’t have time for the coaching job as he is too busy running his construction company.

Hentze is the first coach to have guided both the big Tórshavn clubs to the title as he also was at the helm of HB Tórshavn who won in 2009.

Also then did he quit as coach for HB when the title had been secured with a similar reason, but returned as coach for AB Argir mid-season the following year.

B36 have not yet appointed a successor.


HB Tórshavn

HB Tórshavn midfielder Heini Vatnsdal is training with Danish 2nd tier club AB Copenhagen, and according the player himself it’s going quite well. But whatever the outcome will be, he seems lost for HB anyway, as he will try another Danish club if he isn’t offered a contract at AB Copenhagen.

Also midfielder Tróndur Jensen is lost for HB as he has also moved to Denmark to study.

Other HB players are doubtful for next season, amongst them goalkeeper Teitur Gestsson. He has been having training sessions at Danish clubs after the season.


ÍF Fuglafjørður

ÍF name new coach
ÍF announced on Saturday that they have appointed Alexandar Jovevic as new coach for the next two seasons. The Serb has previously been a player for the club which he joined in 2006 after three seasons with Skála (2003), NSÍ Runavík (2004) and TB Tvøroyri (2005).

Cult figure from NSÍ Runavík
38-year-old Sjúrður Jacobsen from NSÍ Runavík, where he almost has a cult status, has made a surprise move to ÍF where he is intended to replace left back Jan Ellingsgaard who is studying in Denmark. Jacobsen used to play at the same position at NSÍ but has played in midfield during the last years.


KÍ Klakvík
Evrard Blé
KÍ have signed Ivorain midfielder Evrard Blé who played for relegated B68 Toftir this year. KÍ will be his 7th Faroese club since his arrival at VB/Sumba in 2005. Thereafter followed AB Argir, Víkingur, 07 Vestur, B36 Tórshavn and B68.

Atli Danielsen makes comeback
Former international Atli Danielsen, who retired midway through the season, has announced his return to the pitch

American defender
To bolster their defence the defence for next season, KÍ have acquired American centre-back Mayowa Alli who comes from Danish 2nd tier club Vendsyssel FF where he as made six appearances this season. 22-year-old Alli has a past in American college football where he excelled as a left back, contributing both defensively and offensively.


NSÍ Runavík
NSÍ Runavík have taken onboard forward/midfielder Jónleif Højgaard from neighbours B68.


Goalkeeper Kristian Joensen parts with Danish club Lyngby
21-year-old goalkeeper Kristian Joensen has parted with his Danish 2nd tier club Lyngby (who are topping the table) where he played four 1st team matches; one in the league and three in the cup competition. Lack of playing time is the main reason for the decision.


League kicks off 1 March
Next season’s first league match is scheduled for as early as 1 March, the earliest start ever. This is amongst other things because a busy international program and also to have the season end earlier, before the really bad weather kicks in late October. The last match of the league will be played on 6 October. The question is then whether the weather will allow football  to be played on 1 March. Before that, the Super Cup will be played as early as 22 February. 

The summer break will be from 28 June to 26 July.

One price to pay for the early start might be low attendance figures.

The first round of matches looks like this:
B36 Tórshavn – Víkingur
NSÍ Runavík - EB/Streymur
 AB Argir – TB Tvøroyri
ÍF Fuglafjørður – HB Tórshavn
KÍ Klaksvík - FC Suðuroy

and the last round:
HB Tórshavn - FC Suðuroy
TB Tvøroyri – Víkingur
KÍ Klaksvík - EB/Streymur
AB AArgir – NSÍ Runavík
ÍF Fuglafjørður - B36 Tórshavn


Faroe Islands FIFA Ranking’s Best Mover
With the victory over Greece earlier in the month, the Faroe Islands jumped 82 places from no. 187 to 105 on FIFA’s World Ranking List and was therefore what FIFA calls "Best Mover" of the month.

And not just any month. According to the website, the result was the greatest upset ever. See that list here!

November 11, 2014

Lars Olsen selects a 21-man squad for Greece qualifier
Faroese national coach Lars Olsen announced his 21-man squad last Wednesday for the qualifier away to Greece on 14 October.

Noticeable is that Effodeildin top scorer Klæmint Olsen is back in the fold, having been left out for the two qualifiers against Northern Ireland and Hungary. Páll Klettskarð is not on the sheet this time due to injury.

Uncapped right back Bárður Hansen, who is in stiff competition for the position with Jónas Tór Næs, has withdrawn from the squad this time. - A reason has not been given.

New inclusion is also uncapped left back Hanus Jacobsen who was primarily meant to be cover for Viljormur Davidsen, should he not have recovered fully after a viral infection. Jacobsen has played almost flawlessly for Víkingur (and GÍ Gøta) for more than a decade and should be fully capable of playing for the national team.

The 21-man squad:

Goalkeepers: Gunnar Nielsen (Motherwell FC),  Teitur M. Gestsson (HB Tórshavn), Tórður Thomsen ( B36 Tórshavn)

Defenders: Jónas Tór Næs (EB/Streymur), Viljormur Davidsen (Vejle BK), Atli Gregersen (Víkingur), Sonni Ragnar Nattestad (AC Horsens), Odmar Færø (B36 Tórshavn), Hanus Jacobsen (Víkingur)

Midfielders: Fróði Benjaminsen (HB Tórshavn), Gilli Sørensen (Aalborg BK), Pól Jóhannus Justinussen (NSÍ Runavík), Róaldur Jakobsen (B36 Tórshavn), Kaj Leo í Bartalsstovu (Levanger FK), Christian Lamhauge Holst (BK Fremad Amager), Hallur Hansson (Víkingur), Brandur H. Olsen (FC København), Sølvi Vatnhamar (Víkingur)

Forwards: Klæmint A. Olsen (NSÍ Runavík), Arnbjørn Hansen (EB/Streymur),  Jóan Símun Edmundsson (HB Tórshavn)


Transfer news and stuff:

Adeshina Lawal to ÍF Fuglafjørður
It has been confirmed now that B36 Tórshavn´s Nigerian striker Adeshina Lawal has indeed signed a two-year contract with ÍF Fuglafjørður. Lawal was joint third on this season’s top scorer list with 13 goals.

Partnering with him up front will be Brazilian Clayton Soares who is taking another year with ÍF. Soares will turn 36 years old later this month.

Also winger Andy Olsen from NSÍ Runavík, who has had a number of assists this season, has signed for ÍF for next season, making a return to the club where he blossomed in 2009.

From B68 Toftir ÍF have also acquired midfielder André Olsen.

Goalkeeper Jákup Mikkelsen retires
On the negative side, 44-year old goalkeeper Jákup Mikkelsen has retired from top level football, citing that age had finally caught up with his old worn-out knees which didn’t allow him to continue.

Mikkelsen made 363 appearances in the Faroese top division and was capped 73 times. He has won two Faroese league titles; with KÍ Klaksvík in 1991 and B36 Tórshavn 2005 as well as three cup titles; with KÍ in 1990 and 1994 and with B36 in 2006. In 2000 he won the Danish league title with Herfølge Boldklub. Mikkelsen also had less successful stints with Norwegian club Molde and Scottish club Partick Thistle from 2001-2004, before he returned to his childhood club KÍ Klaksvík after 10 years abroad.

Also the coach for the last two years, Albert Ellefsen, has decided to quit the job, citing “not enough time” for the coaching job in addition to day time job.

ÍF, as the only club, have not announced who will be their coach next season.


Profiles leaving EB/Streymur
After it was announced that Arnbjørn Hansen was to leave EB/Streymur for HB Tórshavn, other high profile players have since been announced to also been leaving.

Midfielder Hans Pauli Samuelsen has signed for champions B36 Tórshavn. Samuelsen had one of his most successive seasons with 13 league goals, equalling his previous best from 2008. Of the current active players who have only played for the same club, Samuelsen is the player who has made the most top division appearances with his 309 games since his debut in 2002.

Right back Gert Hansen, brother of Arnbjørn, has signed for Víkingur. At first glance, maybe a strange signing, as Víkingur probably have the best right back in the country in Bárður Hansen. Gert can play in other positions though, but also in those positions Víkingur should have very capable players. However, Víkingur coach Sigfríður Clementsen usually doesn’t have problems in finding the correct position for a hard working class player as Gert is, and maybe it could even mean moving Bárður Hansen forward to the midfield position.

Goalkeeper René Tórgarð, who has played for EB/Streymur since 2005 has decided to quit the club. Tórgarð, with three caps for the Faroe Islands, has been among the very best goalkeepers during the last decade. There’s no news on where Tórgarð’s future lies.

EB/Streymur have announced that they now will be building their future on local youngsters.

Eliesar Olsen new EB/Streymur coach
To help with that EB/Streymur have hired 25-year old Skála coach, who quit midway through the season, Eliesar Olsen. Olsen had a very successful term with Skála, where he as a 20-year old took charge of the team in the 3rd tier in 2010, and just four years later, he had guided the team to promotion to the top flight. Olsen will replace Rúni Nolsøe who had decided to quit after two years at the club.


B68 Toftir name record goal scorer as new coach
Relegated B68 Toftir have named Súni Fríði Barbá as new coach. Barbá, a former striker for B68 – and other clubs – holds the scoring record – together with Uni Arge - for number of goals in one season with 24 goals for B68 in 1995.

Barbá comes from a coaching job at MB Miðvágur whom he guided to promotion to the 2nd tier this season.

KÍ Klaksvík appoint Mikkjal Thomassen as coach
KÍ Klaksvík have appointed former B36 Tórshavn coach Mikkjal Thomassen to replace Eyðun Klakstein, who has been at the helm for a year and a half. Thomassen guided B36 to the league title in tandem with John Petersen in  2011.

The appointment didn't come as a surprise though as the negotiations between the board and the new coach somewhat unfortunately have been going on at the sideline, while KÍ have been playing.

KÍ were aiming for Europe which meant a no. 4 spot in the table, but where KÍ came in 6th, four points adrift of  NSÍ Runavík and EB/Streymur in 4th and 5th position.

But KÍ is going to struggle to reach 4th place next season too. B36, HB and Víkingur will undoubtedly be in the top 3, and then it's a question whether KÍ can overtake NSÍ next season, and how well will ÍF do next season with their new signings? Another factor is of course also what KÍ will do on the transfer market.

Speaking of which, 25 year old midfielder  Álvur Christiansen, with more than a hundred games for KÍ in the top flight, is leaving as he has signed for AB Argir. The main reason is that Christiansen will be studying in Tórshavn – and as Argir is just on the other side of a river, a club in the Tórshavn area was more convenient. Christiansen has made five appearances for the Faroese U17 team.

Also 22-year old right back / midfielder Johan Jacobsen, who has been a KÍ regular for the last three seasons, has switched to NSÍ Runavík. Jacobsen has played for both the Faroese U19 team and the U17 team.

NSÍ Runavík will also get the service of 21-year old Skála-midfielder Andras Frederiksberg, who also played for NSÍ in 2012 and 2013.


Kaj Leo í Bartalsstovu and Levanger promoted to 2nd tier
Kaj Leo í Bartalsstovu and his Norwegian 3rd tier club Levanger FK have been promoted to the Norwegian 2nd tier. Í Bartalsstovu has not decided if he will continue or not, but it's not unlikely as he has been offered to extend his contract.

Brandur Olsen 1st team debut for FC Copenhagen
18-year old Brandur Olsen got his 1st team debut for FC Copenhagen on Sunday 30 November in the cup competition in a 3-2 win over 2nd tier Roskilde. Olsen came on after 35 minutes, when FCK were leading 3-0.

Olsen was close to scoring when his deflected free kick clipped the crossbar.

Høgni Madsen in Danish 3rd tier
Høgni Madsen who plays for Danish 3rd tier club Jammerbugt, while he is studying in Denmark, has been offered to have his contract extended. Madsen is considering the offer. Jammerbugt is currently 6th in the league.

Madsen is not the only player in the Danish 3rd tier as also Karl Løkin is playing for 2nd placed Næstved.

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