November 2013 Round-Up:

November 30, 2013:

Faroe Islands beat Greenland in Futsal

On Friday, the Faroe Islands beat Greenland 8-6 in the first of three friendly futsal internationals.

The half-time score was 1-0 to the Faroes, but in the second half the floodgates opened at both ends, but where the Faroes had the upper hand throughout the match.

Brian Jacobsen (Skála) scored three goals for the Faroe Islands, Alex dos Santos (HB Tórshavn) and Alex Troleis (B68 Toftir) two each, while Hanus Jacobsen (Víkingur) scored one.

Match number two will be played on Saturday evening and match number three on Sunday.  We'll post both of those results on this page (under the November update even if the month will have changed to December on Sunday).

All three matches are played in Greenland’s capital Nuuk.


30. November: Match number 2:

Greenland get revenge with a 6-2 victory

Greenland have selected two different teams for the futsal series against the Faroes; a B-team which lost 8-6 on Friday and an A-team, which seemed to be much stronger and won 6-2 in Saturday's match.

Greenland said already after the first game that they had spotted some weaknesses in the Faroese team and that they had found out how to exploit especially the weaknesses of the Faroese goalkeeper.

With their A-team in action on Saturday, Greenland proved their predictions right. Although the Faroe Islands went two goals up through Alex José dos Santos and Hanus Jacobsen, and were leading 2-1 at half-time, they were overpowered by Greenland in the second half and beaten 6-2.

The final match in the three-match series will be played on Sunday evening at 22:30 GMT. We'll have the result here late Monday evening.


1. December: Match number 3:

Greenland win final match 5-3

Greenland fielded their A-team again on Sunday which again proved to strong for the Faroese players.

Greenland quickly took the lead and in fact scored all of their five goals in the first half. In that half the Faroese goalkeeper had gotten the red card for a tackle that was deemed too hard for Futsal. However, a red card in futsal only lasts for two minutes or until the next goal, whatever comes first.

In Greenland they see the result as a very positive sign for the future of Greenlandic futsal, as they now know more on what level they are on, they think, and would like to play against other Nordic countries to test their level further. 

However, they were maybe not aware of that they didn't play against the strongest possible Faroese team, as few of the more established Faroese players took part. That because futsal isn't played in the Faroe Islands.


Transfer News

B36 Tórshavn
B36 have signed two midfielders; Alex Mellemgaard and Rógvi  Joensen.

22-year old Alex Mellemgaard, who predominately plays on the left hand side, but who also can play in central midfield, has previously played for AB, except for this last year which he has spent in Denmark.

20-year old Rógvi Joensen was captain at relegated TB Tvøroyri and had been sought after by several clubs. The very talented and hardworking central midfielder has played for all the Faroese youth national teams and is currently playing for the Under-21s.


EB/Streymur have signed right back Jónas Tór Næs who has played for Icelandic club Valur Reykjavík for the past three seasons. Næs has 36 caps for the Faroe Islands and was captain in Fróði Benjaminsen’s absence in the friendly against Malta earlier this month. Næs, who turns 27 next month, has played abroad for the most of his adult life, but has played three half seasons for B36 Tórshavn, NSÍ Runavík and AB Argir in 2010, 2008 and 2007, respectively.

As Næs will surely own the right back position as he does in the national team, it’s likely that Gert Hansen, who otherwise has owned that position, will now be used in central defence instead where he occasionally sometime has played.

November 19, 2013:

Malta down Faroe Islands

Friendly match:
Malta - Faroe Islands 3-2 (3-0)
17' 1-0 Ryan Fenech
19' 2-0 Michael Mifsud
41' 3-0 Jonathan Caruana
80' 3-1 Hallur Hansson
87' 3-2 Rógvi Baldvinsson

Malta won Tuesday's friendly encounter 3-2 against the Faroe Islands, having led 3-0 at half time. The Faroes pulled two goals back in the last 10 minutes of the match.

Malta took the lead in the 17th minute with a spectacular long range effort from Ryan Fenech.

Malta doubled their lead just two minutes later through Michael Mifsud who much too easily wrong-footed the two Faroese defenders before he finished with a low shot that went in just inside the post. This was Mifsud's 39th goal in his 102nd international.

Five minutes before half-time, Malta went 3-0 up following a corner combination where the Faroese defense was outplayed and defender Jonathan Caruana was played completely clear to tap-in from close range.

The Faroes improved in the second half and had a great deal of possession – but maybe Malta were content just sitting back and letting time run out.

On 77 minutes Heini Vatnsdal threatened with a long range shot which the Maltese goalkeeper tipped over the bar before the Faroes finally pulled a goal back in the 80th minute when a long high ball ended at the feet of midfielder Hallur Hansson who finished clinically a couple of metres inside the penalty area.

In the 87th central defender Rógvi Baldvinsson made it 3-2 with a terrific drive from the distance to get a bit of excitement in the closing minutes. But Malta held on to their victory, however.

This was the first time in four tries that Malta have defeated the Faroe Islands. The Faroes have twice won 2-1 in qualifiers and once 3-2 in a friendly match.

Malta played with their strongest team today whereas the Faroe Islands were missing several of their best players. The result could arguably have been different with a full-strength team, but it still an agonizing defeat as it’s the first against Malta.

So the question is if the Faroe Islands are heading in the wrong direction or not… That answer will probably not come before after the next qualifying campaign for the European Championship in 2016.

November 19, 2013:

B68 Toftir
B68 have announced that they have appointed a coaching-duo of Øssur Hansen, who was their coach this year, and former national coach Jógvan Martin Olsen, who was coach at Víkingur this year until halfway through the season.

B68 have also signed Ivorian midfielder Evrard Blé who came to VB/Sumba in 2005 and has since played for AB Argir, Víkingur, 07 Vestur and B36 Tórshavn.

Skála have opted to keep faith in 24-year old coach Eliesar Olsen who already has earned two promotions with the club in his four year tenure at the helm.

Skála have also announced that midfielder Pætur Dam Jacobsen, who has been at EB/Streymur for five years, will return to the club he played for from 2005 to 2008.


Two new inclusions for the Malta-friendly
Left back Viljormur Davidsen and striker Finnur Justinussen have withdraw from the Faroese team to face Malta on Tuesday, and have been replaced by right winger Dánjal á Lajkuni (ÍF Fuglafjørður) and left winger Kristin R. Mouritsen (HB Tórshavn). Neither has been selected for the senior squad previously. Á Lakjuni has played for the U-21 team as well as the U-19, whereas Mouritsen has only played for the U-17 earlier.

November 09, 2013:

A ton of transfer news to start off with:

HB Tórshavn:

HB Tórshavn replace championship winning coach

Few days after HB had lifted the title trophy, a shock announcement was made that their coach Oddbjørn Joensen would not be asked to continue next year and that he had been replaced by Heðin Askham who has penned a three-year contract with the champions.

Askham guided EB/Streymur to the league title last season and is currently also coach for the Faroese U21 team in tandem with Bill McLeod Jacobsen. In the recently finished season, he coached NSÍ Runavík where he replaced Abraham Løkin midway through the season.

Oddbjørn Joensen is suddenly without a coaching job.

Fróði Benjaminsen’s contract extended by a year
And not many days later, HB made another big announcement, saying that influential midfielder and captain Fróði Benjaminsen would not extend his contract with the club. However, few days later, there was a new announcement: everything had been a misunderstanding and Benjaminsen has now indeed extended his contract with another year.

Bárður Oslen to AB Argir
Midfielder Bárður Olsen will not continue at HB as he has joined AB Argir where he played half a season in 2011 - when AB played in the 2nd tier. Olsen has played for EB/Streymur for the most of his career, except for the aforementioned periods and two seasons for B36 Tórshavn in 2010 and 2012.

Deputy goalkeeper Hans Jørgensen to AB Argir
Also deputy goalkeeper Hans Jørgensen will switch to the neighbours at AB Argir. Jørgensen is a top goalkeeper and would take the no. 1 shirt at most clubs – except at HB where he lost the competition to Teitur Gestsson who has been outstanding.

Levi Hanssen from EB/Streymur
Midfielder Levi Hanssen – who can play at most other positions as well - has decided to join HB after a three seasons at EB/Streymur. Hanssen was also with HB in 2010, after another two years with EB/Streymur. 25-year old Hansen has previously played for Skála and B36 Tórshavn, and has had a nose for where the titles were going as he has been champions with three of those clubs, twice with EB/Streymur in 2008 and 2012, with HB in 2010 and with B36 in 2005 as a 17-year old. Hanssen constantly performs with a high level and it’s somewhat surprising that he only has two caps for the national team, where two of those were friendlies.


ÍF Fuglafjørður:

Just like last year, ÍF will lose many of it better players, although last year many had returned  when the season started. But ÍF will this time be losing left back Jan Ellingsgaard, midfielder Høgni Madsen and striker Øssur Dalbúð. They’ll all move to Denmark to study. 

78-year old goalkeeper and striker
They operate at each end, 43-year old goalkeeper Jákup Mikkelsen and Brazilian striker Clayton Soares, who will turn 35 later this month. The news is that Soares will take another year in the Faroes as he seems to have plenty of goals left in his boots – 14 goals this season. But Mikkelsen is still undecided whether he’ll take another year between the sticks.

Karl Løkin returns
Midfielder Karl Løkin, who last season played for ÍF has decided to return to the club next season, having played for NSÍ Runavík this term. Løkin had a superb season with ÍF last season where his set pieces produced many a goal for other to score.


B36 Tórshavn:

B36 have announced that both their foreign forwards, Pole Lukasz Cieslewicz and Nigerian Adeshina Lawal will play for B36 again next season. Lawal finished the season strongly after a slow start, and so did Cieslewich who had much of the opening of the season ruined b injury.

Jákup á Borg going for the all-time scoring record
B36 have announced that 34-year old forward/midfielder Jákup á Borg will take at least another season for the club where he is in hot pursuit of John Petersen as the most scoring player ever. Á Borg is 9 goals short of Petersen’s record. That might take two year for Borg to achieve though. Nine goals is the tally he scored during the last two couple of seasons combined. He spend much of this year’s season sidelined through injury.

Gilli Sørensen to Danish club AaB Aalborg
Tallented Gilli Sørensen will be joining Danish club AaB Aalborg where he will be reunited with Hallur Hansson who both were at Aberdeen’s youth academy some years ago.

Evrard Blé leaving
Ivorian midfielder Evrard Blé will not continue at B36. Where his future lies is unclear.

Sámal Erik Hentze new coach
As mentioned before, the not very well hidden secret was that AB’s coach for the last four years Sámal Erik Hentze would take over at B36 next year, and that rumour has now been confirmed. Hentze steered HB Tórshavn to the title in 2009.


NSÍ Runavík:

New coach
NSÍ had hoped - and kind of expected - that they would hold on to Heðin Askham for next season, but had to find a new coach when they learned that he had been appointed new HB-coach.

NSÍ have looked inside their own territory and have named Trygvi Mortensen as new coach. Mortensen has had three stints at NSÍ earlier; in 1992, 1999-2000 and 2005-2006 when he was sacked with six matches remaining. He has also had a year at EB/Streymur in 2002, but otherwise has not been at the helm at any top club.

Pól Jóhannus Justinussen switching to EB/Streymur
Faroese international Pól Jóhannus Justinussen has shifted the yellow/black stripes of the NSÍ jersey with the black/blue stripes of EB/Streymur. Justinussen can play at many positions; centre back, left back and left midfield.

Karl Løkin to ÍF Fuglafjørður
As mentioned above, midfielder Karl Løkin has decided to return to ÍF Fuglafjørður, where he played the previous year.

Andras B. Vágsgeyg to AB Argir
Defender Andras Brixen Vágsheyg, who joined NSÍ midway through the season, has moved on to AB Argir.



EB/Streymur had their worst season 2005, finishing fifth in the table, and it’ questionable if they will challenge for silverware next season, and it will not be surprising should they not reach their 8th straight cup-final.

As mentioned above, Levi Hanssen has waved them goodbye while Pól Jóhannus Justinussen is a new entry, but others are considering their future. However, with Champions League-money from the summer, EB/Streymur have money to spend and could assemble a decent team with it.



It’s been mentioned earlier that 32-year old midfielder Súni Olsen will return “home” to Víkingur after spending the last three seasons at B36 Tórshavn.

Víkingur have made no secrets that they had been after B36 striker Lukasz Cieslewicz, but in the end the pole decided to stay at B36.


AB Argir:

AB will be losing a lot of manpower for next season as three of the better players are moving to Denmark to study, but the refill is well underway, however.

Firstly, coach Sámal Erik Hentze has opted to take on the challenge as B36 coach and has been released by Bill McLeod, who is currently coaching the Faroese U-21 team alongside Heðin Askham and has previously been coach at B68 Toftir for several years.

AB will also be without the service of goalkeeper Símun Rógvi Hansen who after a slow start to the season played superbly in the second half which earned him a call-up for the national team towards the end of the season. He will be released by Hans Jørgensen who is amongst the top goalkeepers in the country and was reserve goalkeeper at HB this season.

Another miss will be left winger Rógvi Poulsen who a few years ago was among the best players in the country, but has not quite reached those heights again, but came strong though as the season was progressing.

And in defence AB will be without big central defender Rói Danielsen, who was also selected for the national team in the last games of the qualifying campaign.

As mentioned above, midfielder Bárður Olsen will come in from HB Tórshavn.

From NSÍ Runavík, AB have requirred the service of defender - mainly centre-back - Andras Brixen Vágsheyg who had joined NSÍ midway through the season, having lived for several years in Denmark and played in the 3rd tier. Vágsheyg is part of the Faroese U21 squad.

AB have said they are on the outlook for a forward, and it's unclear whether Senegalese forward Ahmed Keita will continue or not.


KÍ Klaksvík:

KÍ Klaksvík have signed Senegalese midfielder Ndende Adama Guéye – usually known as just Ndende – from TB Tvøroyri. Ndende is one of the very best midfielders in the Faroese league. He originally came to B68 Toftir in 2008.

Central defender Jógvan Isaksenhas announced that he will not be playing for KÍ next season. It’s unclear where his future lies, but some rumours are sending him to AB Argir or maybe EB/Streymur.

And midfielder Hjalgrím Elttør has not decided yet where he plays, but has admitted that he has been talking with other clubs.

KÍ say they are looking for more strength for next season.


TB Tvøroyri:

TB Tvøroyri, who will play in the second tier next season, have announced that they have extended the contract with coach Páll Guðlaugsson who took over towards the end of the season in a desperate try to save TB.

With next season amongst the second best, TB have parted with Senegalese midfielder Ndende. The other foreign players, Senegalese defender Ndiour Babacar and Englishman Niky Deverdics. It looks like Serbian goalkeeper Ivan Stojkovic will continue however, for what will be his eight season with the club.


Rock-button 07 Vestur have told their foreign players that they are free to go as they will be building their future on home-grown players in the future. An exception from that is Serbian midfielder Jovan Radinovic-Panic  who has been with them since 2007 when they played under the name 07 Vestur.

The other foreigners are Senegalese forward Ibrahima Camara, Ivorian centre-back Téhé Aristide and Hungarian goalkeeper Andras Gango who says he has offers from other clubs, which could be newly promoted B68 Toftir and Skála.


B68 Toftir and Skála

And speaking of the newly promoted, neither of them have named their coach officially yet, but it’s very likely that B68 will hold on to Øssur Hansen and likewise Skála with 24 year old Eliesar J. Olsen.

There isn´t much news about strength at those clubs, but former Skála players, midfielder  Pætur Dam Jacobsen of EB/Streymur and right back Jónhard Frederiksberg of NSÍ Runavík have been linked to make a return to their former club.


Futsal against Greenland

Greenland have challenged the Faroe Islands in a round of Futsal. Three games will be played in Greenland’s capital Nuuk on 29 and 30 November and 1 December.

The Faroese team is made up of these players:

Halgrím G. Hansen, ÍF Fuglafjørður
Jákup Andrias Hansen, EB/Streymur

Outfield players:
Alex Jose dos Santos, HB Tórshavn
Bárður Olsen, AB Argir
Eli Falkvard Nielsen, 07 Vestur
Jákup S. Olsen, 07 Vestur
Monrad Holm Jacobsen, NSÍ Runavík
Brian Jacobsen, Skála
Hanus Jacobsen, Víkingur

These are not the most prominent names in Faroese football and the word is that some of the more established players have said no thanks to the invitation. There are no futsal competition in the Faroes amongst seniors although kids have just started playing it during the winter.

The coaches for the Faroese team are Alex Troleis, who is a Brazilian, and Jens Erik Rasmussen, who has a Brazilian wife. Rasmussen is arguably the best ever technician there has been in Faroese football. 


The Faroese U-21 for the Ireland qualifyer selected:

The selected squad is:
Teitur Gestsson, HB Tórshavn
Hallgrím G. Hansen, ÍF Fuglafjørður
Bárður Hansen, Víkingur
Pál Mohr Joensen, HB Tórshavn
Beinir Ellefsen, AB Argir
Bogi R. Petersen, ÍF Fuglafjørður
Rógvi Joensen, TB Tvøroyri
Ari Ó. Ellingsgaard, ÍF Fuglafjørður
Gilli Sørensen, B36 Tórshavn
Gunnar Zachariassen, EB/Streymur
Sørmundur Á. Kalsø, KÍ Klaksvík
Rene S. Joensen, Brøndby IF (DK)
Sonni Ragnar Nattestad, FC Midtjylland (DK)
Árni Frederiksberg, NSÍ Runavík
Gustav Sørensen, LFA (DK)
Tróndur Jensen, HB Tórshavn
Brandur H. Olsen FC København (DK)
Hallur Hansson, AaB Ålborg (DK)

Update: Beinir Ellefsen has withdrawn because of injury and has been replaced by Andras Brixen Vágsheyg fromNSÍ Runavík (AB Argir next season).

The match will be played in Ireland on 15 November.


Malta friendly international

Also the senior team has been selected for the friendly international against Malta on 19 November on away-soil:

Heini Vatnsdal, Christian R. Mouritsen, Teitur M. Gestsson; HBTórshavn
Páll Klettskarð; KÍ Klaksvík
Pól Jóhannus Justinussen, Kristian Joensen, Klæmint A. Olsen, Karl Løkin; NSÍ Runavík
Erling Jacobsen, Finnur Justinussen and Sølvi Vatnhamar; Víkingur
Hallur Hansson; AaB Ålborg (DK)
Rene S. Joensen; Brøndby IF (DK)
Daniel Udsen; FC Helsingør (DK)
Sonni Ragnar Nattestad; FC Midtjylland (DK)
Viljormur Davidsen; Vejle BK (DK)
Jónas Tór Næs; Valur (ISL)
Rógvi Baldvinsson; Bryne BK (NOR)
Gunnar Nielsen; Motherwell (SCO)

Several prominent names from are missing, as the coaches know their values and also want to test out some of the more inexperienced players.


Another debut in the Danish top division:

19-year old central defender Sonni Ragnar Nattestad who plays at FC Midtjylland made his debut in the Danish Superliga a week ago when he came on towards the end of the match in their 3-0 defeat of Esbjerg. Nattestad, a Faroese U-21 player, has already been rewarded for his efforts of late as he has been included in the senior squad that visit Malta on 19 November.


Player of the Year
The "Player of the Year" ceremony will be held on Saturday 9 November. Well have the result here sometime...

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