May 2010 Round-Up:

28 May, 2010

Cup final moved again – date and venue!

The cup final which earlier this year was moved from 29 July to 1 August has been rescheduled once again. The Football Association has now decided that the cup final will be played on 6 august.

And for the first time in recent memory the final will not be played in the capital Tórshavn, but has been moved to Klaksvík, the second largest town in the Faroe Islands with approximately 5,000 inhabitants.

However, that figure doubles – or more – in the days from 5-7 August; not because of the cup final, but because of the annual “Summer Festival” (music).

As mentioned in the March roundup, there were some financial disagreements between the Football Associations and the Tórhavn city council, who owns the football pitch in Gundadalur. The F.A. didn’t want to pay the rent which the city council demanded, as they deemed it to be too high.

The decision to move the final to Klaksvík must be interpreted as a “Fu*k you” to the city council of Tórshavn. And really, they have asked for it!

But there is a major drawback playing in Klaksvík, and that is that there are only 530 seats at the stadium við Djúpumýru, or Injector Arena, as the sponsor name is, so many people will have to be standing up. And it’s also questionable if this new venue will draw as many spectators as the matches in Tórshavn have.

Another very unfortunate thing in moving around with the date of the cup final is that foreigners are actually planning their vacation to the Faroe Islands so that they can watch the match. They might get an unpleasant surprise when they see the match has been rescheduled yet again.

19 May, 2010

Brian Kerr selects the team to face Luxembourg 4 June

Faroe Islands National coach Brian Kerr has selected a 20-man squad for the friendly match away to Luxembourg on 4 June 18:00 GMT.

The squad:
Gunnar Nielsen - Manchester City
Meinhardt Joensen - B36 Tórshavn
Jákup á Borg - B36 Tórshavn
Christian R. Mouritsen - B36 Tórshavn
Fróði Benjaminsen - HB Tórshavn
Símun Samuelsen - HB Tórshavn
Vagnur Mohr Mortensen - HB Tórshavn
Rógvi Poulsen – HB Tórshavn
Egil á Bø – EB/Streymur
Jóhan Troest Davidsen - NSÍ Runavík
Einar Hansen - NSÍ Runavík
Jan Ingi Petersen - NSÍ Runavík
Christian Høgni Jacobsen – NSÍ Runavík
Atli Gregersen - NSÍ Runavík
Súni Olsen – Víkingur
Bogi Løkin - Frem BK
Jónas Tór Næs – Frem BK
Atli Danielsen – Roskilde
Jóan Símun Edmundsson – Newcastle
Christian Lamhauge Holst – Silkeborg

The Faroe Islands have met Luxembourg 3 times previously, twice in a world cup qualifier and once in a friendly. The Faroes have won all of the matches:

24/02/2004 Faroe Islands - Luxembourg (in Spain) 4-2 (Friendly)
01/09/2001 Faroe Islands - Luxembourg 1-0 (World Cup qualifyer)
24/03/2001 Luxembourg - Faroe Islands 2-0 (World Cup qualifyer)

In April’s round-up, newly appointed assistant coach John McDonnell, hinted that the Faroe Islands would play a match in Denmark in addition to the friendly against Luxembourg.

McDonnell said then: "We have games lined up in Denmark, probably, and definitely Luxembourg before the summer and then afterwards we start the campaign against Estonia before playing Serbia and Italy in September. I’m buzzing about the thought of it all," he laughed, "I haven’t been this excited since I got my confirmation money".

And yesterday, the website of Danish third-level club B1908 announced on their website that they would play a training match against the Faroes on 1 June, at 16:30 GMT. – And as always, you’ll have the opportunity to buy beer, water and grilled sausages, the website told.


AB Argir cut player-wages by half

A week ago, Faroese newspaper wrote that AB had cut the player-wages by half because of financial reasons.

A few of the foreign players are unaffected by the axe because there are special laws about minimum wages.

On the other hand, this could also mean that those players might leave the club, simply because the club can’t afford to pay them the minimum wages.

But according to rumours, not all players have accepted the pay cut and some of them might leave the club when the transfer window opens in mid-summer, and one of them could be Norwegian striker Stig-Roar Søbstad, cites.

AB’s chairman says that he is in no doubt that other clubs find themselves in a similar situation. (This is a standard sentence used by all club chairmen of clubs in economic difficulties).

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