May 15, 2007: Formula Division news:

KÍ Klaksvík sack coach Tony Paris

KÍ has this evening announced that they have parted company with their coach, Tony Paris after a string of poor results this season that has seen KÍ drop to 8th position in the table, just one place above the relegation line, 5 points in front of AB Argir in 9th spot.

The coach had been under pressure for a while, after KÍ have shown some poor displays on the pitch this season, and after the loss at home to GÍ Gøta on Sunday, the pressure on the coach grew even more.

And in this particularly game, a player that was substituted let the coach know exactly what the felt when he shouted at the coach…. ehmm, I think I'll rephrase the words here, to avoid profanity :-) "You are no good as a coach!" (but reed that in a "profane way", so to speak:-) and he also made the “V-sign”, but with one finger, if you know what I mean! – He also threw his KÍ-uniform (after he had taken a shower) into the dog-out and said he quit!

- This situation has been talked about a lot since the match; some pro and some con.

But in the end, the majority of the KÍ supporters, and the KÍ-board, had the same view as the "rejected" player, must be said, because the coach has now been sacked.

In all fairness, it must be said that part of KÍ's bad result of late are due to the fact that a few key players have been injured.

So this became an unhappy ending to Tony Paris's 3rd spell with KÍ Klaksvík. He was their playing coach in 1977 and 1978. The he returned in 1999 as coach and steered KÍ to the double. Last season he was headhunted back and his job was to bring glory back to KÍ, who hadn't won anything since his successful spell in 1999. The start was reasonable successful, as KÍ reached the cup final (which they lost) and became 4th in the league, but this season KÍ are struggling.

Here is an article from St. Petersburg Times about Tony Paris in 2005, when he had decided to join KÍ once more.

KÍ's 2nd-team coach Trygvi Mortensen will be taking care of the 1st team until a new coach has been named.

Update, May 22, 2007:

KÍ Klaksvík appoint Paris's assistant Eyðun Klakstein as
new head-coach

KÍ announced today that they have named Tony Paris's assistant, Eyðun Klakstein, as their new head coach; at least provisionally, as this deal is only lasting until the summer-break on 8 July.

KÍ's 2nd team coach, Trygvi Mortensen, has at the same time been named assistant coach for the 1st team.

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