As this month’s round-up was done a bit early and some important things have happened since, we’ll make an update below:

Update: July 31, 2009:

EB/Streymur coaches sacked
A few hours after EB/Streymur had lost the cup final against Víkingur on Wednesday, it was rumoured that EB/Streymur coach Sigfríður Clementsen and his close assistant Magni Mohr were about to get the boot and on Thursday EB/Streymur announced that the coaches had in fact been sacked.

Heðin Askham new EB/Streymur coach
On Friday it was announced that Heðin Askham will take over as coach for the rest of the season. Askham was B36 coach last season and is also currently one of two U21 coaches. Askham also worked as caretaking coach for the Faroe Islands seniors when they for the first time ever beat Iceland in March this year.

Egil á Bø continues
As reported further down the page, EB/Streymur captain Egil á Bø who had decided to retire for EB/Streymur because of some differences with the coach – and therefore did not take part in the Cup final on Wednesday -, did not join another club and is therefore still eligible to play for EB/Streymur . And the news is that he has started training again as the coach-situation has changed. The new coach has also confirmed that á Bø will be the captain again and that á Bø will also be in the starting line-up.

Fróði Clementsen rejoins EB/Streymur
With á Bø absent (prior to his return), EB/Streymur needed another defender – at least on the bench – and EB/Streymur therefore signed Fróði Clementsen from B36 Tórshavn. Clementsen has previously played for EB/Streymur and was part of their double-success last season.

Goalkeeper René Tórgarð back in action?
Normal first choice goalkeeper René Tórgarð who has been out with a knee-injury since early in the season could be making a return for EB/Streymur sooner than expected. It had been feared that he would be out for the season, but when reserve keeper Gunnar á Steig got a boot in his face in the cup final on Wednesday, Tórgarð started his warming up routine in case he had to release his deputy. Á Steig recovered however, and played the rest of the March.

Before EB/Streymur played their Champions League qualifiers earlier in the month, they made an emergency signing of VB/Sumba’s otherwise retired goalkeeper Bjarni Johansen to have on the bench as reserve.


AB Argir sign Norwegain striker
AB have signed Norwegian striker Stig-Roat Søbstad from Norwegian 2nd division club (3rd level) Korsvoll. Søbstad has previously appeared in the Norwegian top division for Molde.

AB Argir goalkeeper on trial with Crewe Alexandra
AB goalkeeper on loan from NSÍ Runavík, Tórður Thomsen, has been on trial with English club Crewe Alexandra in football league two, but in the friendly match against Vale on Saturday 25th, he did not do enough to persuade the club to sign him, although Alexandria won 5-1, so he’ll be back with AB Argir.


Jónas Tór Næs on English trial-tour
Faroese international right back 22-year-old Jónas Tór Næs who joined Danish 1st division side Hvidovre IF in April, but who is now a free agent, has been on a “trial-tour” in England at two clubs during the last weeks.

First he tried his luck with Wrexham, where Faroese goalkeeper Gunnar Nielsen played at the end of last season on loan from Manchester City, but 22 minutes in a 1-1 friendly game against Coventry a was not enough to convince Wrexham boss Dean Saunders for a contract.

(Sidebar: Earlier in the month 18-year-old Polish youth international Adrian Cieslewicz, who was brought up in the Faroe Islands because his father played football here, signed a contract with Wrexham. Cieslewicz has appeared for Faroese youth national teams in unofficial matches and in a youth tournament in Aberdeen some years ago he was spotted by both Liverpool and Manchester City. He later signed for Manchester City where he has spent the last two years.)

Back to Jónas Tór Næs… Næs then moved on to Crewe Alexandra in the football league two where he did give a positive first impression in a 1-1 draw in a friendly against Nantwich Town. But the Icelandic coach Guðjon Thordarson wanted to see Næs once more before he made up his mind, but after the second game, a 5-1 win over Port Vale, Næs was told he would not get a contract.


Goalkeeper Hans Jørgensen joins HB Køge
Ex Skála-goalkeeper Hans Jørgensen who has been at Danish 1st Division club FC Amager for two years until they went bankrupt a few months ago, has joined Superliga club HB Køge (he’s not 1st choice keeper though). Jørgensen turns 19 in August.

July 26, 2009: June Round-Up:

As the transfer window has been opened for about a month now – it closes on 27 July – a lot of movement have been made between clubs in the last weeks as well as new players have been imported. Therefore it is best to take the monthly round-up a bit early this month, so we get the news out before round 16 on Sunday – although 2 of Sunday’s matches have been postponed.

07 Vestur
07 Vestur are desperately trying to hold on to their place in the Vodafone Division. In last month’s update we mentioned that they had imported two Serbs who have previously played in the Faroes, and now 07 Vestur have announced that they have signed another two foreigners; Tamba Yarjah and Lewis Morris, both from Sierra Leone.

Yarjah is a 25-yerar-old attacking midfielder. He has played twice for the national team and has scored one goal. His latest club was Norwegian Finnsnes IL in the 3rd division.

Lewis Morris is 26 and is likewise an offensive player. He comes from Swedish 3rd level club Robertsfors IK.

In addition to these, also Jón Nielsen who can play in several positions has returned from HB Tórshavn

AB Argir
Defenders Janus Joensen (AB’s captain) and Rói Danielsen will not be part of AB for the rest of the season as both are moving to Denmark to study.

To make up for some of that miss, AB have signed right back Mortan úr Hørg from HB Tórshavn where úr Hørg has found it difficult to get a place in the starting position. A few years ago úr Hørg was part of the national team. He joined HB from VB/Sumba in 2006. The contract with AB will keep úr Hørg at AB for next season also.

Goalkeeper Tórur Thomsen who has been on loan from NSÍ Runnavík replacing injured Heðin Stenberg will stay at AB for the rest of the season.

Also striker Tróndur Sigurðsson has switched to AB from HB where Sigurðsson has found it difficult to firstly get in the team, and secondly to score goals when he has been given the chance. 20-year-old Sigurðsson who is originally an HB player is not an unknown player in AB as he played for them last season in the 1st division and was their top scorer.

Midfielder Evrard Ble and defender Tehe Aristide, both from the Ivory Coast, have both signed contracts that will keep them at AB for next season also.

B36 Tórshavn
B36’s English winger Sam Malson has left B36 for Icelandic top division side Throttur.

20-year-old HB-player and captain of the Faroese Under 21 Christian Restorff Mouritsen who was at Manchester City for 3 years until he returned to HB in 2008 has switched to neighbours B36 Tórshavn. Mouritsen, who for long has been considered as one of the most talented Faroese youngsters, has had long periods of his young football life wrecked by injuries and thus Faroese supporters haven’t seen too much of what Mouritsen is capable of. The main reason for Mouritsen’s departure from HB is lack of 1st team football which he hopes there will be more of at B36. Mouritsen says he has a clear ambition of playing football abroad again.

B68 Toftir
B68 have announced that striker Bogi Gregersen has returned to Skála in the 1st division. Gregersen arrived at B68 ahead of the current season but got injured in the early stages and have since found it difficult to get into the team. When Skála were at their peak in the top flight a few years ago now, Gregersen was with partner Jónhard Frederiksberg one of the most feared attacking duo in the league. On Saturday Gregersen scored when Skála surprisingly beat 1st division table toppers B71 Sandoy. But Skála are still second from bottom.

On the other hand B68 have secured the services for a number of important players for next season also so that most of their team will be intact for next season also.

EB/Streymur’s captain Egil á Bø has announced that he has stopped playing for EB/Streymur as he says he doses not figure in the coach’s future plans for the club. Á Bø had announced that this would be his last season at the highest level, and therefore the coach has been concentrating on players that will be in the team next year also and has left the captain on the bench more and more.

Á Bø will therefore not be playing in the Cup final on 29 July against Víkingur.

This could spell the end of á Bø’s career if he does not choose to continue for another club. There have already been several offers.

Egil á Bø surprisingly made his debut for the Faroe Islands last year aged 34. If á Bø doesn´t continue at another club, he will not be playing against France on 12 August.

Last month a rumour circulated that Bárður Olsen would be joining B36 Tórshavn, but in the end it looks like Olsen is staying at EB/Streymur.

HB Tórshavn
As mentioned above, several players have left HB in the summer break. These are offensive midfielder Christian Restorff Mouritsen who has gone to B36 Tórshavn and right back Mortan úr Hørg and striker Tróndur Sigurðsson who both have switched to AB Argir. Also Jón Nielsen has left HB as he has rejoined 07 Vestur. Nielsen only appeared once as a central defender in the 2-1 defeat to NSÍ Runavík early in the season.

Also central defender Rasmus Nolsøe will be leaving before the end of the season as he is moving to Denmark to study.

But on the other hand, HB have secured the services of Hanus Thorleifsson who stopped at B36 in the summer break.

ÍF Fuglafjørður
ÍF have appointed former star player Abraham Løkin (then Hansen – a champion with ÍF in 1979) as assistant coach to Jón Simonsen.

From NSÍ Runavík striker Øssur Dalbúð has joined on loan. He is son of Meinhard Dalbúð, who was also part of ÍF’s championship winning team from 1979. On Thursday, Dalbúð senior was spying on HB Tórshavn when they played in the Europa League against AC Omonia, so maybe Dalbúð junior will get some special advice on how to score against HB on Sunday 26 July…

Hans Paule Petersen who came from neighbours Víkingur ahead of the season has rejoined Víkingur. Petersen hasn’t been much in the team.

From Víkingur to ÍF comes defender Kaj Ennigarð whose brother already plays for ÍF.

KÍ Klaksvík
As mentioned in last month’s update, the rumour had it that Faroese U21 forward Páll Klettskarð would be joining KÍ. That rumour has since been confirmed and Klettskarð has also made his mark by scoring KÍ’s second goal in their 4-2 defeat to B68 Toftir last Sunday.

Midfielder Høgni Madsen who switched from ÍF Fuglafjørður to NSÍ Runavík this season is no longer an NSÍ player as he has instead moved to KÍ Klaksvík were he has also played before. Madsen made his debut for the Faroe Islands under Jógvan Martin Olsen while an ÍF player in 2008, but he was not part of Brian Kerr’s first selection this summer. Madsen started this season in fine form, but then seemed to have had a small dip of late. But so has most of the NSÍ team in recent games. Something seems to be wrong at the club.

And also Hjalgrim Elttør, likewise NSÍ has rejoined KÍ where he is originally from. Elttør has been playing terrific football for NSÍ this season.

NSÍ Runavík
As mentioned right above, there has been an exodus of high profile players, with both Hjalgrím Elttør and Høgni Madsen leaving for KÍ Klaksvík.

And also striker Øssur Dalbúð has left NSÍ for ÍF Fuglafjørður on loan. Dalbúð had not been getting much action on the field.

19 year old Faroe Islands U21 player Erling Jacobsen is available for Víkingur for the next 6 games before he moves back to Denmark where he has been playing for FC Amager in the division, until it went bankrupt a few months ago.

From ÍF Fuglafjørður, Hans Paule Petersen, who is originally a GÍ Gøta player (now Víkingur) has rejoined Víkingur as he didn´t get much playing time at ÍF.

The other way, to ÍF Fuglafjørðu, has gone defender Kaj Ennigarð, who was one of GÍ’s better players a couple of seasons ago. At ÍF he will team up with his brother Poul Ennigarð, who has also spend many seasons at GÍ.

If we get any other news, we will post it as we get it

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