July 24, 2008: July Round-Up, part III

Rógvi Jacobsen joins KÍ Klaksvík
More transfer news was not expected at this time, as the transfer window closed on Monday, but today the news broke that Rógvi Jacobsen, the all-time record goalscorer for the Faroe Islands with 10 goals, has joined KÍ Klaksvík from Norvegian club IL Hødd in the 2nd best division (the paper work had been done before the deadline).

Jacobsen moved from HB Tórshavn to Hødd last December and was a regular goal scorer in his first matches for Hødd (the media even reported from the goals he scored in training), but after a reasonable start to the season, Hødd is now threatened by relegation. In Faroese radio, Jacobsen said: “As it looks now, there aren’t too many bright spots that indicate that the situation is going to improve for us, and the team is not going to be strengthened much for the rest of the year – there’s no money available - so I decided to return home now.”

Hmm, isn’t it his job to shoot Hødd out of the relegation zone and not just wait for the others to improve…?Jacobsen is originally a KÍ player, but moved to HB in 2001. Since, he has also played for KR Reykjavik in Iceland and SønderjyskE in Denmark, as well as Hødd in Norway.


B71 Sandoy
Two days ago, we said that B71 had been on the outlook for a defender, but that they hadn’t found any. But that’s not quite correct, because B71 will have Danish player Mikkel Føge on trial for the next days, and if he does well, B71 will keep him. Føge come from Værløse in the Danish 3rd tier.


NSÍ Runavík
Forward Dejan Stojkovic, part of the Serbian trio NSÍ signed for the season, has returned to Serbia. He didn’t make the impact NSÍ had hoped.

July 22, 2008: July Round-Up, part II

The transfer window closed on Monday 21 July at midnight, and several transfers were announced yesterday - some high-profile. Below we'll take a look at the most important transfers that have taken place since our last transfer update on 5 July.

Clubs listed in alphabetical order:

B36 Tórshavn

Jákup á Borg
B36 (and HB Tórshavn) announced yesterday that winger Jákup á Borg is leaving HB to re-join neighbours and rivals, B36.

It came as a shock to many B36 supporters when Jákup á Borg, who had always been a B36 player (he debuted for B36's seniors as a 16-year-old in 1996), switched to HB in 2004 (he spent 3 months with OB Odense in Denmark (but didn't appear in their 1st –team), before he debuted for HB in June 2004.)

In his time with HB, á Borg won 2 championship titles; in 2004 and 2006. Especially in 2006, he was in sensational form for HB and was voted player of the year.

Tróndur Vatnhamar
Also HB's goalkeeper, Tróndur Vatnhamar has switched from HB to B36. Vatnhamar started the season as 2nd choice, but got his chance between the sticks when 1st choice keeper Marcin Dawid got injured. With several good performances, Vatnhamar held on to his place, also after Dawid had recovered, but when Dawid then regained his place last month, Vatnhamar slemmed the door and left HB.

Also Vatnhamar was originally a B36 player and was their goalkeeper when B36 won the title in 2001. At B36, Vatnhamar is unlikely to take the place from Meinhardt Joensen, who has been in excellent form.

(But the door swings both ways: defender/midfielder Svenn Jacobsen has decided to leave B36 and rejoin HB. More on that under HB's section below).


B68 Toftir
B68 will have 4 new players when the league resumes after the summer break on 6 August.

Brian Andresen
B68 have had problems in finding the net, and have only scored 9 goals in 15 matches. They hope Brian Andresen will solve that problem.

Andresen is a 34-year-old Dane and comes from Danish 3rd tier club Glostrup IF where he has been a regular goal scorer. In 2002/2003 he scored 18 goals for Glostup and in the 2005/2006 half-season, he scored 12 goals in 14 matches before he decided to retire.

But that goal-tally caught the interest of 1st division club HIK (Hellerup) who persuaded him to continue and take a turn for HIK. In his year at HIK he scored 8 goals (in the second face of his year at HIK, he played as a midfielder).

He then joined Hvidovre in the 2nd division in early 2007, but then rejoined Glostup, in the spring of 2008, and with 6 goals in the latter stages, Andresen's goal helped Glostrup from relegation.

That will be his job at B68 also. When he in 2007 joined Hvidovre, he said to their website: “Otherwise I'll let my left foot do the talking, because however you turn it, as a striker, you are always measured on how many goals you score”.

But Andresen is not quite unfamiliar with the Faroe Islands as he played 9 matches for VB/Sumba in 2003 and scored two goals.

Dánjal Pauli Højgaard, Jann Martin Mortensen and Pól Johannus Justinussen
Højgaard is originally a B68 player, but has played for ÍF Fuglafjørður since 2005, either as a forward or winger. Now he's back at B68.

Mortensen and Justinussen (both 19) both come from NSÍ Runavík. Mortensen is a striker and hasn't been given much time on the field. Justinussen mostly play in defence. In 2007 he had a very successful year for GÍ Gøta, but rejoined NSÍ this season. But having spent most of the time on the bench, Justinussen decided to try his luck at B68.

But one fears that some of these players bring B68 only more quantity instead of quality. But the Dane looks sharp, according to his statistics, although he is 34.


B71 Sandoy
B71 have been on the outlook for a defender, but their search hasn't yielded any result. They'll therefore have to do with what they have now.


HB Tórshavn

(Above, we have already mention Jákup á Borg and Tróndur Vatnhamar have switched back to B36).

Christian R. Mouritsen
Earlier in the month, HB announced that 19-year-old midfielder Christian R. Mouritsen would be playing the rest of the season with HB. Mouritsen has been with Manchester City for the last 3 years, where he has played for the reserves (when he hasn't been injured). He is injured at the moment, but is expected to play again not long after the league resumes on 6 August.

However, Mouritsen doesn't intend to stay with HB forever, but hopes to return to a foreign club after the end of season in October.

Johan Ejvind R. Mouritsen
22-year-old Johan Ejvind Mouritsen is an elder brother of Christian Mouritsen. Johan Ejvind has played for TB Tvøroyri in the 1st division in the first half of this season, but now the striker is back with HB, where he'll team up with his brother, Christian. Johan Ejvind is current top scorer in the 1st division.

Johan Ejvind was part of the HB team that won the title in 2006, but had his 2007 season wrecked by injury. Johan Ejvind has several times been away from football because of lengthy injuries.

Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen
Also midfielder Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen is back with HB, where he'll be for the rest of the season. He joined Danish 2nd division club Fremad Amager after last season.

He should bring HB some of the creativeness their midfield has been missing all season. Just a shame that Jákup á Borg has left, as á Borg and av Fløtum Jespersen had a very good understanding in HB's title year in 2006.

But last year, Rókur also had a very good understanding with his cousin up front, Andrew av Fløtum, after Andrew joined HB in the second part of the season.

With Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen and Christian Mouritsen in midfield, and Andrew av Fløtum and Johan Ejvind Mouritsen as strikers, there could be a lot of entertaining moments ahead for HB…

Svenn Jacobsen
Faroe Islands U-21 player Svenn Jacobsen, who plays in midfield and defence, moved from HB to TB on loan in the second half of the 2007 season, as he wasn't given much playing time in HB's first-team and decided to try his luck with B36 in 2008. But as he for the most has spent his time on the B36-bench, he has decided to rejoin HB.


ÍF Fuglafjørður
Earlier in the month, ÍF announced that they had signed a contract with 23-year-old attacker/midfielder Andy Olsen from NSÍ Runavík. Olsen has mostly been on NSÍ's bench this season.


(As mentioned above, several of NSÍ's players have decided to try their luck elsewhere, as they are impatient waiting for their chance on the bench. Pól Jóhannus Justinussen and Jann Martin Mortensen have moved to B68, while Andy Olsen has moved to ÍF Fuglafjørður).


Faroese players abroad
Faroe Islands international, Símun Samuelsen (23) who has played for Keflavík in Iceland since 2005 has extended his contract until 2008 (Samuelsen also played for Notodden on loan in Norways 2nd tier for a period in 2007 where he played 8 matches and scored 2 goals, but rejoined Keflavík after the end of the season).

The forward/midfielder has played 60 matches for Keflavik in all competitions and has scored 15 goals. In 2006 Keflavík and Samuelsen won the Icelandic cup. Currently, Keflavík are sitting top of the Icelandic league.

July 05, 2008: July Round-Up:

As the transfer window has been opened since 16 June, most clubs have been active in the transfer market. Some high-profile moves and some less noticeable. Well feature some of the most important in this round up. The transfer window closes again on 21 July.

But first some interesting news about the national team:

Portugal vs. Faroe Islands

The Portuguese football association has invited the Faroese national team to Portugal to play a friendly against them in August.

The match will be played in Lisbon on Wednesday 20 August 2008.

Portugal uses the match as preparation for the forthcoming world cup qualification – as will the Faroes do, of course.

Portugal kick off their qualifying campaign away to Malta on 6 September, 2008. The same day, the Faroe Islands visit Serbia in the first match of group 7.

Then to the transfer news. Clubs listed in alphabetical order.

B36 Tórshavn

Karoly Potemkin
B36 have decided to terminate the contract with their Hungarian forward, Karoly Potemkin. The reason given is that he hasn’t delivered.

However, rumour has it that the real reason behind B36´s decision is… let's word it like “off the pitch things”.

Potemkin netted 4 times in the 12 matches he played in the league for B36. He scored a double in the season opener against ÍF Fuglafjørður where he came off the bench in the second half, but then he didn’t score again before round 10, where he scored a brace against Víkingur.

In addition to that, he scored both B36-goals in B36´s 3-2 loss to EB/Streymur in the cup final. He also scored in the 2-1 semi-final win over HB. In the quarter-final he equalized to 2-2 against 1st division side 07 Vestur to force extra-time and penalties, where B36 were victorious.

If we also should list the chances he has missed, it would take up a few pages.

But Potemkin wasn’t out of work for long, because on NSÍ Runavík have already announced that they had signed him.

Potemkin was originally brought in by EB/Streymur mid-season last year as an emergency replacement for Arnbjørn Hansen and Sorin Anghel who were both out injured.

Potemkin scored EB/Streymur´s 4th goal in their 4-3 beating of HB Tórshavn in the 2007 Cup final. He also scored EB/Streymur's goal in the 1-1 draw with Finnish side MyPa 47 in the UEFA Cup.

He was, however, deemed surplus for EB/Streymur´s 2008 edition.

Sam Malson
But B36 might have the replacement ready for Potemkin as they have signed Englishman Sam Malson. The 21-year-old forward comes from Plymouth Argile, who play in the English 1st division. Malson has mostly been playing for the reserves, however.

Súni Olsen
Súni Olsen, who has been playing for Danish Superliga clubs AaB and Viborg for the last 3 years (although he spent a lot of time on the bench), has decided to return to the Faroes and has signed a contract with B36 for the rest of the season.

Olsen undoubtedly hopes that B36´s UEFA Cup encounter with Danish club Brøndby will work as a show window for him and that it will raise interest for him abroad, possibly in Denmark again.

Olsen should strengthen B36's midfield considerably and thereby sharpen their attacking options.

Johan V. Gunnarson
B36 have been strengthened in defence as Johan Gunnarson, who for the last half year has been with Køge in the Danish 1st divison, has returned. It´s not quite clear if he´ll stay for the rest of the season or if he´ll move back to Denmark after the summer.


B68 Toftir

Jacob Bymar
Danish forward Jacob Bymar who joined B68 this season has decided to return to Denmark. Reason given is that he hasn´t been happy in Toftir. He scored no goal for B68.

Bymar played for KÍ Klaksvík in 2003 and 2004. In 2004 he was no. 4 on the top scorer list with 9 goals in the then 18 match-league (now it´s 27 matches).

In his youth, the now 26-year-old played for the Danish U-16, U-17 and U-19 national team.


B71 Sandoy

B71´s already thin squad has been hard hit by injuries this season. For example Brazilian forward Clayton Soares missed most of the pre-season through injury and so far hasn´t regained the same shape he was in last season.

Patrick Sunday Okoro
This, amongst other things, has forced B71 to sign Nigerian forward Patrick Sunday Okoro who played a couple of matches for B36 earlier in the season. In the 2nd round he scored the winning goal against B36 with his first kick of the match.

However, this was not enough to convince B36 to hold on to him.

Anders Rasmussen
Last Sunday, in B71´s 2-0 win over KÍ, B71 were strengthened in defence with Danish player Anders Rasmussen, but this was said to be a “one-night-stand” only. But B71 will undoubtedly try to persuate the dane for more. Rasmussen played for B71 for the whole of the 2007 season.



The Formula Division leaders have strengthened their already strong team with two players from Denmark.

Peter Foldgast
28 year old Peter Foldgast is a Danish forward/attacking midfielder who played with Brøndby in the Superliga from 1999-2005. In both the 2002/2003 he scored 10 league-goals.

He then had an unsuccessful spell at Rot-Weiß Essen in the German 2. Bundesliga where he scored 4 goals in 17 matches in 2004/2005, before he returned to Denmark and joined AGF in the Danish Superliga.

In 1996-97 Foldgast scored 7 goals for the Danish U19 team in 14 matches.

Anders Post Jacobsen
23 year old Anders Post Jacobsen is also from Denmark and is a defensive player. From 2003-2007 he appeared 27 times for Vejle in the 1st division before he this year moved to Holstebro in the Denmark-series (4th tier) after a shoulder injury.

Jacobsen has apeared several times for different Danish youth teams; 2 times for U-18, 5 times for U-19 and 2 times for U-20.


HB Tórshavn

Christian Høgni Jacobsen
In mid-June, HB announced that they had agreed to sell their top scorer, Christian Høgni Jacobsen to Danish 1st division club AB from Copenhagen. However, Jacobsen will continue to play for HB until the summer break which starts after round 15, which for HB is on 10 July.

Jacobsen was bought from NSÍ ahead of the 2007 season, but after a troublesome start to the season, he went back to NSÍ on loan midway through the season and help NSÍ secure the title.

Jacobsen was back with HB from the start of 2008 and started the season with a hat trick against Skála in the first round, but has since found it more difficult to find the net and has added only 4 goals to those initial 3.

Tróndur Vatnhamar
On Friday, goalkeeper Tróndur Vatnhamar made an announcement that he was no longer part of the HB-team.

Vatnhamar started the season as 2nd choice, but replaced injured Polish keeper Marcin Dawid who got injured in the 1st semi-final against B36 in April. With a number of good performances, Vatnhamar kept his place in goal even after Dawid had returned to fitness, but when Vatnhamar then was placed on the bench again for the Intertoto Cup match in Sweden (Elfsborg – HB 0-0) and Dawid was preferred in goal again against ÍF on Wednesday, Vatnhamar was clearly dissatisfied with the situation and slammed the door.

Janus Joensen
Janus Joensen, who played many years as left back, but who stopped playing after he moved to Denmark after he captained HB to the title in 2006, has decided to move to AB Argir in the 1st division.

Although Joensen did start training again early in the season, he didn’t regain his place at left back. He made one appearance for HB´s 1st team in the cup quarterfinal against TB Tvøroyri from the 1st division.

(As mention under KÍ´s section, Emil Nolsøe Leifsson has gone to KÍ on loan.)


ÍF Fuglafjørður

Helgi L. Petersen
ÍF have strengthened their team with offensive midfielder Helgi L. Petersen. Petersen is originally an NSÍ-player, but had been stepping down with football on highest level the last year. He joined B36 in December of 2006, but moved to ÍF in the 1st division in the summer of 2007 and helped them win promotion to the Formula division.

He then joined Fram in the 2nd division this year, but now his appetite for more has been whetted again and he is now ready for Formula division football again.

In 2000 and 2001, Petersen was at GÍ Gøta, and became the league top scorer with 19 goals in 18 matches. That also earned him a place in the national team, where he was been capped 6 times (we say was, as we expect that won´t happen again – no offense:-)


KÍ Klaksvík

KÍ like to cross the Atlantic Ocean when they hire new players. In 2006 and 2007 they brought in Englishmans Paul Clapson from USA aswell as Kareem Smith (who is an international for Trinidad and Tobaco) and Chris Cerroni (the latter 2 only played a handful of matches before they left again). In 1999 they had an American goaleeper, Steven Boyle. And this season they have signed Brazilian forward Rodrigo Silva as well as Anderson, who left again shortly after his arrival however. Also Argentinean striker Jonatan Tridente was on his way, but in the last minute the move was blocked by his Agrentinian club Atlético Los Andes who was in a good position to win promotion, and for that they needed Tridente´s goals.

Joe Zewe
And that finally brings us to the current news which is that KÍ have been overseas again to fetch an American forward, 25-year-old Joe Zewe. He spent a couple of years in Denmark from 2005 to 07, playing for B1909 in the 2nd division before he moved to Viborg in the Superliga, where his stop wasn’t too long however. After that, he moved back to the States where he joined the Pittsburgh Riverhounds

In November 2005 he had this to say when he answered some readers´ question on the website Yanks-Abroak.com: “Two years from now, I see myself playing in a major professional league in Europe. It has always been my dream and am willing to do whatever it takes to get to that goal. I have the confidence in myself and know there is a lot of hard work to be done. I think I am off to a good start in Europe and hope to make a move from the 2nd division in the near future.”

The question is then if the Faroese Formuladeildin is that “major professional league in Europe”...

You can read that whole interview with Joe Zewe here

Emil Nolsøe Leifsson
But KÍ do also accept Faroese players as they have acquired midfielder Emil Nolsøe Leifsson from HB Tórshavn on loan. Leifsson regularly featured in HB´s 1st team in the previous two seasons, but current HB-coach Rúni Nolsøe apparently doesn’t have the same trust in the player, as Leifsson only played a few minutes for HB. A bit strange, given HB´s problems during the season. In KÍ, Leifsson walked straight into a starting position.

Símun Joensen
Earlier in the season, midfielders (and sometimes fullback) Símun Joensen decided to retire from football, at least for now, after continuous injuries.


NSÍ Runavík

Jónas Tór Næss
Champions NSÍ have made a deal with 21-year-old Jónas Tór Næss, who mostly has been playing in the Danish 1st division for the last 5 years, for Frem, AB and Køge. He was also part of Fremad Amager for a short while early in 2007. From July 2007 he played the second half of the season with AB Argir in the Formula Division, but when AB were relegated, he joined Køge in the Danish 1st division.

Tór Næss predominantly plays as right back but can also take up the midfield position.

In June, Tór Næss got his debut in the national team in the friendly international against Estonia. Tór Næs has also been a regular in the Faroese U-21 team.

Jónhard Frederiksberg
Jónhard Frederiksberg has decided to quit NSÍ and re-join Skála, where is originally from. He went to NSÍ last season, following coach Johan Nielsen and midfielder Nenad Stankovic.

(Under B36´s section, we mentioned that Karoly Potemkin had joined NSÍ.)



Bogi Gregersen
Skála are happy that forward Bogi Gregersen has started playing again, as Skála have found it very difficult to score goals. Hist partnership with Jónhard Frederiksberg (who has returned from NSÍ, as mentioned in the NSÍ-section) was one of the most feared attacking couples in Skála´s high-days in 2004 and 2005.



Erling Jacobsen
18-year-old defender Erling Jacobsen is on loan from Danish club Fremad Amager, who just recently won promotion to the 1st division. Jacobsen has only appeared a couple of times for the Amager 1st team, however.

Jacobsen has played for the Faroese U-15, U-17 and U-19 team.


Faroese players abroad

Jón Rói Jacobsen
Faroese international player Jón Rói Jacobsen has left Danish Champions AaB Aalborg, where he spent most of his time on the bench, and joined Frem BK in the 1st divison where he also was from 2004-2005. At the end of 2005, Jacobsen was voted Frem´s best player.

Jacobsen, who is now 25, has signed a contract lasting to the end of 2009.

Christian Mouritsen
Manchester City have announced a list of 10 players who new manager Mark Hughes deems to be surplus according his plans at the club.

Sadly, one of those players is 19 years old Christian Mouristsen, the Faroe Islands under-21 player.

Mouritsen has never played for City's 1st team, but has been a regular for the reserves... when he has not been injured, which he unfortunately has been a bit too often.

A rumour or two have linked him with HB Tórshavn (where he is from, originally). But let's hope he'll find something better than that (no offence meant to the great club:-)

It would be funny though, if EB/Streymur would sign Mouritsen, and Mouritsen’s goals would knock Manchester City out of the UEFA Cup. I'd like to see the face of Mark Hughes when that happens… Well, fantasies are free, aren't they…?

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