January 2012 Round-Up:

22 January, 2012

Two confirmations regarding a couple of rumours from our last update to start with this time:

It has now been confirmed that Allan Mørkøre will be the coach of B71 Sandoy.

It's also confirmed that Heðin á Lakjuni will play for KÍ Klaksvík this season.
And a corretion: Below it was mentioned that á Lakjuni had won league titles with HB, B36 and NSÍ. Well, he didn't win the title with NSÍ, but with KÍ Klaksvík in 1998. Actually á Lakjuni won the double with KÍ, B36 ans HB in 1999, 2001 and 2004, respectively.


Slovenian defender, Estonian midfielder and Faroese striker to FC Suðuroy

Earlier in the week it was announced that forward Jón Krosslá Poulsen had returned to FC Suðuroy after one year at HB Tórshavn.

As FC Suðuroy’s most scoring player ever (now we include VB/Sumba, which has turned into FC Suðuroy) and with 10 league goals in 2010, much was expected of the bomber when he arrived at champions HB ahead of last season, but with a tally of 6 goals at the end of the season, the impact had been less than expected or at least hoped. But in a HB team that wasn’t in sync in so many ways, few players performed at their best.

However, the start was OK with two goals in the opening three matches, and should have made it three in the fourth when he was played clear, but instead finished right on the B68 goalkeeper and in frustration got himself one of the most stupid red cards in years for hitting a defender and got a three match suspension for it.

Although he scored in his return against B36 Tórshavn in round 8, he spend more and more time on the bench and netted only three times more in the rest of the season.

FC Suðuroy’s other two signings are foreign:

Miroslav Ryszkiewicz is a 25 year-old midfielder from Estonia (of Polish origin) and has appeared 7 times for the Estonian under-21 team and has won 3 domestic league titles (2004, 2007 and 2008). On youtube videos he looks to be a creating type (but of course those showcase-videos can bee edited to only show the good things). Last season Ryszkiewicz played for Finnish outfit Hyps (abbreviation of Hyvinkään Palloseura) in the 4th tier.

The central defender is 27-year old Slovenian Sasa Colman. He comes from Slovenian 1st division club MK Primorje. Previously he has had a spell in the Spanish 3rd tier, having played for NK Nafta in the Slovenian 1st division before that.


Tór-Ingar Akselsen back at 07 Vestur
Having left for the USA to study midway through last season, the attacking midfielder has now returned home and will be an important brick in the puzzle for promotion. Main rivals for the promotion spot will be AB Argir and B71 Sandoy. Akselsen has on several occasions played for HB Torshavn where he has picked up three title-winner medals. From 2003-2005 he earned 3 caps for the Faroe Islands.


First training session under new national coach Lars Olsen
Faroe Islands coach Lars Olsen had selected 34 players for a light training session over the weekend to get a feel of some of the material he will have available.

The full list of players was:

Atli Danielsen, Høgni Eysturoy, Róaldur Jacobsen, Símun Joensen, Súni Olsen, B36

Hans Jørgensen (GK), Einar T. Hansen, Jann Ingi Petersen, Jústinus R. Hansen, B68

Arnbjørn Hansen, Pætur Dam Jacobsen, Rene Tórgarð (GK), EB/Streymur

Heini Vatnsdal, FC Suðuroy

Hallur Hansson, Rógvi Holm, Símun Samuelsen, Christian R. Mouritsen, Teitur Gestsson (GK), HB

Bogi Løkin, Dánjal á Lakjuni, Karl Løkin, ÍF

Hjalgrím Elttør, Kristoffur Jacobsen, KÍ

Kristian Joensen (GK), Jens Joensen, Klæmint Olsen, NSÍ

Bárður Dimon, TB

Atli Gregersen, Erling Jacobsen, Hanus Jacobsen, Páll Klettskarð og Sølvi Vatnhamar, Víkingur

Jónas T. Næs, Pól Jóhannus Justinussen, Valur (Iceland)

Except from the two Iceland-based players, only players from the Faroese league were represented (Pól Jóhannus Justinussen has been on trial at Molde in Norway and just recently at Landskrona BoIS in Sweden, so it’s not quite clear where he’ll play this year).

Some of those players are quite young and have little experience from the senior level of the national team, but will have the chance to impress the new coach. One of the more matured, but who has maybe been overlooked somewhat, is Víkingur’s midfielder Sølvi Vatnhamar.

Lars Olsen said that he hoped that in the future there would be some semi-professional players in the Faroes Islands who would only have half-day jobs and then be able to put more effort into football. Now all players have full-time jobs.

16 January, 2012

It’s mid-January and most clubs have started their outdoor training, now the commence of the 2012 season is less than two and a half month away, and also pre-season games and tournaments are on the card.

For example the Eysturoy-tournament will be played on 3 and 4 March where ÍF Fuglafjørður will host Víkingur, NSÍ Runavík and B68 Toftir.

The traditional Klaksvík-torunament between KÍ Klaksvík and the 3 best teams of last season usually takes place in March also.

New name for the top league
But the top league will not be called the Vodafone Division (Vodafonedeildin) this coming season as sponsor Vodafone did not want to sponsor the league anymore. It’s not decided who the new sponsor will be.

The transfer window closes on 15 March, so there is still time for new signings to be made. Some have taken place since our last update in December and we'll mention some of the here:

Northern Irish forward Paul Munster to Víkingur
Víkingur, who are in dire need of attacking forces after league top scorer Finnur Justinussen went to Swedish football, will have Northern Irish striker Paul Munster on trial. Munster has spent the last 3 years at Belfast club Linfield FC who won the double last term.

Here’s a short biography of the striker which looks very promising according to this.

Below is a goal compilation. He might score a few with the head for Víkingur, should the trial materialize into more:


Jónhard Ferderiksberg to EB/Streymur
EB/Streymur have signed NSÍ Runavík left back Jónhard Frederiksberg. Frederiksberg is originally from Skála where he was a fierce striker in Skála’s heydays some years ago now, taking the runner’s up position in 2005. Frederiksberg’s performances for Skála earned him 13 caps for the Faroe Islands.

In 2007 the striker went to NSÍ Runavík where he was retrained to play at the right back position.

It’s unclear what his position at EB/Streymur will be as they already have one of the better right backs in Gert Hansen. Question is if Frederiksberg could play on the left hand side and replace Alex dos Santos who went to HB.

Another speculation is if Frederiksberg is partially meant to cover for Hansen if the latter will be tempted to play the handball season to the end – Hansen also plays handball at the highest level and his team KÍF will almost for sure be one of the teams in the final that are played in mid-April. But this is all speculations, and probably unlikely that Hansen will be allowed to choose handball rather than football when the football league has started.


Heðin á Lakjuni to KÍ Klaksvík
Left wing Heðin á Lakjuni, who has played for NSÍ Runavík in the last couple of seasons and who has earlier have won league titles with B36 Tórshavn, HB Tórshavn and KÍ Klaksvík, has been training with KÍ Klaksvík and it’s expected that he will play for the club this season – his original club.

Important midfielder Høgni Madsen will not be available for KÍ at the start of the season, but will join in a few weeks into the season.


Ghanaian international to TB Tvøroyri
Newly promoted TB Tvøroyri will have Ghanaian attacking midfielder Samuel Ayew Yeboah on trial. The Ghanaian has been capped once for his country.

But according to the player himself, he has already signed a two-year contract, he revealed in an interview in GhanaSoccernet.com.


Allan Mørkøre to B71 Sandoy?
Persistent rumours have it that former international Allan Mørkøre will be the new coach of B71 Sandoy, who were relegated at the end of last season. Mørkøre might not start his job before a few games into the season, however.

But as mentioned, it's only a rumour yet.

Mørkøre was one of the 11 players to beat Austria 1-0 in 1990 and was the one who scored the equalizer against Denmark, as a 19-year old, the same year, before Denmark went on to win 4-1. The goal was scored with a broken toe, which he had hid for the coach as he was afraid he would not be allowed to play if the coach knew (The goal can be seen in this video at 6:35).


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