September 8, 2006, Formula Division:

ÍF Fuglafjørður – GÍ Gøta to be replayed because ÍF had 12 players on the field!

The result of the match in round 21 between ÍF and GÍ which ended 2-2 has been annulled and the match will be replayed.

The reason is that ÍF had 12 players on the field when they scored to 2-1. The story is this:

An ÍF-player had gone off injured and was substituted. The injured player didn't know that he had been substituted, so when he was ready to play again, he signaled to the referee that he was ready to come on again. The referee forgot that the player had already been substituted and allowed the player on to the field, which of course resulted in that ÍF now had 12 players on the pitch. And before the referee had realized his mistake, ÍF had scored to 2-1.

GÍ equalized shortly after, so the matched ended 2-2.

But GÌ have subsequently appealed and the Soccer Association backed GÍ and the result has been annulled and the match will be replayed on Wednesday, September 13.

GÌ hope to get all 3 points as they are still fighting for a medal, although it, probably, at best can be bronze.

But ÍF probably don't mind the slightest that the match will be replayed, because they will now get another chance to take 3 points which they desperately need to avoid relegation.

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