The Faroe Islands beat Iceland
for the first time

Kórinn Indoor Stadium, Kópavogur, Iceland:
Iceland - Faroe Islands 1-2 (0-2)
0-1 Fróði Benjaminsen 21’
0-2 Owngoal 42’
1-2 Jónas Guðni Sævarsson 90’

For the first time ever, the Faroe Islands have beaten Iceland!

The first half was an even affair, where Iceland had the better chances however, but where the Faroes got the goals, on the other hand.

The Faroe Islands took the lead after 20 minutes on a set piece.

The Faroes had earned a free kick after a good move that started with goalkeeper Gunnar Nielsen throwing the ball to right back Jónas Tór Næs who played 1-2 with Símun Samuelsen, before Næs played the ball to Bogi Løkin in midfield who elegantly got control of the ball, raced forward on the right hand side before he was brought down 10 meters outside the penalty area.

Súni Olsen then curled the free kick in front of goal where Fróði Benjaminsen just inside the goal area at the far side with a header steered the ball into the Icelandic goal for a 1-0 lead.

Iceland went close in levelling the score with a fee kick on 36 minutes, but Faroese goalkeeper Gunnar Nielsen made a superb save to keep Iceland at bay.

Instead the Faroese lead was doubled 4 minutes from half time with an almost replica of the first goal. – The only difference was that it was an Icelandic player who headed into his own goal. This time it was Símun Samuelsen who had been brought down in almost the same place as Bogi Løkin at the first goal. Again it was Súni Olsen who curled the free kick in front of goal where the unlucky Guðjón Arni Antoníusson headed the ball into the top left corner of his own goal for a 2-0 lead to the Faroe Islands.

In the second half, it was mostly Iceland who were on the ball, but they rarely put any real pressure on the Faroese goal. - But they could have scored on a couple of occasions, however.

About 20 minutes through the half, an Icelandic player was played clear in front of the goal, but his first touch let him down and goalkeeper Gunnar Nielsen could pick the ball up.

Four minutes later, Iceland had their best chance with a shot from close range, but Gunnar Nielsen made an excellent parade with his leg to deny Iceland.

But in injury time, Iceland put some excitement back into the match when they reduced the score to 2-1 with a well placed shot from Jónas Guðni Sævarsson from the edge of the penalty area.

The last couple of minutes, the Faroese defence looked anxious as Iceland put a lot of pressure on the Faroese goal with high crosses, but the Faroe Islands managed to hang on to their lead and record their first ever win over Iceland.

However, Iceland does not recognize this match as an official international, which probably also is fair, as neither team was at full strength. 8 members of the 18-man Icelandic squad had never played an international before.

But also the Faroese team was a young one with many inexperienced players at the highest level. Five players got their debut in today’s match. They were goalkeeper Gunnar Nielsen and Gudmund Nielsen, who were both in the starting line up, and in the second half Christian R. Mouritsen,Páll Mohr Joensen and Levi Hanssen entered the pitch to get their debut for the Faroe Islands. Most of the other Faroese players had played between 2 and 5 matches before. Only captain Fróði Benjaminsen, Súni Olsen and Símun Samuelsen had played more than 20 matches before.

But whether the match was unofficial or not has not been mention in the Faroese press.

The match was played at the Kórinn indoor stadium in Kópavogur in Iceland.

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