France, with a sparkling Zinedine Zidane, beat Faroe Islands 3-0

September 03, 2005: World Cup Qualifier, France - Faroe Islands:

France - Faroe Islands 3-0 (2-0)
1-0 Djibril Cissé 13’
2-0 Owngoal 18'
3-0 Djibril Cissé 75’

There was never any doubt about who would win the world cup qualifier between France and the Faroe Islands in Lens tonight as France dominated the match from start to finish and only once were the Faroes close to score. Especially Zinedine Zidane was a joy to watch as he instigated attack after attack for France.

France were quick into their stride and created their first opportunity after 3 minutes of play. Willy Sagnol crosses the ball from the right and at the far post Florent Malouda heads the ball down to Djibril Cissé who volleys the ball at goal, but goalkeeper Jákup Mikkelsen parries the ball out for a corner.

3 minutes later, Cissé threatened again. Once more it was Sagnol who made a cross from the right, but this time Cissé shot over the goal.

On 11 minutes Cissé was at it again after a Zidane corner from the left, but this time Cissé headed the ball just outside the right post.

But in the 13th minute Cissé wasn’t going to be denied anymore. France started an attack in their own defense. The play the ball forward to the central midfielder who from the center circle sends a long all to Thierry Henry on the left wing who squares it to Malouda just inside the penalty area who again crosses the ball to Cissé at the far post, who outjumps Súni Olsen and heads the ball into the far corner.

But the Faroes were close to an equalizer just 3 minutes later, when Súni Olsen sent a long cross from to the left and found the head of Claus Beck Jørgensen, but French goalkeeper Grégory Coupet dived to his left post and knocked the downwards going header out for a corner.

But instead of an equalizer, it was France who made it 2-0 just a couple of minutes later. Henry playes 1-2 with Zidane and lays the ball off to Cissé on the right hand side just outside the penalty area. Cissé storms to the byline and makes a cross, but the ball takes a wicked deflection off the leg of defender Súni Olsen and goes straight into the net without a chance for the goalkeeper saving it.

On 32 minutes Henry receives the ball at the the half way line on the left and races towards the byline, and with his emminent technicque dribbles past two defenders and enters the penalty area, but his pass went straight on the chest of the goalkeeper.

On 33 minutes Sagnol was a whisker away from making it 3-0 when his powerful shot from 25 meters hit the upright.

On 41 minutes Henry missed yet another opportunity, when Cissé played him free and beat the offside trap, but from an acute angel, Jákup Mikkelsen made a fine save.

In the last minute of the first half, Cissé had two more chances. Sagnol got the ball deep on the French half, runs 50 meters with it and plays Cissé free on the right on the edge of the penalty area, but again Jákup Mikkelsen blocks the shot, but the Faroes couldn’t clear the ball and Cissé got another chance from the same position, but this time his shot was wide of goal.

France didn’t wait long in the second half to produce chances. Sagnol plays Henry on the right and goes to the byline chased by a stranded keeper; Henry turns and crosses the ball, but Cissé is just centimeters from hitting the ball with his head in front of goal with no goalkeeper.

Seven minutes into the second half Henry should have made it 3-0. Henry combined brilliantly with Vieira and was free with the keeper, but Henry placed the ball wide of the right post.

On 57 minutes, the Faroes had a decent opportunity again, whith a Andrew av Fløtum header, but it went 2 meters wide of the goal.

Zinedine Zidane was then substituted and after this, the French play wasn’t the same.

On 60 minutes, France had a freekick just outside the penalty area, but Henry curled it into the side-netting, much to the relief of the Faroese players.

Two minutes later, France again went close. Malouta was clear in the 5-meter on the left, but Jákup Mikkelsen saved once again. Just seconds later, Cissé was clear in the penalty area, but shot right on the goalkeeper.

On 68 minutes Wiltord made a cross from the right and found Malouta at the far post, but his header went across the goal.

75 inutes into the game, France finally managed to score again. Wiltord had the ball on the edge of the right corner of penalty area and squared the ball to an unmarked Djibril Cissé, who blasted the ball into the net.

After this, not much happended, except a long range effort from Ingi Højsted for the Faroe Islands, but the ball went 25 meters over the goal:-)

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