February 2014 Round-Up:

February 23, 2014

Excellent Faroese EURO 2016 Draw

The Faroe Islands were grouped in one of the weakest groups they have ever been in with Greece as the highest seeded country.

The Faroe Islands were allocated into group F which looks like this - in seeding order:

Group F:
Greece, Hungary, Rumania, Finland, Northern Ireland, Faroe Islands.

Pot 1:
It’s not a frightening group. Instead of Greece from the strongest pot, it could have been Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, England, Portugal and Russia. Also Bosnia and Herzegovina, whom the Faroes have drawn against previously, was a possibility from the top group. For the EURO 1996 qualifiers the Faroe Islands  lost 5-0 and 5-1 against Greece. Currently, Greece are only ranked as the 12th strongest European nation by UEFA, and therefore currently the weakest team from pot 1.

Pot 2:
Also from the second pot, the Faroes were lucky to draw one of the weaker teams in Hungary, whom the Faroe Islands have never met previously. Hungary is currently only ranked no. 28 by UEFA. The other options from pot 2 were Ukraine (no. 9), Croatia (no. 20), Sweden (no. 24), Denmark (no. 19), Switzerland (no. 13), Belgium (no. 10), Czech Republic (no. 15) and Ireland as the currently lowest ranked at no. 43. So again a lucky draw from pot two with Hungary as the currently second weakest ranked team.

Pot 3:
From pot three there was less luck for the Faroes as Rumania is currently the second highest ranked team from that pot, with a current 16th spot by UEFA’s ranking. Only Austria is ranked higher at no. 14. The other teams were Serbia (27th), Turkey (11th), Slovenia (30th), Israel (17th), Norway (29th), Slovakia (29th) and Poland (21st). The Faroes have twice earlier been grouped with Rumania who have won all four encounters; 7-0 and 4-0 in 1994 World Cup qualifiers and 3-1 and 1-0 for the 2010 World Cup.

Pot 4:
In pot 4, the teams are currently pretty evenly ranked from 22 to 50, where Finland is right in the middle at no. 36. The other possible teams from pot 4 in current ranking order were Belarus (22), Scotland (23), Bulgaria (25), Finland (36), Latvia (38), Montenegro (39), Wales (48), Armenia (49), Estonia (50). The Faroe Islands met Finland in qualifying for EURO 96 where Finland won 5-0 and 4-0; and then 1-0 in a friendly international in 2000.

Pot 5:
In pot 5 the teams were all currently ranked between 32 and 47, except Cyprus who are ranked 18th in Europe. But again the draw was a lucky one for the Faroes getting Northern Ireland as the lowest ranked team at no. 47. The other options were Moldova (31), Azerbaijan (32), Georgia (33), Iceland (37), Albania (40) and, Lithuania (41). The Faroe Islands have met Northern Ireland in two qualifying campaigns earlier; in the Faroes’ first for the 1992 EURO where the Faroe Islands got an incredible 1-1 draw in Belfast on 1 May 1991, but lost the reverse 5-0. Also in the qualification for the 2012 EURO the Faroes managed a 1-1 draw at home, but lost the away game 4-0.

Although the current UEFA ranking in mentioned above, that’s not exactly how the teams were seeded into the different groups. Instead the seeding is based on the 2010 World Cup (qualifying competition and final tournament), the EURO 2012 (qualifying competition and final tournament) and 2014 World Cup (qualifying competition: group stage and play-offs).

Strangely though, many in the Faroe Islands see the draw as a nightmare draw. They would prefer the stronger teams and fewer chances for points and a typical comment from players and fans alike is that “those teams look a bit boring and the players are not famous”… as if the Faroe Islands are…

Reality check needed!

Because never have the Faroes been in such a weak group as this one and every player and fan should look forward to this qualifying campaign as never before. But it won’t work with unmotivated players. Unfortunately though, motivation seems to be missing…

The fixture list has already been announced:

Sunday 7 September 2014 at 19:45 Faroe Islands – Finland

Saturday 11 October 2014 at 19:45 Northern Ireland – Faroe Islands

Tuesday 14 October 2014 at 19:45 Faroe Islands – Hungary

Friday 14 November 2014 at 19:45 Greece – Faroe Islands

Sunday 29 March 2015 at 17:00 Rumania – Faroe Islands

Saturday 13 June 2015 at 19:45 Faroe Islands – Greece

Friday 4 September 2015 at 19:45 Faroe Islands – Northern Ireland

Monday 7 September 2015 at 19:45 Finland – Faroe Islands

Thursday 8 October 2015 at 19:45 Hungary – Faroe Islands

Sunday 11. October 2015 at 17:00 Faroe Islands – Rumania

February 21, 2014

AB Argir

Unsuccessful Danish trial
Danish player Casper Hyltoft who had been on trial at AB Argir did not convince and will not been offered a contract.

Edmundsson rumoured to AB
Strong rumours on Friday evening have it that forward Jóan Símun Edmundsson will sign for AB Argir on Saturday. 22-year old Edmundsson has been at Norwegian club Viking FK since 2012, but was on loan to Danish club Fredericia towards the end of the term.
On Saturday it is confirmed
that Edmunsson has indeed signed for AB. The contract initially runs until the summer when Edmundsson will be alowed to leave if there is an offer from abroad.


B36 Tórshavn

Captain comeback
B36 have announced that former midfielder and captain Klæmint Matras will make a comeback after a year and a half off. 32-year old Matras has played more that 300 matches for the first team and has been capped twice for the Faroe Islands - experience a thin-looking B36 midfield could well use. 


B68 Toftir

Danish defender
B68 have signed Danish defender Mads Rosenberg who comes from Icelandic second tier club KA Akureyri.


HB Tórshavn

Alex dos Santos on loan?
HB have confirmed that it’s not unlikely that left back, naturalized Brazilian Alex dos Santos will be released on loan to another club this season as HB have plenty of players to choose from. The reasoning from the chairman was a bit ridiculous though, saying that Santos could improve at another club and then return as a better player later. But Santos will become 33 years old in March, and players don’t improve at other clubs at that age.


KÍ Klaksvík

Senegalese Keita training with KÍ’s reserves
Ahmed Keita of Senegal, who played with AB last season after several year at B68 Toftir, has been training with KÍ’s 2nd team, but not because he’s likely to feature in KÍ’s 1st team, but mainly because he’s currently living in Klaksvík. Currently there don´t seem to be much interest in him at the top flight clubs.


NSÍ Runavík

Kristian Joensen stranded at NSÍ
Goalkeeper Kristian Joensen had been on trials in Denmark and looked set to make the switch abroad which made NSÍ sign Hungarian goalkeeper Andras Gango from 07 Vestur, but Joensen didn´t get the expected contract offer which has left him stranded at NSÍ, who now have two good goalkeepers, where one will be too good to be on the bench. Apparently Joensen’s agent is still in search for a foreign club, but nothing concrete is on the cards and a possible shift might not take place before the summer.



Hallur Hansson signs for Víkingur
As mentioned in January’s round-up, midfielder Hallur Hansson, who has been at Danish club AaB Aalborg in the last year and a half, had decided to return to Faroese football, and having had offers from several clubs, Hansson decided on Víkingur where he has penned a one-year contract.

Cameroonian trial unsuccessful
Cameroonian Eric Bassombeng, with experience from the Swedish top flight, who was on trial at Víkingur early in January, did not convince the club that they needed his signature.


Piotr Krakowski to B71 Sandoy
Polish coach Piotr Krakowski, who came to the Faroe Islands as a player in 1989 to help B71 Sandoy who had just been promoted to the top flight, has reunited with the club where the 56-year old will be coach for the third time. B71 were relegated to the 3rd tier at the end of the last season.


Klaksvík Tournament

The annual pre-season´ will take place during the weekend between the top 3 from last season, HB Tórshavn, ÍF Fuglafjørður, B36 Tórshavn and host KÍ Klaksvík. You can find the results and schedule on our "friendly pre-season page".


National team on training camp
The national team will go on a training camp in Mijas in southern Spain from 26 February to 6 March.  Two friendlies are planned; against Gibraltar in Gibraltar on 1 March while the opponent for the second match on 4 March still is unclear.

The selected squad for the camp is:

Gunnar Nielsen, Motherwell FC (only for the second match)
Tórður Thomsen, B36 Tórshavn
Teitur Gestsson, HB Tórshavn

Jónas Tór Næs, EB/Streymur
Sonni Ragnar Nattestad, FC Midtjylland
Gunnar Haraldsen, HB Tórshavn
Rógvi Baldvinsson, Bryne BK
Viljormur Davidsen, Vejle BK
Oddmar Færø, Forfar Athletic (only for the second match)

Hallur Hansson, Víkingur
Karl Løkin, ÍF Fuglafjørður
Kaj Leo í Bartalsstovu, (Levanger) (replaces injured Christian Mouritsen, HB Tórshavn)
Heini Vatnsdal, HB Tórshavn
Gilli Sørensen, AaB Aalborg
Pól Johannus Justinussen, EB/Streymur
Christian Lamhauge Holst, Silkeborg IF

Klæmint Olsen, NSÍ Runavík
Jóan Símun Edmundsson (Clubleless, presumably AB Argir)


Under 21s against Rumania 5 March

The under 21 team against Rumania on 5 March has been selected:

Kristian Joensen, NSÍ Runavík
Hallgrím G. Hansen, ÍF Fuglafjørður
Bárður Hansen, Víkingur
Hørður Askham, B36 Tórshavn
Robert Heðin Brockie, B36 Tórshavn
Pál Mohr Joensen, HB Tórshavn
Beinir Ellefsen, AB Argir
Sørmundur Á. Kalsø, KÍ Klaksvík
René Joensen, HB Tórshavn
Rógvi Joensen, TB Tvøroyri
Bogi R. Petersen, ÍF Fuglafjørður
Tróndur Jensen, HB Tórshavn
Brandur H. Olsen, FC København
Heðin Hansen, Víkingur
Ari Ó. Ellingsgaard, ÍF Fuglafjørður
Árni Frederiksberg, NSÍ Runavík
Gunnar Zachariasen, EB/Streymur
Poul Ingason, TB Tvøroyri

Some obvious players are missing as they have been selected for the senior team instead which is on a training camp in Spain at the same time.


Draw for the Qualification Tournament for EURO 2016
On Sunday morning the draw for the European championship qualifying stage will be held at 11.00 GMT. The Faroes have as usual – there has been one exception though – been seeded in the last group.

Pot 1: Spain (holders), Germany, Netherlands, Italy, England, Portugal, Greece, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Pot 2: Ukraine, Croatia, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Republic of Ireland

Pot 3: Serbia, Turkey, Slovenia, Israel, Norway, Slovakia, Romania, Austria, Poland

Pot 4: Montenegro, Armenia, Scotland, Finland, Latvia, Wales, Bulgaria, Estonia, Belarus

Pot 5: Iceland, Northern Ireland, Albania, Lithuania, Moldova, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Cyprus

Pot 6: Luxembourg, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein, Faroe Islands, Malta, Andorra, San Marino, Gibraltar


EFFOdeildin until 2017
The Football Association has extended the contract with oil company EFFO to sponsor the premier division until 2017, and therefore the premier division will be named EFFOdeild for another four seasons.


Transfer window closes
The  transfer window will close on midnight on 10 march.

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