February 2012 Round-Up:

28 February, 2012

Deadlock between the Faroe Islands and Real Murcia

In their first of two training matches at their training camp in La Manga, the Faroe Islands today drew 0-0 with Spanish segunda division team real Murcia.

According the Faroese Football Association, Murcia had more of the possession, but rarely threatened, however, and in fact it were the Faroe Islands who were closer to score.

The Faroese team that started the match was:

Goalkeeper: Jákup Mikkelsen.
Defenders: Jónas Tór Næs, Odmar Færø, Rógvi Baldvinsson, Vilhjormur Davidsen.
Midfielders: Hjalgrím Elttør, Atli Danielsen, Jákup á Borg, Pætur Dam Jacobsen, Bogi Løkin.
Forward: Klæmint A. Olsen.

On the bench were: Kristian Joensen, Jóhan Troest Davidsen, Rene Tórgarð, Hallur Hansson, Kristoffur Jakobsen, Jústinus R. Hansen, Hanus Jacobsen, Sølvi Vatnhamar and Erling Jacobsen. Daniel Udsen picked up an injury on Monday, but is expected to be ready again on Thursday.

(Kristoffur Jakobsen from KÍ Klaksvík had been drafted into the squad to replace forward Arnbjørn Hansen).

The Faroe Islands play their second match on Thursday against Spanish 3rd level team La Union.

23 February, 2012

Víkingur say ok for Danish striker Qvist
Víkingur have signed the Danish striker Lasse Qvist who has been on trial, and after he proved his credentials in a friendly against ÍF Fuglafjørður last weekend where he netted twice and set up another two goals in their 5-0 win, Víkingur were quick with ink and paper.


Finnur Justinussen out with broken foot
Víkingur had been looking intensely for a striker to replace last season’s top scorer Finnur Justinussen who has joined Swedish 2nd tier club Jönköping Södra. But unfortunately Justinussen got injured last week with a broken bone in his foot and will be sidelined for a few weeks and will miss the start of the league.


3 players pull out of Faroese squad for the La Manga training camp

Jóan Símun Edmundsson
Forward Jóan Símun Edmundssen, who just recently signed for Norwegian top league club Viking Stavanger, will not be going to La Manga the training camp as it’s thought that he will be better off training with his new club in the pre-season.

Edmundsson played for the first time for his new club on Wednesday in a friendly tournament match on La Manga against Danish site FC Nordsjælland, which ended in a 2-2 draw, and where Vikinig triumphed in the penalty-shootout. Edmundsson was in the starting line-up, but was substituted after 67 minutes. The club have announced that Edmundsson will be playing in shirt no. 11.

Edmundsson replaced by Klæmint Olsen
To replace Edmundsson in the Faroese squad, the coaches have selected NSÍ’s Klæmint Olsen, who was second in the scoring chart last season.

Jákup á Borg makes comeback and replaces Jann Ingi Petersen
B68 Toftir midfielder Jann Ingi Petersen who has pulled out of the Faroese team has been replaced by Jákup á Borg who retired from international football in 2010. But after a very successful 2011 for B36 Tórshavn - and with no injuries – the hunger is back for international football for á Borg who has been capped 61 times and has scored two goals.

Alti Gregersen not replaced
Also Víkingur defender Atli Gregersen has withdrawn, but he will not be replaced as there are enough defenders in the team, the coach reasoned.


Cup final back in the capital
Having been played in Klaksvík the last couple of times, the cup final has now been moved back to Tórshavn where it will be played in Tórsvøllur stadium on 25 August.

Tórsvøllur will by that time have replaced the grass surface with artificial grass.

But Tórsvøllur might not be the best venue for the cup final as the 6,000 capacity will likely be too big for a crowd that will probably not exceed 3,000 and the stadium will therefore feel empty – which is usually a sure-fire way to kill off any atmosphere. And with no roofing over the spectators, the sound has a tendency to just vanish out into the air. And should it rain, well, many spectators will just not show up! – That would be a shame. But the plan is to build a roof at some stage, but at first it will be in the VIP section only, and not on the main side at first. Clever!

It’s not the brightest decision to have the match at Tórsvøllur as Gundadalur stadium a 100 metres beside, where HB and B36 play their matches, would be a much more suited venue, as it’s a much more intimate venue with roofing over the seats.

16 February, 2012

Jóan Símun Edmundsson to Viking Stavanger in Norway
20-year old forward Jóan Símun Edmundsson who has been at Newcastle for a couple of years has agreed terms for a contract with Norwegian top level club Viking Stavanger. The deal is subject to a medical. Edmundsson will arrive at La Manga today (Thursday) where Stavanger is on a pre-season training camp and likely Edmundsson will take the medical test there.

Update 18 February:
Jóan Símun Edmundsson passed the medical test today and is therefore officially a Viking Stavanger player for the next two years.)

Edmundsson was on a trial at Viking the previous week and impressed in a friendly match where he set up one of the goals.

Edmundsson never made Newcastle’s 1st team.


Northern Irish striker no good for Víkingur who are now trying out a Danish striker

Paul Münster no good for Víkingur
Having seen Northern Irish striker Paul Münster in training and in a friendly against HB Tórshavn, Víkingur have decided that he was not the striker they are looking for, citing bad shape as the main reason.

“Former” Danish talent on trial
Instead Víkingur are having a Danish striker on trial; 25-year old Lasse Qvist who had previoulsy been on trial at Icelandic side Grindavík, but which didn´t materializing into a contract (Grindavík was the club Lee Sharp played for a short period in 2003).

Having won the Danish Football Association’s talent prize in 2003, much was expected by the youngster then, who scored 18 goals in 20 internationals at under-17 level.

In 2004 Qvist signed for PSV Eindhoven, the same day that Arjen Robben was sold to Chelsea. But Qvist’s future didn’t quite turn out as his talent had once suggested, and in 2005 he returned to Denmark to join KB Copenhagen which is FC Copenhagen’s 2nd team. In 2006 he joined FC Copenhagen itself and made eight 1st team appearances and scored two goals before he went on to Lyngby in 2008 and has since gradually slipped down the league ladder and played for lower league teams, joining 3nd level team FC Nordvest in 2009 where he got his scoring going however, with 12 goals in 15 matches. He then moved on to second level team Næstved in the summer of 2011, but spent most of his time on the bench until he left before the end of the year.

Lasse Quist is son of former Danish international goalkeeper from the eighties, Ole Qvist.

Youngster from Skála
Víkingur have also announced that they have snapped up young Skála striker-talent Brian Jacobsen who so far has impressed for his new club, they say.


More Danish strength for ÍF Fuglafjørður
ÍF have signed Danish 20-year old striker Simon Skibsted who comes from Danish top level club Silkeborg IF, where he appeared nine times for the senior team and scored one goal. Skibsted’s contract with ÍF is at first set to run until the summer.

Also youngster from Skála
Just as Víkingur, also ÍF have snapped up a youngster from Skála, forward/midfielder 18 year-old Jákup Johansen who has impressed both coach and team-mates at his new club so far. The youngster has played 42 matches and scored 20 goals for Skála’s 1st team.

No news about Christian Chinedu Muomaife
So far, there has been no news about Nigerian striker Christian Chinedu Muomaife who scored 12 goals in 18 matches for ÍF last season, playing only 1044 minutes as he spent much of the time sidelined because of injury. We can only assume he’s not continuing at ÍF.


Faroe Islands squad for La Manga training camp

Faroe Islands coach Lars Olsen picks his team for the La Manga training camp from 25 February to 4 March:

Kristian Joensen (GK), 07 Vestur
Atli Danielsen, B36 Tórshavn
Jann Ingi Petersen, Jústinus Hansen, B68 Toftir
Arnbjørn Hansen, Pætur Dam Jacobsen, René Tórgarð (GK), EB/Streymur
Hallur Hansson, HB Tórshavn
Jákup Mikkelsen (GK), Bogi Løkin, ÍF Fuglafjørður
Hjalgrím Elttør, KÍ Klaksvík
Atli Gregersen, Erling Jacobsen, Hanus Jacobsen, Sølvi Vatnhamar, Víkingur
Jóhan T. Davidsen, Århus Fremad (DK)
Viljormur Davidsen, FC Fyn (DK)
Daniel Udsen, Elite 3000 Helsingør (DK)
Jóan Símun Edmundsson, Newcastle (ENG) (soon to be Vikinig Stavanger (NOR))
Odmar Færø, Keith FC (SCO)
Rógvi Baldvinsson, Ålgård (NOR)
Jónas Tór Næs, Fremad Amager (DK)

On Saturday 28 February, the team plays against Spanish second tier team Real Murcia who are currently no. 11 in the table.

On Thursday 1 March the Faroes take on La Union from the Spanish 3rd tier.

Many of the established names are not in the team, but expect most of them to be back when it really counts in the qualifiers later.

Some of the missing names are Fróði Benjaminsen (captain) and Símun Samuelsen from HB Tórshavn and Súni Olsen from B36 Tórshavn. Reasons are injuries and jobs/education

Also players that play on higher level abroad are not in the team this time, as it’s believed that is better for all parties that they train with their club. Those are Pól Jóhannus Justinussen (AaB Aalborg) and Christian Lamhauge Holst (Silkeborg IF).

Two of the players with no senior international experience are Víkingur players Sølvi Vatnhamar and Hanus Jacobsen. 25-year old midfielder Vatnhamar has for some years now been amongst Víkingur’s best players while 26 year-old seasoned campaigner, left back Hanus Jacobsen, hasn’t drawn the big headlines but has always put in very stable performances for Víkingur and earlier GÍ Gøta.

Neither defender Odmar Færø has been capped before at senior level, but as he played outstanding for champions B36 Tórshavn last season he naturally been given the chance.

Goalkeeper Christian Joensen hasn’t been capped either at senior level, but was goalkeeper for the U-21 last year.

EB/Streymur midfielder Pætur Dam Jacobsen has only been capped once.


Some short news items to end with:

Christian Høgni Jacobsen
Three times league top scorer Christian Høgni Jacobsen who has been banging in the goals for NSÍ Runavík is now living in Denmark and has joined Danish 3rd level club B1908.

Øssur Dalbúð
At B1918 he is joined by another Faroese forward, Øssur Dalbúð who is studying in Denmark. Also Dalbúð has for the most played for NSÍ, except for a year or two when he played for ÍF Fuglafjørður.

Jónas Tór Næs
Jónas Tór Næs, Faroese right back international who last season played for Icelandic team Valur in Reykajavík, is now back in Denmark, playing for Fremad Amager.

…and he scores!
Before Næs went to Iceland we joked about his goal scoring abilities when we said: “But it’s safe to say that Næs hasn’t been signed for his goal-scoring capabilities as he hasn’t scored a single goal in the 96 league and cup appearances he has made since 2004”. Well, guess what? Næs actually scored a goal for Valur when he in the fourth round in the 2-1 defeat to Fylkir scored in the 90th minute on 15 May 2011. You can buy the t-shirt here. …. No you can’t! :-)

Óli Johannesen
Former Faroe Islands captain Óli Johannesen , who will turn 40 in May, is has started training again with TB Tvøroyri and is hoping to make a comeback in the topflight. With 84 caps for the Faroe Islands, Johannesen is the record holder.

Hans Fróði Hansen
TB Tvøroyri have announced that they have named another former Faroese international defender, Hans Fróði Hansen, as assistant coach. Hansen, who played alongside Johannes in centre of defence, was capped 25 times for the Faroes and played in the top league in Norway and Iceland. One of his most memorable moments was his last gasp headed equalizer against Scotland in the 1-1 draw in 1999. 36 year old Hansen, who hasn’t played for several years, is not ruling out a comeback as a player too.

Høgni Midjord
Former B71 Sandoy forward/midfielder, 21-year old Høgni Midjord has been training with HB Tórshavn and scored a goal in their 5-1 win in the friendly against TB Tvøroyri last weekend.

Odmar Færø
As you can read from the Faroe Islands squad list above, former B36 defender, 22-year old Odmar Færø is now playing for Scottish club Keith, as he has moved to Scotland to study. Keith play in what’s called the (Scottish) Highland Football League. "It is one of the three 'senior' non-leagues (that is a league that is not the Scottish Football League (SFL), Scottish Premier League or one of the Scottish Junior Football Association's leagues) in Scotland. The HFL is a full member of the Scottish Football Association", Wikipedia informs.

Keith is currently no. 11 of 18 teams in the Highland League.

Here are 3 match reports from Keith's last 3 matches: 09 january, 01 February, 13 February.

13 February, 2012

Draw for the 2012 Cup competition

The draw for the Cup competition was made on Monday evening which saw the last two seasons’ cup finalists EB/Streymur and ÍF Fuglafjørður paired together in the first round proper. Other noticeable matches are Víkingur (3rd in league 2011) vs champions B36 Tórshavn and what was once a classic, TB Tvøroyri vs HB Tórshavn. The full draw is below:

Preliminary round:
FF Giza/FC Hoyvík (merged team) vs. MB Miðvágur (match 1)
Undrið FF Tórshavn – Royn Hvalba (match 2)

1st round:
winner match 2 vs. B71 Sandoy
KÍ Klaksvík vs. NSÍ Runavík
FC Suðuroy vs. Skála
AB Argir – vs. winner match 1
TB Tvøroyri – HB Tórshavn
B68 Toftir – 07 Vestur
Víkingur – B36 Tórshavn
ÍF Fuglafjørður – EB/Streymur

05 February, 2012

Danish attacking midfielder to ÍF Fuglafjørður
ÍF Fuglafjørður have signed a 1-year contract with Danish attacking midfielder Thomas Asmussen who comes from Danish 1st division club AB Copenhagen and will therefore be reunited with new ÍF coach Flemming Christensen who was at the helm at Asmussen’s now former club.

KÍ Klaksvík part with Høgni Madsen, but Philip Djordjevic continues

After disagreement concerning the contract between KÍ and Høgni Madsen, the club has decided to part company with the influential midfielder. Madsen is therefore looking for a new club. He won’t be available until Mai, though, as he is studying in Denmark until then.

On the other hand, 17-year old Serbian attacking midfielder Filip Djordjevic, who came strong towards the end of the season last year, will continue for another year for KÍ. It had been expected that he would not be playing for KÍ this term, though. Filip is son of KÍ’s coach during the last 3 years, Alexandar Djordjevic, who has now been released by Páll Guðlaugsson

01 February, 2012

2012 Fixture-list published
You have probably noticed the fixture list for the 2012 season has been published. The opening match is on 24 March when defending champions B36 Tórshavn take on newcomers FC Suðuroy. In July there will be a 3 month-break and the last round will be played on Saturday 6 October. That's about three weeks earlier than it has been in recent years. Weather-vice, that's a sound decision, as the late-October matches have sometimes been played in appalling weather.

So far, a new sponsor has not been found for the league which there for now is being called "Meistaradeildin" = Champions Division. Meistaradeildin was the original name of the top division that started in 1942 and went on to 1976 when it was changed to 1. deild = 1. division. 1. deild then continued to 2005 from when the op division has had the sponsor’s name.

Pre-season friendlies
You may also have noticed that the pre-season games have started. There is a link for that on the home page for Faroese football. We’ll list the result we manage to track.


Pól Jóhannus Justinussen signs for Danish Superliga club AAB Aalborg

Just before the transfer window closed on Tuesday evening, 23 year old Faroe Islands international Pól Jóhannus Justinussen signed a contract with Danish top league club AaB Aalborg. The contract runs to the end of the Danish season in June, at first.

Justinussen can play as left back or on the left hand side of midfield as well as in central defence.

Justinussen has been on trial for AaB on two occasions in recent months and obviously made an impressive display. Last season Justinussen played for Icelandic Víkingur where he was left back.


National team to La Manga, Spain, on 25 February
From January 25 to 4 March the Faroese national team will be on a training camp in La Manga in Spain.

In that connection, Faroe Islands coach Lars Olesen has had 3 training sessions that can be considered as trials, and the fourth session, where 21 players have been selected, will be on Wednesday 8 February. Most of those 21 players have also been in the previous sessions, but a couple of new faces have been given the opportunity to impress next time.

One of those is winger/forward Hans Pauli Samuelsen, one of the best technically skilled players in Faroese football – but who doesn’t have … let's say "defending as a hobby"…

And players with that combination have often found it difficult to get a regular place in the starting 11 for the Faroes Islands who spend a majority of its matches defending. But it looks like Samuelsen will be given a fair chance to prove himself.

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