May 2, 2005:

KÍ Klaksvík Sack Coach Ove Flindt Bjerg

In a press release today, KÍ Klaksvík has announced that they have sacked their coach, Ove Flindt Bjerg, because results have not been satisfying with the ambitions of KÍ Klaksvík.


The people in Klaksvík always have great expectations to their team, and if KÍ do well in their pre-season matches, expectations rise to the sky. And if they win the Klaksvík Cup (a yearly pre-season cup with 4 teams), which they did, the league championship is more or less already won... And furthermore, when they won their first match of the season against HB Tórshavn, champions for the last 3 years, the trophy could just as well be handed over to them immediately, according to the KÍ faithful, because who were going to beat them anyway…?

Well, for 3 games, things were still going according to their plans, but after the victory over GÍ Gøta in round 3, KÍ has now lost their last 3 games and have slumped to 6th spot in the table.

Therefore, the KÍ board decided to sack their coach. They wanted to do it early, as there is still time to rectify things and save the championship… There are still 21 games left of the Formula 1st Division.

KÍ Klaksvík say they will announce on Tuesday, who will be their new coach.

Well, good luck to him…


Ove Flindt Bjerg is from Denmark. In the seventies he played 19 internationals for Denmark and scored 1 goal. This was the winning goal, when they beat Sweden in 1976. Denmark won 2-1 and this was the first Danish victory for 11 years against Sweden and the first on Swedish soil for 39 years. This was in a time where Denmark and Sweden met every year in a friendly game. This winning goal made Ove Flindt Bjerg a hero in Denmark and this goal is still being talked about in Denmark, almost 30 years after.

From 1971-1975 he played for Austrian club Wacker Innsbruck and he was also voted the best foreigner in Austria one year. In 1976 he joined Karlsruhe in Germany where he stayed to 1978 and then went back to Aalborg in Denmark, where he also started his soccer career.

After retirement he has been a manager in Austrian soccer and also took a two year spell in Japan.

Now he has also been in the Faroe Islands, but he isn’t anymore…

May 6, 2005:

KÍ Klaksvík appoint Oddbjørn Joensen
as new coach

In a press conference today, KÍ Klakvík presented Oddbjørn Joensen as their new coach.

Oddbjørn Joensen has before been the assisting coach at HB in the first division, where he also played in the late eighties and early nineties. He has also been coaching AB Argir and LÍF Leirvík in the 2nd division.

Oddbjørn is from Klaksvík and will undoubtedly be a popular choice among the KÍ supporters. But popularity will also be depending on the future results…

Good luck to Oddbjørn!

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