October 16, 2005: Round 26 of the Formula 1st Division:

HB Tórshavn beat KÍ klaksvík to set up a
last-day-final with B36 Tórshavn. - If they draw, Skála snatch the title! (if they beat GÍ)

HB Tórshavn – KÍ Klaksvík 2-1 (2-0)
1-0 Uni Arge 11'
2-0 Jákup á Borg 30'
2-1 Ovi Nysted 58'

HB’s got off to a good start and scored the opening goal after 11 minutes when they beat KÍ’s off side trap and Uni Arge was played clear, and alone with the keeper, Uni coolly placed the ball past him and into the goal.

Half an hour in to the first half, Jákup á Borg made it 2-0 with at terrific diagonal long-range shot from the corner of the penalty area on the right hand side.

After this, KÍ started to put some pressure on the, at times, insecure-looking HB defense , but Bárður Johannesen in the HB goal made some important blocks to keep KÍ from scoring.

But 13 minutes into the second half, KÍ reduced the deficit, when Símun Joensen scored from the goal area after a cross from the right. HB goalkeeper Bárður Johannesen claimed he had been fouled in the incident and screamed angrily at the referee and threw his water bottle in anger behind the byline. For this, he got a yellow card, but shall consider himself lucky for not getting a red card and hence not being a part of the title-decider against B36 Tórshavn next Saturday.

The rest of the match was a long and nervous wait for HB to see if they could hold on to their lead or if they would slip up and miss out on the title-chance.

In the 4 minutes that the referee had added on, KÍ had 2 corners and a free kick near the corner flag, and they sent all their players forward, including their goalkeeper, to try to snatch the equalizer, but HB held on and now face B36 Tórshavn in the decisive match in the last round of the season.

If HB win, they become champions. If B36 win, they become champions. If HB and B36 draw, then Skála will actually become champions, if they beat lowly GÍ at home.

The games will be played on Saturday October 22, 2005.

The other matches in round 26:

B36 Tórshavn weren't expected to have too many problems beating GÍ Gøta today, but nevertheless found themselves 1 goal behind early in the first half. B36 equalized 10 minutes from the break and just 4 minutes after the break, they got another and won 2-1 and will become champions if they beat HB next Saturday, the last round of the championship. If the draw, Skála will most likely take it.

Skála had to win away to EB/Streymur to keep their title-chance alive and they just managed to do that with a goal from Nenad Stamcovich 11 minutes from time. Their only chance to become champions relies on B36 and HB drawing in the last round. And then Skála must overcome GÍ themselves, but that ought to be very possible.

Last Sunday, TB Tvøroyri won an unlikely victory against Skála and moved away from the last place on the table and direct relegation, but today they are back on that last spot after losing the all-important match against VB Vágur with 2 goals against 0. But TB have one opportunity left. If they get point away to ÍF next Saturday (and GÍ lose against Skála), then they will be tied with GÍ on 22 points, but because TB is better in their head-to-head matches, TB will be ranked higher.

NSÍ Runavík had an easy 4-1 win over ÍF Fuglafjørður and still have the chance to win the bronze, but then Skála will have to lose against GÍ Gøta. – Not very likely.

All the results from round 26:

GÍ Gøta – B36 Tórshavn 1-2 (1-1)
1-0 Áslakur R. Petersen
1-1 Bergur Midjord
1-2 Fróði Benjaminsen

EB/Streymur – Skála 0-1 (0-0)

0-1 Nenad Stankovic

TB Tvøroyri – VB Vágur 0-2 (0-0)
0-1 Mortan úr Hørg
0-2 Dánial J. Joensen

NSÍ Runavík – ÍF Fuglafjørður 4-1 (3-1)
0-1 Sylla
1-1 Helgi L. petersen
2-1 Andy Olsen (pen)
3-1 Christian Høgni Jacobsen
4-1 Owngoal

HB Tórshavn – KÍ Klaksvík 2-1 (2-0)
1-0 Uni Arge 11'
2-0 Jákup á Borg 30'
2-1 Ovi Nysted 58'

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