June 15 - June 19, 2005: Round 13 of the Formula 1st Division:

Yet another Rasmus Nolsøe free kick-special
as HB Tórshavn beat GÍ Gøta

June 19, 2005
GÍ Gøta - HB Tórshavn 0-2 (0-2)
0-1 Rasmus Nolsøe 34'
0-2 Tór-Ingar Akselsen 43'

After GÍ Gøta had won three matches in succession, after their difficult start to the season, many anticipated that HB Tórshavn would have a troublesome task away to GÍ Gøta, but that turned out not to be the case. GÍ had very little to offer and rarely threatened HB’s goal, although Bárður Johannesen had to make a super save in the second half to prevent GÍ from scoring.

It was very much HB who controlled matters and had majority of the possession. The first quarter of an hour was quite even, but after that HB stamped their authority on the match.

34 minutes into the game HB were awarded a free kick in “Rasmus Nolsøe-area”. Rasmus said thank you very much and curled the ball over the wall and into the corner. His fourth free kick goal in 13 matches. – Go home Beckham! … or Súni Olsen, for that sake (no offense :-)

2 minutes from halftime, Jákup a Borg surged down the flank and played Tór-Ingar Axelsen, who fired the ball into the net.

In the second half, HB were quite comfortable just sitting on their lead and didn’t take too many chances forward. Rasmus had another go with a free kick, but this time the goalkeeper produced a fine save.

GÍ tried to pressure the last 15 minutes, but HB’s victory was never in any real danger.

And as other results are turning out, things are looking very bright at the moment.

On Wednesday, HB will take on Skála. That looks like a cracker… Be sure to come back on Wednesday to get the full story :-)

The other matches in round 13:

June 15, 2005
Skála snatched second place from B36, when they beat an under-strength KÍ Klaksvik by 4 goals to 0 this evening. Bogi Gregersen made a hattrick. However, B36 now have two games in hand, and will take back second place if they beat strugglers TB Tvøroyri on Sunday. The match was put forward to today, because Skála is playing in the Intertoto cup on Saturday against Finnish side Tampere United. The other matches in the 13th round will be on Sunday as usual, except the game between EB/Streymur and NSÍ, which will be on Saturday.

The match today was never a contest as Skála dominated the whole match, especially the second half. KÍ klaksvík wasn’t helped by two key players being injured and another suspended, but even a full strenght KÍ team wouldn’t have challenged Skála today. KÍ Klaksvík will have a big game next Sunday, when they take on bottom team, VB Vágur. Both teams desperately need 3 poinst, and KÍ will be aware of that they have a very tough scedule ahead of them the next 4 rounds, having to play HB, B36 and NSÍ.

June 18, 2005
NSÍ Runavík showed why they are more of a mid table team and not a real top team, when they drew against EB/Streymur and EB/Streymur also showed why they are positioned mid table, when they couldn’t hold on to their 2-1 lead. EB/Streymur were winning, but a goalkeeping blunder late in the second half handed NSÍ a draw.

June 19, 2005
When you are a bottom team, even penalties become difficult to take and this was also the case for VB Vágur today, when they missed one in the first half against ÍF Fuglafjørður. But this time it was not fateful. In the second half VB came storming out of the blocks and quickly put 3 behind ÍF’s ever so miserable defense. But ÍF fought back and scored 2, but VB just managed to hold on and save 3 desperately needed points. VB is still last, but only 2 points separate the bottom 4.

Although TB Tvøroyri got a goalless draw at home against B36 Tórshavn in the second match of the season, not many thought they would stand a chance away to B36 today. But yet again, TB proved everybody wrong. TB played a very defensive game (as always) but produced 2 very good chances, but it were B36 who had the most of the possession. B36 had the ball more or less for the whole of the second half, but the closest they came was to hit the post 2 minutes from time. B36’s inability to score goals could become a deciding factor in the championship race.

All the results from round 13:

June 15, 2005
Skála – KÍ Klaksvík 4-0 (1-0)
2-0 Bogi Gregersen '22
2-0 Bogi Gregersen '55
3-0 Arnhold Berg '83
4-0 Bogi Gregersen '90

June 18, 2005
EB/Streymur - NSÍ Runavík 2-2 (1-1)
0-1 Helgi L. Petersen 33'
1-1 Hans Pauli Samuelsen 45'
2-1 Sorin Anghel 46'
2-2 Brynjálvur Nielsen 71'

June 19, 2005
VB Vágur - ÍF Fuglafjørður 3-2 (0-0)
1-0 Milan Kulic
2-0 Milan Kulic
3-0 Dan Djurhuus
3-1 Sylla
3-2 Hanus Eliasen

B36 Tórshavn - TB Tvøroyri 0-0

GÍ Gøta - HB Tórshavn 0-2 (0-2)
0-1 Rasmus Nolsøe 34'
0-2 Tór-Ingar Akselsen 43'

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