October 05, 2008: Round 25 of the Formula Division:

EB/Streymur - B36 Tórshavn 4-5 (3-2)
0-1 Ingi Højsted
0-2 Hanus Thorleifsson
1-2 Bárður Olsen (Pen)
2-2 Høgni Zachariassen
3-2 Hans Pauli Samuelsen
3-3 Jákup á Borg
3-4 Dimitrije Jankovic
3-5 Sam Malson
4-5 Hanus Eliasen

In this crazy match, EB/Streymur looked to be well on their way to the title as they led 3-2 at half time, and were a man in advantage, but in the end, EB/Streymur had thrown it all away.

B36 took a 2-0 lead with goals from Ingi Højsted and Hanus Thorleifsson, but in the space of 7 minutes, EB/Streymur turned it around. First with a penalty from Bárður Olsen. In the penalty incident, B36’s Odmar Færø had been sent off. With the man in advantage, EB/Streymur quickly scored two more to take the lead; the first from Høgni Zachariassen (who scored his 3rd goal in 3 matches since having returned from a broken leg early in the season) and then one from a fine long range effort from Hans Pauli Samuelsen.

But in the second half, B36 came storming forward and equalized through Jákup á Borg. At this stage, EB/Streymur were still champions as a draw was enough, but soon after, EB/Streymur were trailing by two as Jankovic, the defender, and Malson, the forward, had scored for B36.

EB/Streymur rallied towards the end and managed to pull one back through Hanus Eliasen, but even with 5 minutes of added time, EB/Streymur weren’t able to force an equalizer.

Therefore, the title is still undecided. Next time, EB/Streymur visit Skála who were relegated today. A draw is still enough for EB/Streymur to secure the title.

But EB/Streymur is looking very nervous. And how important will last week’s stoppage time equalizer against NSÍ prove to be in the end? Because psychologically, there is a world of difference between having to win and having to “only” draw.

We will know that in a fortnight…

Match highlights: EB/Streymur vs. B36 Tórshavn

HB Tórshavn - NSÍ Runavík 3-1 (2-1)
1-0 Hans á Lag
1-1 Øssur Dalbúð
2-1 Fróði Benjaminsen
3-1 Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen

Although central defender Vagnur Mohr Mortensen was still out injured, as well as Rasmus Nolsøe, HB still chose to leave Fróði Benjaminsen in midfield. Instead, left back Poul Thomas Dam was moved in centre of defence while midfielder Ólavur í Ólavstove took the left back position. For NSÍ, Jóhan Troest Davidsen was missing in defence.

Maybe this was the reason to why the defences of both teams seemed very poor. This made it easy for both teams creating scoring opportunities. And maybe the teams have also simply chosen to put less effort in defending as the league is drawing to a close and the title seams more or less decided. – However, EB/Streymur seem nervous and still need a point before they can call it their title.

HB took the lead within 2 minutes from the start of the match. From a corner, defender Hans á Lag had a long leg to poke the ball into the goal, after the ball had also hit the upright in the same incident.

But NSÍ equalized within 3 minutes. Karoly Potemkin got to the byline and played a low cross in front of goal to an unmarked Øssur Dalbúð who scored easily.

NSÍ should also have taken the lead, but Potemkin wasted the opportunity. Instead, it was HB who restored their lead when an unmarked Fróði Benjaminsen headed home from close range after a fine cross from Pætur Jørgensen on the right.

The pattern of the first half was the same in the second half. Indecisive defensive play led to several scoring chances, but it wasn't until just at the death, that HB made the points safe with a goal from Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen. But it was a very well taken goal, where he coolly lifted the ball first over the NSÍ-defender, and then goalkeeper Tórur Thomsen.

And he kind of needed to score this impressive goal, one could argue, as he with 10 minutes to go embarrassingly had wasted a glorious opportunity.

NSÍ had also had several chances in the second half, but especially Karoly Potemkin was ineffective. The closest he came was when he rattled the crossbar. The Hungarian usually needs 5 big chances for every goal he scores.

For HB, the 3 points mean that they still have a mathematical chance of winning the title, but for that to happen, EB/Streymur must lose their away match to Skála in the next round (19 October) while HB beat B36 at the same time. And then HB only need to beat EB/Streymur on the last day of the season…

Skála - Víkingur 1-2 (0-0)
1-0 Bogi Gregersen
1-1 Owngoal
1-2 Sam Jacobsen

After 7 years in the top flight, Skála's are back in the 1st division after today’s defeat by Víkingur.

Skála took the lead in the second half by a goal from Bogi Gregersen, but Víkingur were level with the help of a Skála owngoal before they went on to win the game with a penalty from Sam Jacobsen.

B71 Sandoy - B68 Toftir 2-2 (1-1)
1-0 Clayton Soares (Pen)
1-1 Dánjal Pauli Højgaard
1-2 Owngoal
2-2 Clayton Soares

B71 are running out of options and after today’s draw, they must win both of their remaining matches to have any chance of retaining their place in the top flight next season. And at the same time, ÍF and KÍ must not record a single point.

B71 took the lead late in the first half through a penalty from Clayton Soares. But while the B71-arms were still aloft, B68 immediately drew level.

In the second half, B68 took the lead thanks to a B71 owngoal before B71 equalized.

KÍ Klaksvík - ÍF Fuglafjørður 4-2 (1-0)
1-0 Rodrigo
2-0 Rógvi Jacobsen
2-1 Debes Danielsen
2-2 Bartal Eliasen
3-2 Rodrigo (Pen)
4-2 Kristoffur Jacobsen

With a 4-2 win, KÍ are almost safe and dry. They have to lose both of their last two matches while B71 must win both of theirs, to be leapfrogged by B71. The same is true for ÍF.

KÍ lead 2-0 with a goal in each half from the Brazilian Rodrigo and Rógvi Jacobsen. But Debes Danielsen pulled one back for ÍF before Bartal Eliasen equalized in stoppage time. But miraculously KÍ still managed to score another two to win the match 4-2 and virtually secure their please in the Formula Division next season. Rodrigo scored the first on a penalty while Kristoffur Jacobsen scored the second.

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