July 04 - 06, 2008: Round 14 of the Formula Division:

July 04:

NSÍ Runavík – Víkingur 1-3 (1-0)
1-0 Øssur Dalbúð
1-1 Niclas Niclasen
1-2 Erling Jacobsen
1-3 Andreas Lava Olsen

NSÍ had a chance to close the gab to EB/Streymur to only 5 points – at least for a day, but everything seems to be going EB/Streymur's way at the moment. If EB/Streymur drop points, then their followers do the same.

But it started well for NSÍ who took the lead after only 3 minutes when Øssur Dalbúð headed the ball into the goal after the cross from the free kick.

NSÍ mostly defended for the rest of the match and that worked at least to half time.

In the 2nd half, Víkingur upped the tempo, but NSÍ looked were holding on to their 3 points. But with a quarter of an hour remaining, it all turned around in the space of 2 minutes.

First, Niclas Niclasen equalized from the penalty spot, after goalkeeper Tórður Thomsen had brought down Andreas Lava Olsen, and just a couple of minutes later, Erling Jacobsen put Víkingur in front after the goalkeeper had saved the first attempt from Zoltan Bukzegy.

A while later, NSÍ's right back Aco Pandurovic was sent off for a reckless challenge on Sølvi Vatnhamar.

In the dying moments, Andreas Lava Olsen cemented victory for Víkingur when he made it 3-1.

With the 3 points, Víkingur climb up to 4th spot on the table, with the same number of points as B36, who have a game in hand

July 05:

ÍF Fuglafjørður - EB/Streymur 2-0 (0-0)
1-0 Nenad Saric
2-0 Debes Danielsen

After going 12 rounds undefeated, EB/Streymur have suddenly lost twice in a row now. And on both occasions they have also failed to even score a goal. Have EB/Streymur run out of steam? Can they really be caught? Had NSÍ won yesterday, the gap would only be 5 points. But ifs and buts don’t help much, of course.

If HB beat B68 on Sunday, then HB will trail EB/Streymur by 7 points. Then there is contact again, although the margin is still a healthy one.

But some think EB/Streymur have never been convincing on field. EB/Streymur have only had the small margins on their side, they say. For example they did score last gasp winners against both HB and KÍ. Against ÍF (in round 7) they were trailing 2-0 at half time, but turned it around in the 2nd half – not least because of a penalty re-take. Some call that luck, while others call it class.

But class, that's maybe the right word to use about ÍF at the moment, as they today beat EB/Streymur 2-0. After 0-0 at halftime, Nenad Saric broke the deadlock on the hour-mark after a pass from Atli Petersen. 10 minutes later, Debes Danielsen doubled the lead.

After having lost 5 in a row and gotten dangerously close to the relegation zone, ÍF have now turned it around again and have harvested 7 points in their last 3 matches – and that against the top teams: beaten HB and EB/Streymur at home and drawn away to B36. That takes them to a – for now - reasonable safe 6th place in the table.

July 05:

HB Tórshavn – B68 Toftir 5-0 (1-0)
1-0 Jákup á Borg
2-0 Fróði Benjaminsen
3-0 Andrew av Fløtum
4-0 Andrew av Fløtum
5-0 Andrew av Fløtum

HB closed the gap to EB/Streymur to 7 points and next round could be a key-round when EB/Streymur visit B36 and HB visit NSÍ.

HB controlled most of the first half, but B68 did seem capable of scoring when they did come forward, and a quarter of an gour into the match, they so nearly took the lead also, but the ball hit the post (television revealed later, however, that the ball didn’t hit the post, but was saved with the arms of an HB-player on the line – a clear penalty).

However, it was HB who was the better team, and after 26 minutes, they opened the scoring. Right back Mortan úr Hørg played Andrew av Fløtum clear with a great pass behind B68´s defence, but av Fløtum’s finish was straight on the goalkeeper. However, Jákup á Borg was first on the rebound, and in his second attempt, he finally managed to get the ball past B68-goalkeeper Vlada Filopovic.

HB had other chances also; once Andrew av Fløtum and Páll Mohr Joensen combined well to set up Christian Høgni Jacobsen, but Jacobsen missed in 2 attempts.

Near the end of the first half, B68 had a couple of attempts on HB´s goal again, but the halftime score was 1-0 to HB.

But it took HB less than 2 minutes of the second half to increase their lead when Fróði Benjaminsen at the near post headed the ball into the net after a corner.

B68 seemed unable to respond – as such, because approximately a quarter of an hour into the half, their left forward, Senegalese Keita Ameth was played clear, and he hammered the ball on the inside of the post with keeper Dawid well beaten, but the ball stayed out. This was the last we saw of B68.

After about 65 minutes, Andrew av Fløtum scored twice, with a couple of minutes between the goals. The first came in connection with a corner where the ball fell to av Fløtum who turned and fired the ball into the back of the net. A couple of minutes later, av Fløtum made it 4-0 when a riposte ended in the B68 goal.

15 minutes later, Andrew av Fløtum was at it again to make it 5-0 and complete his hat trick and get an end to his goal-drought which has lasted since round 9 when he scored one against ÍF. Central defender Vagnur Mohr Mortensen went up-field and played a long pass to Andrew av Fløtum who still had the hard work to do. He got rid of the defender, and from an acute angle, av Fløtum fired the ball in off the post.

HB had other opportunities; Christian Høgni Jacobsen had several, but all were missed.

5-0 sounds impressive, but the background for the rout was cheap. HB will not have it this easy against NSÍ on Thursday.

As B71 have started winning, B68 are getting closer and closer to the drop-line. These two meet next Saturday.

Skála – B71 Sandoy
0-1 Símin Hansen (pen)

The importance of the match was evident on the pitch where both teams first and foremost concentrated on not losing and few scoring opportunities were created.

But towards the end, the match opened up just a little bit. 6 minutes from time, B71 were awarded a penalty which Símin Hansen converted safely.

In the dying minutes, B71´s Gudmund Nielsen was sent off for a 2nd bookable offence, but that didn´t put B71´s points in jeopardy.

The win for B71 means that they are now equal on points with Skála in 9th place, but they only trail B68, in that all-important 8th position, by 3 points. B71 visit B68 on Saturday in a massive game concerning the relegation battle.

KÍ Klaksvík – B36 Tórshavn 2-0 (1-0)
1-0 Rodrigo
2-0 Rodrigo

KÍ took an early lead when Brazilian Rodrigo scored after only 8 minutes.

Although B36 had a great majority of possession, they created nothing. During the entire match, B36 had only one qualified attempt on goal.

KÍ on the other hand had no play, but were efficient. 15-20 minutes through the 2nd half, Rodrigo scored his second goal of the day.

B36 clearly miss a forward (or two). Their new English player Ben Malson was not ready for today’s match.

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