Sometime next week we'll have a piece on some of the new players that have arrived and some transfers that have taken place during the last weeks while the transfer window has been open. The window opened on 16 June and closes again on 21 July.

June 28,29,30 & July 02, 2008: Round 13 of the Formula Division:

June 28:

NSÍ Runavík - B36 Tórshavn 2-0 (3-1)
1-0 Bogi Løkin
2-0 Jóhan Troest Davidsen
2-1 Magnus Olsen
3-1 Bogi Løkin

NSÍ are on a roll. This was NSÍ's 4th win in a row.

NSÍ more or less controlled the match from start to finish. B36 created very little up front. Earlier in the week, B36 announced that they had terminated the contract with Hungarian forward Karoly Potemkin.

Bogi Løkin sent NSÍ on winning course after 17 minutes and just before halftime, central defender Johan Troest Davidsen made it 2-0. This was Davidsen's 2nd goal in successive matches.

With 13 minutes remaining, Magnus Olsen brought hope back for B36 with a spectacular long range shot. But it wasn’t to be, and instead Bogi Løkin made it 3-1 in stoppage time.

June 29:

B71 Sandoy - KÍ Klaksvík 2-0 (1-0)
1-0 Gudmund Nielsen
2-0 Gudmund Nielsen

B71 won 3 vital points by convincingly beating KÍ and close the gap to ÌF in 8th spot to only 3 points (ÌF have a game in hand – they take on HB on Wednesday).

Gudmund Hentze scored both goals for B71. The first he headed in in connection with a corner 5 minutes before the interval. The 2nd he scored midway through the 2nd half when he was played clear.

B71 were strengthen in defence for today’s match as Dane Anders Rasmussen, who played for B71 last season, had come to the Faroes to play in this particular match. B71 will try their hardest to persuade him to play a few more matches.

The next couple of weeks could be defining moments for B71 as they play against some of the lesser team. Next Sunday B71 have a massive game against Skála. A win there for B71, and they be right back in it ahead of the summer break from 13 July to 6 August.

Víkingur - EB/Streymur 2-0 (2-0)
1-0 Símun Louis Jacobsen
2-0 Andreas Lava Olsen

It finally happened. EB/Streymur lost their first match of the season.

Víkingur went in front after only 8 minutes when Símun Louis Jacobsen slotted home. Midway through the first half, Andreas Lava Olsen doubled Víkingur's lead.

EB/Streymur have previously this season been trailing with 2 goals, but have still managed to turn it around and win, but that did not happen today. After Víkingur's 2nd goal, EB/Streymur gave debut to Danish offensive player Peter Foldgast (with a past in Brøndby, where he scored 10 goals in the 2002/2003-season), whom EB/Streymur just recently signed.

If HB beat ÍF on Wednesday, then EB/Streymur's lead will bet cut to 7 points, and then there suddenly is at least some excitement back in the title race.

June 30:

B68 Toftir - Skála 0-2 (0-1)
0-1 Sjúrður Djurhuus
0-2 Pætur Dam Jacobsen

Skála got 3 massive points this evening by beating B68 2-0 and are now equal on points with ÍF in that all-important 8th spot in the table (ÍF is technically ranked better because they have scored more goals than Skála, but if ÍF lose against HB on Wednesday, then Skála will be the higher ranked team. - no. 9 and 10 are relegated).

Skála play at home against B71 on Sunday while ÍF face EB/Streymur. Status next Sunday could be that Skála are 3 points ahead of ÍF then.

These two, Skála and ÍF, meet in the first match after the summer break (13 July – 6 August) in round 16.

In today's match, the scoring opportunities were few and far between. But Skála were efficient and scored on their only opportunity in the first half when Sjúrður Djurhuus was played clear.

In the closing stages, Pætur Dam Jacobsen made it 2-0 for Skál as they took advantage when B68 were forced to throw caution to the wind in search for the equalizer.

July 02:

ÍF Fuglafjørður - HB Tórshavn 1-0 (0-0)
1-0 Bartal Eliasen

Any glimmer of hope that HB might have gotten in catching EB/Streymur after their loss to Víkingur on Sunday was thwarted by a lacklustre performance against ÍF Fuglafjørøður this evening. In the second half, HB were simply outplayed by a very impressive looking ÍF-team.

Although HB had the majority of possession in the 1st half, they rarely really threatened ÍF's goal. The closest HB came was midway through the half when Kári Nielsen's unexpected curling and dipping long range shot caught ÍF-goalkeeper Andras Gango by surprise, but the ball clipped the crossbar and fell behind for a goal kick.

A quarter of an hour before the interval, ÍF went close with a direct free kick from Bartal Eliasen, but Marcin David (who seems to have won back his place in goal) made a good save.

In the 2nd half, ÍF came storming out of the blocks and had 3 very good chances within the first 10- 15 minutes, but they were all squandered. Especially Atli Petersen up front was a constant threat throughout the 2nd half.

But after 16 minutes of the 2nd half, ÍF got their much deserved goal. Although HB should know better, they left ÍF's central defender Bartal Eliasen completely unmarked in the penalty area, after he had come forward in connection with a free kick, and that you don't do unpunished, and Eliasen coolly headed ÍF in front after the cross from the left.

HB then tried to do some desperate changes, but to little avail. Fróði Benjaminsen was moved from defence to attack, and in the end, HB sent Hans á Lag (who usually is in central defence – strong with the head) on to play as a forward, but that didn’t produce anything either. In fact, HB did not create 1 single scoring opportunity during the entire 2nd half; and not even a half-chance either.

But ÍF could easily have scored more on the other hand. Dánjal Pauli Højgaard had two good opportunities, but squandered both. Especially his 2nd should have produced the goal as he was through against the goalkeeper, but in the end, he fired his shot straight on goalkeeper Marcin David, who also should get credit for a good block.

For ÍF, the 3 points could prove vital as they climbed 3 points above Skála, who are below the relegation line, but ÍF could be in trouble again already after the next round as they visit EB/Streymur while Skála take on rank-bottom B71 Sandoy.

For HB, the loss means a definitive farewell to the title. They had the chance to cut EB/Streymur's lead to 7 points, but trailing 10 points, half-way through the season, HB is not going to make up ground. And really, HB doesn’t appear to have the qualities to challenge for a title.

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