May 17 & 18, 2008: Round 07 of the Formula Division:

May 17:

Skála – Víkingur 1-1 (0-0)
1-0 Alin Bálutoiu
1-1 Andreas Lava Olsen

The match was initially scheduled to be played on Monday, but was late in the week rescheduled for Saturday.

After a goalless first half, where the best chance fell to Víkingur's Andreas Lava Olsen when he was through on goal, but squandered the opportunity, Skála took the lead half way through the second half with a free kick from Rumanian Alin Bálutoiu.

But Víkingur managed to equalize 10 minutes from time when Andreas Lava Olsen scored with a header after a corner.

With the lone point, Skála stay below the line, but they desperately need some 3-pointers – and quick – to climb their way upwards. But it will be difficult with matches against NSÍ and EB/Streymur next on the agenda.

May 18:

HB – NSÍ 3-0 (1-0)
1-0 Jákup á Borg
2-0 Christian Høgni Jacobsen
3-0 Christian Høgni Jacobsen

A much changed HB side finally managed to score again, after not having scored in their last 3 league games.

HB-coach Rúni Nolsøe wanted to signal that nobody owns a place in the starting line-up, and had therefore put both of HB's star-forwards, Christian Høgni Jacobsen and Andrew av Fløtum, on the bench, as both of them have failed to deliver of late.

Instead, central defender Fróði Benjaminsen had been moved forward, where he partnered Jákup á Borg, who usually plays on the right hand side of the midfield.

But it was NSÍ who had the best opportunities in the first half.

After 10 minutes, Einar Hansen's shot after a corner was well placed just inside the left post, but HB-goalkeeper Tróndur Vatnhamar got his fingertips on the ball to keep it out.

Vatnhamar has been in sensational form since he replaced Marcin Dawid who got injured early in the season, and as Vatnhamar is playing, Dawids is unlikely to get his place back anytime soon.

Not long after, NSÍ's Jónhard Frederiksberg only needed to connect with the cross from the left to touch the ball into the net, as he came sliding in, but the chance went begging as Frederiksberg didn't make contact.

Late in the half, also Óli Hansen could have put NSÍ in the lead, but the low cross which went across the face of goal bounced under Hansen's foot, when he had an open goal front of him.

HB's best chance at this point had come when Jákup á Borg rounded NSÍ's goalkeeper to get to the byline, but there was nobody in the box to play to.

As the clock was reaching 45 minutes, NSÍ's coach Johan Nielsen had left the bench and had gone into the dressing room to prepare for the 2nd half, but he must have been shocked when his players told him that they were trailing at half-time! It was Jákup á Borg who had scored for HB with virtually the last kick of the 1st half. From just inside the penalty area, á Borg fired a low shot that went in close to the left post.

As a whole, NSÍ had been the better team in the first half, although possession was maybe evenly split. But NSÍ seemed more dangerous up front.

NSÍ had their chances in the 2nd half to equalize, but again Tróndur Vatnhamar denied them with outstanding saves.

HB's benched forwards, Christian Høgni Jacobsen and Andrew av Fløtum were given the chance to prove themselves when the were allowed to come on a few minutes into the 2nd half.

Jacobsen thanked for the opportunity and scored twice. The first came midway through the half, when he at full speed broke into the penalty area and just managed to touch the ball past the goalkeeper before he fell.

15 minutes later, he scored his 2nd when he dribbled past two NSÍ-defenders and into the penalty area, a bit to the left, before he placed the ball inside the far post.

Although the coach's decision to bench the forwards was correct, it wasn't really because of his gamble that HB won, but more because of luck. Because if NSÍ had scored on their chances in the 1st half, HB would not have won. It's also questionable how wise it was to move Fróði Benjaminsen forward, because the defence seemed very insecure without him. I'll bet $ 100 that Benjaminsen will start in the defence next Sunday when HB visit EB/Streymur in the top match.

EB/Streymur – ÍF Fuglafjørður 3-2 (0-2)
0-1 Frank Poulsen
0-2 Sasa Jovanovic
1-2 Hans Pauli Samuelsen
2-2 Arnbjørn Hansen
3-2 Bárður Olsen (pen)

The fate is cruel with ÍF these days. Incredibly, ÍF were leading 2-0 at half time against the title-favourites, but after just 5 minutes had gone of the 2nd half, EB/Streymur had levelled the score, before they 10 minutes from time won the game with a penalty.

But the penalty was not without controversy. ÍF goalkeeper Andras Gango saved the initial shot from skipper Egil á Bø, but the referee, after advice from his assistant, ordered the penalty to be retaken, as he deemed the keeper to have moved off the line too early. The responsibility for the re-take was given Bárður Olsen, and he made no mistake.

EB/Streymur therefore still lead the table, 2 points ahead of HB. ÍF strangely enough climbed one place even if they lost, but that's because NSÍ dropped below because of their 3-goal deficit against HB.

But commiseration to ÍF who have been THE positive surprise of the season, after they pre-season had been deemed the most likely team to be relegated. And if Lady Luck just had been smiling a tad more, ÍF could be even higher in the table, 1st or 2nd. Against KÍ, they should have won instead of drawn. Against NSÍ they led, then went behind because of two penalties, had 2 men sent off, equalized with 9 men, went behind again in stoppage time before they missed a penalty of their own to snatch a point. And today they were unlucky again not to get something from the game. Today ÍF were without Bartal Eliasen, who was given a 2 match suspension for speaking about the referee in no uncertain terms after the controversial match against NSÍ. Eliasen is also suspended next Sunday against B68.

National coach Jógvan Martin Olsen has been impressed with some of ÍF's player and have picked two of them for the friendly international away to Georgia on 4 June. Those are Áki Petersen (defence) and Høgni Madsen (midfield).

But strangely enough, the national coach keeps ignoring EB/Streymur's Bárður Olsen. Should be an obvious choice!

Video highlights: EB/Streymur - ÍF Fuglafjørður

KÍ Klaksvík – B36 Tórshavn 2-1 (1-0)
1-0 Heðin á Lakjuni
2-0 Rodrigo
2-1 Klæmint Matras

For the first time B36 played away from home and for the first time B36 lost.

KÍ made it 1-0 after 20 minutes when Heðin á Lakjuni curled a low free kick around the wall. B36-goalkeeper Meinhardt Joensen saw it late, but should still have reacted quicker.

B36 were close with an equalizer from Hanus Thorleifsson, but KÍ were saved by the bar.

On the hour-mark, Brazilian Rodrigo made it 2-0, before Klæmint Matras reduced the score 15 minutes later. But KÍ held on to their win.

B71 Sandoy - B68 Toftir 0-1 (0-1)
0-1 Jann Ingi Petersen

B68 won the massive game against fellow strugglers B71 who are getting more and more isolated at the bottom.

Jann Ingi Petersen scored the winning goal for B68 when he curled a beautiful free kick into the top corner a quarter of an hour into the match.

B71 had chances to equalize, but they were all shamefully squandered.

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