September 23 & 24, 2007: Round 23 of the Formula Division:

HB Tórshavn - EB/Streymur 0-1 (0-0)
0-1 Sorin Anghel

HB met an almost impregnable EB/Streymur-defence and only twice were HB close to a goal throughout the 90 minutes, and although EB/Streymur also only created 2 or 3 scoring opportunities, they fully deserved their victory in the end, based on their quality-defense.

HB started very brightly and had several finishes in the first 10 minutes, although none of them ever bothered René Tórgarð in the EB/Streymur goal.

But after soaking up the early pressure, EB/Streymur improved and for the next 15 minutes, it was EB/Streymur who had the initiative. And twice they went close. First with a header from Hanus Eliasen, which HB-goalkeeper Tróndur Vatnhamar saved comfortably, and later an inviting low curling cross from Armbjørn Hansen was just centimeters from connecting with the EB/Streymur forwards who came sliding in towards goal.

Not much happened in the last 20 minutes of the first half. Maybe HB had the ball a bit more this period, but it didn't materialize into scoring opportunities.

In the second half, EB/Streymur so nearly scored an early goal when a free kick was knocked behind HB's defense to Sorin Anghel, whom they had forgotten to mark, but his free header was miraculously saved by the goalkeeper.

But 25 minutes into the 2nd half, Sorin Anghel wasn't going to be denied his goal when his header from a long throw-in looped over the defenders and the goalkeeper and into the goal. 1-0 for EB/Streymur.

HB tried their best to respond, but they found it very difficult to break down EB/Streymur's very well organized defense and created very few real scoring opportunities, and only twice did EB/Streymur's goalkeeper have to make a save. The first incident was 5 minutes after the goal, when he made one of his special reflex-saves when Vagnur Mohr Mortensen tried from close range. In the second incident, which came in stoppage-time, the goalkeeper actually didn't save, but he didn't have to, because striker Arnbjørn Hansen stood on the line and blocked Rasmus Nolsøe's free kick, that looked to be going in, with his head.

With the loss, HB's outside chance of retaining the championship has now finally gone. Now they will fight it out with EB/Streymur for the bronze.

But although both HB and EB/Streymur are out of the championship race, both teams still will still play an important role in deciding whom of B36 or Skála will win it.

Next Sunday, HB play away to NSÍ Runavík in what is NSÍ's most difficult match of the remaining 4. In the penultimate round, EB/Streymur take on B36 at home, and if they defend as well as they did today, they can certainly bring NSÍ a helping hand by taking points from B36. And if B36 get past that hurdle, they still have to face HB on the last day of the season. So, will it in the end be HB who decides who become champions 2007...?

NSÍ Runavík - AB Argir 2-1 (1-0)
1-0 Sjúrður Jacobsen
1-1 Allan Mørkøre
2-1 Jónhard Frederiksberg

With a 2-1 win over AB Argir, NSÍ went to the top of the table (at least provisionally, as B36 doesn't play before Monday), and at the same time probably sent AB Argir out of the Formula Division. But NSÍ had to work for their victory, as AB a quarter of an hour into the second half leveled NSÍ's leading goal from the first half. But NSÍ are mentally tough this year, which they have proved with many late winning goals this season, and today they scored the crucial goal 8 minutes from time. For 26 hours, NSÍ will lead B36 by 3 points, but B36 should not get into any troubles at home against Skála. But it has been seen before, that delayed matches can put pressure on teams that have to win to stay on top of the table. But NSÍ's stiffest test will come next Sunday, when they take on HB. If NSÍ get the 3 points there, they arguably must be considered stronger favorites than B36 to claim the title, as NSÌ have the easier match program. B36 still have to face both HB and EB/Streymur away.

VB/Sumba - B71 Sandoy 2-3 (1-3)
1-0 Súni úr Hørg
1-1 Magnus Olsen
1-2 Rasmus Nielsen
1-3 Clayton Soares (Pen)
2-3 Marco Moravcic

B71 came from behind to beat VB/Sumba 3-2 and virtually secured their place in the Formula Division next season.

KÍ Klaksvík - GÍ Gøta 0-4 (0-1)
0-1 Hendrik Rubeksen
0-2 Christian Lundberg
0-3 Sverri Jacobsen
0-4 Hendrik Rubeksen

Not much to report from this match. An unmotivated KÍ team received a 4-0 hammering by GÍ Gøta. That's it, really.

Monday, August 4:

B36 Tórshavn - Skála 1-1 (0-0)
1-0 Alex dos Santos
1-1 Slavisa Kaplanovic

It has been seen so often before, that delayed matches can put extra pressure on teams that have to win. If that was the reason why B36 could only draw against Skála, we can only speculate about.

Although B36 dominated the first 45 minutes, they couldn't open up Skála's defense. And just before the stroke of halftime, B36's were reduced to 10 men as midfielder Mikkjal Thomassen was sent off for his 2nd yellow card.

But midway through the second half, B36 finally broke the deadlock. Brazilian Alex Dos Santos struck a wind-assisted free kick, from half way into the Skála-half, towards goal where it went straight into the back of the net in off the woodwork. It's questionable if dos Santos meant to score from that distance; he probably indented a B36 player to get a header in. The second half was played in floodlights, but floodlights in the Faroe Islands are not of the highest quality and maybe the goalkeeper had problems seeing the ball in the bad light.

Even though B36 had a man in deficit, it looked like they were going to defend the 3 points home safely - they usually do (at least with 11 men). And as their midfield worked very hard, it didn't really look as B36 were too hampered by the situation.

However, Skála did get into B36's penalty area a few times and created some anxious moments for B36's defense and after about 82 minutes a B36 mistake in their defense allowed Slavisa Kaplanovic clear with goalkeeper Jákup Mikkelsen and Kaplanovic coolly slipped the ball past the goalkeeper for an unlikely equalizer for Skála. Kaplanovic had just come on about 10-15 minutes earlier.

B36 then put heavy pressure on Skála for the remainder of the match, but Skála gave their all and defended bravely and held out for their 1-1 draw.

The result means that NSÍ Runavík now lead the table, two points in front of B36.

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