August 19 & 20, 2007: Round 19 of the Formula Division:

NSÍ Runavík - Skála 1-2 (0-1)
0-1 Bogi Gregersen
1-1 Óli Hansen
1-2 Alexandur Johansen (Pen.)

With today's loss to Skála, NSÍ also lost the top spot in the table to B36 Tórshavn. Skála took the lead after only 6 minutes and after that it was always going to be difficult for NSÍ. At the end of the first half, NSÍ were close to the equalizer twice, but Skála's goalkeeper made excellent saves; in on incident he just managed to push the ball on to the post and out. NSÍ did get their equalizer early in the second half though, but however, they found themselves trailing again 10 minutes later, when Skála scored on a penalty which NSÍ's veteran goalkeeper Jens Martin Knudsen had conceded after a clumsy challenge on Skála's Nigerian forward Óbi. NSÍ never really recovered from this, and as a result they also drop 2 points behind B36, who now lead the table.

B36 Tórshavn - VB/Sumba 2-0 (0-0)
1-0 Amed Davy Sylla
2-0 Amed Davy Sylla

B36 stick to their successive game-plan with an impregnable defense and then let Sylla score the goals, and with today's win, B36 take full advantage of NSÍ's loss to Skála and go to the top of the table. The first half had been quite even, but in the second half, B36 upped the tempo and a quarter of an hour into the half, Formula Division topscorer Sylla scored twice with few minutes in between. Sylla has now scored 16 in 19 games. At the other end B36 held their 6th clean sheet in succession. That must surely be a Faroese record (nothing official here). With such a good defensive record, and as long as Sylla keeps up his efficiency at the other end, it will be extremely difficult to knock B36 off the top again.

EB/Streymur - AB Argir 1-2 (1-2)
0-1 Ragnar Poulsen
0-2 Evrard Ble
1-2 Arnbjørn Hansen
2-2 Karoly Potemkin

After 20 minutes, visitors AB Argir had taken a surprising 2-0 lead against the newly crowned Cup winners EB/Streymur (was that still in their head – or body?), and had chances to score both 3 and 4, but at the end of the first half, it was instead EB/Streymur who reduced the score – just after AB's Ivorian Evrard Ble had been sent off after his second yellow card – unfortunately his temper is often his worst enemy. EB/Streymur dominated the second half, but AB nearly held on to their lead, but in the closing stages, Karoly Potemkin found the equalizer for EB/Streymur. If HB beat GÍ on Monday, then EB/Streymur will drop to 4th spot in the table. AB Argir is still rooted to the bottom with VB/Sumba, and in reality, neither of them can escape relegation. And we can only repeat what we said after last week: Because the Soccer Association made a stupid change of rules before the 2006 season, that the bottom 2 teams shall now be relegated directly, as apposed to before the change, where no. 9 would face a play off with no. 2 in the first division, it now doesn't matter if you become no. 9 or no. 10, and therefore there is no excitement in the bottom of the table which otherwise could be a real thriller as AB and VB/Sumba are equal on points. But now, both are doomed.

KÍ Klaksvík - B71 Sandoy 3-1 (0-0)
1-0 Kristoffur Jacobsen
1-1 Símun Hansen
2-1 Paul Clapson
3-1 Stefan Kalsø

After a goalless first half, KÍ scored 3 in the second half to win their 3rd match in succession. B71 had been very close to taking the lead in the first half, but were denied by the post. In the second half KÍ took an early lead with a long range effort from Kristoffur Jacobsen, but Símun Hansen restored the balance for B71 within 10 minutes. The same Símun Hansen was sent off midway through the second half, and a few minutes later, KÍ were back in front with a header from Paul Clapson. B71 then had a second player sent off; Brazilian Flavio. In the closing stages KÍ scored another one to make it 3-1. But as B71 are 11 points above the relegation line, there are no real worries for them.

Monday, August 20

HB Tórshavn – GÍ Gøta 4-1 (0-1)
0-1 Christian Lundberg
1-1 Andrew av Fløtum
2-1 Andrew av Fløtum
3-1 Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen
4-1 Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen

Total GÍ collapse saw HB turn 0-1 to 4-1 in just 12 minutes in the 2nd half.

In the first half, GÍ was the much better team and created 3 absolute sitters, but only once did they make HB pay. HB were very poor throughout the first half and created maybe about 2 half chances in all.

HB had the first opportunity about 7 minutes into the match when Milan Kuljic played Ólavur í Ólavstovu who found Páll Mohr Joensen on the right flank. Páll dribbled into the penalty area, but the shot from his left (and wrong) foot lacked power and precision to really bother GÍ goalkeeper Geza Turi.

GÍ then went straight into attack at the other end and should have gone ahead, but clear with the keeper in the penalty area, the striker saw his shot bounce off the left post.

Just a few moments later, GÍ again exploited the weak HB defense, but this time Trondur Vatnhamar in the HB goal made an incredible save from the GÍ striker who again had been played completely clear.

You learn most from your mistakes, they say, but that doesn't apply for HB's defense apparently, because a few minutes later, HB's defense was again stripped naked when Hendrik Rubbeksen's through-ball played Christian Lundberg clear before he rounded the keeper and brought GÍ in front. This was around 20 minutes into the match.

HB looked nowhere near to get an equalizer throughout the first half. They seemed uninspired and the attacking play lacked creativity and seemed predictable and hence toothless, and therefore GÍ's well organized defense had an easy task of keeping HB from shooting distance.

- Only once or twice did HB get a decent shot at goal; first when Páll Mohr Joensen set up Milan Kuljic for a shot from within the penalty area, but it rebounded off a GÍ leg to Ólavur í Ólavstovu who was on target, ut Geza Turi in the GÍ goal blocked the shot. Also Kári Nielsen had a long range effort that went close by the left post, but Geza Turi probably had it covered, had it been on target.

HB looked more aggressive in the second half, which they dominated from start to finish and about a quarter of an hour into the 2nd half, HB's dominance paid dividend.

A high ball was played to Andrew av Fløtum on the left wing, and from the corner of the penalty area, Andrew lifted the ball over the out-rushing goalkeeper who was caught in no-man's-land, and the ball bounced slowly into the goal just ahead of GÍ's two defenders who were sprinting to the goal line, but to no avail.

Eight minutes later, Andrew av Fløtum put HB in front when he from the left corner of the goal area met a low cross from the left and resolute shot a low shot into the far side of the goal.

And almost before you had time to blink, HB had made it both 3-1 and 4-1 with goals from Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen. In both cases it was Andrew av Fløtum who had played him clear (Wondering if Andrew av Fløtum and Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen are related? – They are cousins).

- In just 12 minutes HB had turned 0-1 to 4-1! HB also had chances to increase the score after that against a now dejected GÍ-side.

But it must be said that GÍ's collapse seemed at bit mysterious, because although HB had much more possession in the second half than they had had in the first half, HB weren't playing like a tornado.

GÍ really had HB on the hook, but threw it all away in a moment of defensive madness.

With the win, HB leapfrog EB/Streymur and take 3rd place away from them in the table, albeit with only a better goal difference.

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