May 26 & 28, 2007: Round 11 of the Formula Division:

May 26, 2007:

KÍ Klaksvík – B36 Tórshavn 1-1 (1-1)
1-0 Gunnar Nielsen
1-1 Alex dos Santos

KÍ had many players on the injury-list, including top scorer Paul Clapson, but KÍ were still the better team in the first half, as B36 struggled. Half an hour into the first half, Gunnar Nielsen reacted quickly to put KÍ in the lead after the ball had rebounded off the back of a B36-defender. KÍ also had an effort on the post. Midway into the first half, B36 were hampered when striker Amed Davy Sylla went off injured. However, in first half's stoppage time, Alex dos Santos leveled the score with a direct free kick (which probably was intended as a cross). B36 had the majority of possession in the second half, although KÍ had the better scoring opportunities – once KÍ hit the crossbar. But the match ended 1-1, which sees B36 climb to first spot in the table, level on points with EB/Streymur, who can take the lead back on Monday, when they take on GÍ Gøta.

May 28, 2007:

EB/Streymur - GÍ Gøta 1-1 (1-0)
1-0 Brian Olsen
1-1 Pól Jóhannus Justinussen

EB/Streymur was the better team in the first half and took the lead after 37 with a goal from Brian Olsen, after he was brilliantly played clear by Hans Pauli Samuelsen. GÍ improved in the 2nd half and after 5 minutes they had a glorious chance for an equalizer with a penalty, but Poul Ennigarð blasted the penalty shot on the crossbar. It looked like EB/Streymur were going to hold firm, but 37 minutes into the second half, GÍ forced an equalizer when Pól Jóhannus Justinussen headed the ball into the goal after a free kick had been lifted into the penalty area. After this, EB/Streymur put a lot of pressure on GÍ in quest for the winner – and EB/Streymur came close, but the ball stayed out! With the 1 point, EB/Streymur snatched back the lead in the table, which B36 Tórshavn had borrowed for a couple of days. But it's getting crowded at the top, were both B36 and NSÍ Runavík are just 1 point adrift of the leaders.

NSÍ Runavík - B71 Sandoy 3-0 (1-0)
1-0 Andy Olsen
2-0 Anderson Castilho (Pen.)
3-0 Øssur Dalbúð

NSÍ had no problems beating B71 who created very few scoring opportunities. NSÍ took a quick lead, when Andy Olsen scored after 8 minutes. Halfway into the second half NSÍ doubled the lead with a penalty, and at the death NSÍ made it 3-0. With the 3 points NSÍ took full advantage of EB/Streymur's and B36's draw and close the gap to the leaders to only 1 point.

AB Argir - VB/Sumba 2-2 (2-2)
0-1 Birgir Jørgensen
0-2 Súni úr Hørg
1-2 Fróði Clementsen
2-2 Súni Fríði Barbá

The two bottom teams battled out a 2-2 draw which neither team can make much use of. VB/Suma lead 2-0 after half an hour, but AB made a great comeback and equalized before half time. In the second half neither team managed to score, and with the draw, both teams stay rooted to the bottom of the table.

HB Tórshavn - Skála 5-2 (2-1)

1-0 Óbi
1-1 Rógvi Jacobsen
2-1 Rasmus Nolsøe
3-1 Jákup á Borg
3-2 Óbi
4-2 Rasmus Nolsøe
5-2 Jákup á Borg

With a 5-2 win over Skála, HB closed the gap to the leaders EB/Streymur to 5 points and are suddenly right back in the title race.

But it was Skála who took the lead in today's match after only 8 minutes. – And of course it was after yet another error in HB's fragile defense. This time it was a communication error that led to HB's defender Rasmus Nolsøe heading past his own goalkeeper in what was supposed to be a back-pass, but instead it played Óbi completely clear in front of goal and he easily put Skála ahead.

After this, it was HB who had the majority of possession, but they didn't create too many scoring opportunities. And when the equalizer came, it was the result of an error in the Skála-defense. Skála's left back made a rather careless pass which HB's Tór-Ingar Akselsen intercepted high up on the Skála flank and he raced to the byline and into the penalty area where he found a clear Rógvi Jacobsen who stretched to get the ball over the line.

HB didn't have many other chances worth mentioning in the first half, except a shot from close range from Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen that went straight into the flesh of a Skála player on the line.

At the other end Skála didn't create much; maybe 1 half-chance and one quarter-chance. Once Óbi headed the ball over from close range, and in one incident Óbi had rounded the keeper who was saved by a defender.

However, HB did snatch the leading goal in first half's stoppage-time with a direct free kick which Rasmus Nolsøe curled flat around the wall and into the goal where Skála's goalkeeper seemed just a little bit too slow to react.

Not much happen in the first half hour of the second half. The highlight was when Christian Høgni Jacobsen after some fantastic dribbles in the goal-area hammered the ball under the crossbar, but it stayed out. On the half-hour mark, Jákup á Borg made it 3-1 to HB with a superb shot from the edge of the penalty area, a bit to the left, which he curled powerfully into the side-netting just inside the far post.

The match looked to be won at this stage, but as so often, a lap of concentration in HB's now notorious defense gave yet another goal away, when Alexander Johansen played Óbi clear in the penalty area and the Nigerian bombarded the ball into the back of the net and there were still 8 minutes left of play.

However, Skála never came close to the equalizer, and instead it was HB that increased the score line; twice. First, Rasmus Nolsøe scored on another direct free kick, which Skála's 16 year old goalkeeper somehow fumbled over the goal-line. And the minute later, Jákup á Borg was played clear to make it 5-2 for HB.

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