April 09, 2007: Round 03 of the Formula Division:

Champions HB Tórshavn
under pressure after
second home-defeat in a row

HB Tórshavn – GÍ Gøta 2-3 (1-0)
1-0 Mortan úr Hørg
1-1 Jóhan Dávur Højgaard
2-1 Hans á Lag
2-2 Owngoal
2-3 Hans Pauli Petersen

Next Sunday, HB's faith in the 2007 Formula Division may already be decided when they play against neighbors B36 Tórshavn; and this after only 4 league games. If HB lose, they'll likely be 9 points adrift of the top, and that'll be too difficult to win back, even for HB. Therefore a win for HB in next Sunday's match is crucial. If they lose, then the season might be all but over for HB, almost before it ever started.

And it won't be easy for HB against B36. – Especially after 2 red cards in today's match against GÍ which means that both of HB's central midfielders, Milan Culjic and Kári Nielsen, will be suspended for that match.

But HB have only themselves to blame for this situation as they were twice leading against GÍ Gøta today, but on both occasions, they gave the lead away, and in the end were left with a 2-3 defeat.

But throughout the first half, it didn't look like that was going to happen, as GÍ were very rare guests on the HB half. However, it was GÍ who had the first scoring opportunity in the match after 11 minutes, when Sverri Jacobsen was given space and time to set up his shot from just inside the penalty area, a bit to the left, but Marcin David blocked the shot at the near post. This was the only time GÍ threatened in the first half.

For the rest of the half, it was HB who had the ball and they also created decent scoring opportunities and had many shots at goal, but either the goalkeeper, Geza Turi, saved it, or the shots went over the goal – which by the way is quite characteristic for Faroese players, that they can't keep the ball down. On one occasion a corner was sent directly on the near post.

However, HB did manage to score halfway through the first half when right back Mortan úr Hørg had come to the byline inside the penalty area, and his low shot, which probably was a cross, went straight past defenders and attackers all alike, as well as the goalkeeper, and into the goal at the far post.

Early in the second half HB were down to 10 men when Milan Culjic was given his second yellow card. – And GÍ were quick to take advantage, and a few minutes later they had leveled the score. After a corner, the ball fell to Jóhan Dávur Højgaard who placed the ball just inside of the right post out of reach for goalkeeper Marcin David.

This seemed like a wake-up call for HB who managed to put a lot of pressure on GÍ, even with the man in deficit. And 25 minutes into the 2nd half, the pressure resulted in a goal, when central defender Hans á Lag headed the ball powerfully into the goal after a corner.

But HB's lead was to be short-lived. HB's Kári Nielsen gave the ball away on midfield rather carelessly, and this resulted in a corner for GÍ which Hans á Lag managed to steer into his own goal!

And about 8 minutes from the end, HB's defense was caught of guard again when a high ball was knocked over the defense where Hans Pauli Petersen, who had come on for GÍ for the second half, was first on the ball, and clear with the keeper, he made no mistake and secured GÍ the victory.

At the very end, HB's Kári Nielsen was given the red card, and he will now be suspended for the local derby against B36 next Sunday, as will Milan Culjic.

The other matches in round 03:

EB/Streymur – AB Argir 3-0 (0-0)
AB did well to keep EB/Streymur from scoring in the first half, but when AB in the second half played against the relative strong wind (in this case literally and not metaphorically), they couldn’t hold EB/Streymur off any longer. EB/Streymur have a 100% record after their first 3 matches and so far, nobody has scored against them. Next Sunday they have a great opportunity for 3 more points when they visit B71 whom they should, even though B71 have sprung a few surprises already. AB Argir visit an improving Skála team in a match Skála must win if they intend to escape from the relegation zone.

NSÍ Runavík – Skála 3-1 (1-1)
NSÍ still have maximum points for their 3 matches, but today they had to come from behind to beat Skála, who are rooted to the bottom without a point for their 3 matches. However, Skála have played some of the better teams and they will likely climb up the table when they’ll play some of the not so fancy teams. Today they gave NSÍ stiff opposition in the first half and also took the lead half an hour into the first half. But shortly before half time, Jónhard Frederiksberg equalized for NSÍ against his former team mates from Skála. In the 2nd half NSÍ dominated and got 2 goals. The first, 20 minutes after the interval, an owngoal, and the second 5 minutes from the end. Skála next play AB Argir at home and hope to get their first points of the season. NSÍ play away to KÍ Klaksvík, who will have to tighten up their defense if they are to pose any threat to NSÍ.

KÍ Klaksvík – B71 Sandoy 3-3 (2-2)
Being Easter Monday, it is maybe fitting to talk about the resurrection, as that’s what it looked like when B71 came back from 2-0 down to take the lead by 3 goals to 2. B71 looked dead and buried when they went behind with 2 goals 20 minutes into the game, but 20 minutes later they were level after a braze from Brazilian Clayton Soares. And 20 minutes into the 2nd half, B71 were incredibly leading 3-2 after a goal from another Brazilian, Wellington. But 4 minutes into stoppage time, KÍ got a desperate equalizer. B71 have proven that they don’t intend to be just a walkover and even EB/Streymur will have to roll up their sleeves to beat them, when EB/Streymur visit next Sunday. However, anything but 3 points for EB/Streymur will be a major surprise. – But then again, B71 have already surprised us at least twice so far this season. Judging from B71’s performances so far this season, they should have no problems staying in front of VB/Sumna and AB Argir and possibly also Skála. But much of that will also be decided in the head-to-heads. KÍ does not look like a top team in any way or shape and will struggle to even reach the 4th place which they reached last season.

VB Sumba – B36 Tórshavn 0-4 (0-1)
VB/Sumba received their second hammering in succession when they took on B36. After leading 1-0 in after the first half, thanks to a direct free kick from Brazilian Alex dos Santos, B36 scored 3 more in the second half and with the 3 points they climb up to 3rd place in the table. For VB/Sumba, 2007 looks to be a long struggle.

All the results from round 03:

HB Tórshavn – GÍ Gøta 2-3 (1-0)
1-0 Mortan úr Hørg
1-1 Jóhan Dávur Højgaard
2-1 Hans á Lag
2-2 Owngoal
2-3 Hans Pauli Petersen

EB/Streymur – AB Argir 3-0 (0-0)
1-0 Hans Pauli Samuelsen
2-0 Sorin Angel
3-0 Egil á Bø

NSÍ Runavík – Skála 3-1 (1-1)
0-1 Alexandur Johansen
1-1 Jónhard Frederiksberg
2-1 Owngoal
3-1 Debus Danielsen

KÍ Klaksvík – B71 Sandoy 3-3 (2-2)
1-0 Erling Fles
2-0 Gunnar Nielsen
2-1 Clayton Soares
2-2 Clayton Soares
2-3 Wellington
3-3 Paul Clapson

VB/Sumba – B36 Tórshavn 0-4 (0-1)
0-1 Alex dos Santos
0-2 Fróði Benjaminsen
0-3 Allan Mørkøre
0-4 Fróði Benjaminsen

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