April 05, 2007: Round 02 of the Formula Division:

EB/Streymur and NSÍ Runavík
on top, as HB Tórshavn is
humiliated by B71 Sandoy

HB Tórshavn - B71 Sandoy 0-3 (0-2)
0-1 Magnus Olsen
0-2 Magnus Olsen
0-3 Magnus Olsen

Nobody, except hardcore fanatical B71 Sandoy supporters maybe, expected anything else than a comfortable victory for defending champions HB Tórshavn when newly promoted B71 Sandoy visited. Although B71 had shown great resilience against one of the title favorites NSÍ Runavík, in the opening round last Sunday, and only lost because of a 4th minute stoppage time goal, this was by most "experts" interpreted as a doubtful NSÍ display rather than a good B71 performance. Well, maybe we have become a bit wiser today as B71 showed the same resilience against HB, and in the end, HB were humiliated by a 0-3 defeat.

B71 made it difficult for HB from the word go by having a lot of people behind the ball. It never is easy to play against such defensive teams, but HB looked to be in control however and had a great majority of the possession.

But ball possession didn't really materialize into scoring opportunities and one of HB's best efforts in the early stages was from a Rasmus Nolsøe free kick, but the B71 keeper Símun Rógvi Hansen dived and saved it comfortably.

But midway into the half, B71 gave HB a foretaste of what was to come, when Símun Hansen was played through in the HB penalty area, but his shot ended in the side-netting.

B71 hadn't been very interested to get forward at all in the match, but around the half hour mark, Clayton Soares swung a corner to the head of Magnus Olsen, who directed the ball into the HB goal for an unexpected B71 lead.

From then on, it was always going to be difficult for HB to get anything out of the match, as B71 played very defensively.

And if HB had a steep hill to climb, it became vertical when B71 doubled their lead 5 minutes before halftime. B71 took a free kick from 25-30 meters, but Marcin David in the HB goal fumbled the shot, and B71's Magnus Olsen was quick to slot the riposte into the net. Marcin David has soon used all his quota of errors, as he also was to blame for Skála's 2nd goal in the last game. But he'll surely bounce back…

Jákup á Borg nearly pulled one back for HB just before the half time, but his curled shot hit the corner of the woodwork.

Rógvi Jacobsen, who had been rested for HB's game on Monday against GÍ, came on in the second half, but however, this didn't change much.

B71's defence was very compact and it was mere impossible to get a shot through the very crowded penalty area. - There was always a B71-leg to block any shot that was goal-bound.

Instead it was B71 who around halfway through the 2nd half took advantage of HB's now thin defence, as it was searching for a goal. Símun Hansen on the left played Clayton Soares, who again played the ball to a clear Magnus Olsen in front of goal, and he made no mistake and put B71 3 goals up.

3-0 down, and only about 25 minutes left of play, there was nothing HB could do. B71 held firm for the rest of the match and won an unlikely 3-0 victory and got 3 valuable points in their bag.

It's difficult to judge B71 on today's display, but if they play this defensively every game, many teams will find it difficult to break them down. Next (Easter Monday) B71 play away to KÍ Klaksvík who didn't have the most imaginative attack in their last game against B36, so it'll be exciting if B71 can take points from KÍ also. – However, today KÍ beat VB/Sumba 5-0, so they do know how to score…

HB play against GÍ Gøta, who play a physical game and that could also produce some worries for HB, but they will get a bit more space to play on, and that will suit HB much better.

The other matches in round 02:

NSÍ Runavík – B36 Tórshavn
NSÍ's Brazilian forward, Anderson, did what Brazilians do best: score goals. He got a hat trick today. B36 where completely anonymous throughout the match, and at the moment it's difficult to see B36 as one of the top teams in 2007. But they play VB/Sumba on Monday, and if they don't beat VB/Sumba, then B36's season already looks to be all but over. But will beat VB/Sumba, surely… NSÍ have another great opportunity for 3 more points on Monday when they take on Skála, who have had a very poor start to the season, losing both of their opening games handsomely.

EB/Streymur – Skála 3-0 (1-0)
EB/Streymur comfortably beat Skála and lead the table alongside NSÍ, but with a better goal difference. And EB/Streymur should add 3 more points to their tally, when they entertain AB Argir on Monday. And after that, EB/Streymur play B71 whom they beat 4-1 just recently in the Cup, so it could very well be 12 points for EB/Streymur after 4 game played. Skála on the other hand is headin in the opposite direction and could very well lose their next match also, which is away to NSÌ. Looks like a troublesome season for Skála.

AB Argir – GÍ Sumba 4-4 (2-3)
Crazy! Words should be unnecessary. GÍ looked to be cruising when they lead 3-0 after only 25 minutes and AB looked to be heading straight to relegation-country just as "comfortably". But then things turned dramatically. Before half time, AB had reduced the score to 2-3 and shortly after the interval, the game was level at 3-0. But GÍ got ahead again, but only to se AB equalize again shortly after. GÍ were hampered by the suspension of Hungarian goalkeeper Geza Turi, who was sent off against EB/Streymur in the first round. AB visit EB/Streymur on Easter Monday. If GÍ can score 4 times against AB, then EB/Streymur can score 8. Although AB scored 4 goals, they still look like the most likely team to be relegated, at the moment. GÍ visit HB, who will want to get back on track after their fiasco against B71 today.

KÍ Klaksvík – VB/Sumba 5-0 (1-0)
VB/Sumba didn't put up much resistance against KÍ, and really, the result says it all, although 2 of the goals came late in the match. The nearest VB/Sumba came to a goal was when they hit the woodwork early in the second half. KÍ will hope to do better than HB did today when they take on B71 on Monday. It will not be a walkover for KÍ. But it'll be important who gets the first goal. If B71 score first, they'll defend and that they do well.

All the results from round 02:

HB Tórshavn - B71 Sandoy 0-3 (0-2)
0-1 Magnus Olsen
0-2 Magnus Olsen
0-3 Magnus Olsen

NSÍ Runavík - B36 Tórshavn 3-0 (2-0)
1-0 Anderson Castilho
2-0 Andersen Castilho
3-0 Anderson Castilho

EB/Sreymur - Skála 3-0 (1-0)
1-0 Sorin Anghel
2-0 Hanus Eliasen
3-0 Hanus Eliasen

AB Argir - GÍ Gøtu 4-4 (2-3)
0-1 Poul Ennigarð
0-2 Pól Jóhannus Justinussen
0-3 Poul Ennigarð
1-3 Morten Overgaard
2-3 Súni Fríði Barbá
3-3 Hendrik Rubeksen
3-4 Sverri Jacobsen
4-4 Tummas Hans Rubeksen

KÍ Klaksvík - VB/Sumba 5-0 (1-0)
1-0 Chris Cerroni
2-0 Gunnar Nielsen
3-0 Paul Clapson
4-0 Símun Joensen
5-0 Erling Fles

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