September 10 and 11, 2006: Round 22 of the Formula Division:

No changes in the top, as all the top teams win.

GÍ Gøta – HB Tórshavn 1-4 (0-1)
0-1 Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen
1-1 Sámal Joensen (pen)
1-2 Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen
1-3 Tór-Ingar Akselsen
1-4 Páll Mohr Joensen

After HB had dominated the opening half hour and taken an early lead, GÍ was suddenly back in the game when they equalized with a penalty on the hour-mark, but it proved all to be in vain, as HB restored their lead just a couple of minutes later and from thereon cruised to an easy victory.

HB took the lead after 10 minutes after a somewhat fortunate goal from Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen, whose shot took a vicked deflection off a GÍ defender and deceived the goalkeeper.

HB dominated the first 30 minutes although they didn't create clear-cut scoring opportunities, but then GÍ was allowed back into the game, but although they visited HB's penalty area on several occasions, neither they became really dangerous.

In the second half, GÍ had the ball a lot in the beginning and this pressure result in a penalty, when a GÍ player was brought down in the penalty area. Sámal Joensen coolly slotted home the equalizer from the penalty spot.

GÍ now looked to be right back in the game, but just a couple of minutes later GÍ threw it all away again. HB countered and beat GÍ's off side trap and Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen surged into GÍ's penalty area on the right, but instead of shooting instantly, he waited, and then cut inside with a good dribble behind the defender and curled a low shot into the goal inside the near post.

And from thereon, it was all HB.

35 minutes into the second half, Tór-Ingar Akselsen made it 1-3, after Geza Turi in the GÍ goal initially had made a fine diving save from another HB-player, but the ball fell to Tór-Ingar who's awkwardly hit shot completely cheated the goalkeeper.

And a couple of minutes before the end, Páll Mohr Joensen made it 4-1 to HB from close range, after they had combined well through GÍ's defence.

With the 3 points, HB hold on to 3rd place, 2 points adrift of B36 in second, while GÍ's chances of winning a medal are mostly theoretical now. This was GÍ's 8th game in a row without a win. The last time they won was in round 13 on June 14, when they beat – HB away!

B36 Tórshavn – B68 Toftir 3-1 (0-0)
B68 held B36 for the entire first half, but 2 minutes into the second half, B36 had scored 2 goals. B36 will hope that Skála can do something with EB/Streymur in the next round to narrow the gap to 2 or 3 points. Should that happen, then B36 can still catch EB/Streymur, but if EB/Streymur win against Skála, then it's all but over for B36.

VB/Sumba - EB/Streymur 1-4 (0-2)
EB/Streymur have very few possible stumbling blocks ahead to deny them the title, and VB/Sumba was defenately not going to be obe of them. With 2 goals in each half, EB/Streymur took a 4 goal lead before Birgir Jørgensen scored a late consolation. This was Birgir Jørgensen's 9h goal of the season, but most of his goals are only consolation-goals, as VB/Sumba mostly loses. EB/Streymur next play against Skála, who is maybe 1 of only 2 teams of those EB/Streymur will meet, that are capable of taking points from EB/Streymur. The other one is KÍ Klaksvík on the last day of the season. But both of those matches are played on home soil, Mølin, where EB/Streymur have not lost all season.

KÍ Klaksvík – ÍF Fuglafjørður 3-0 (1-0)
After ÍF were reduced to 10 men after a red card half an hour into the match, KÍ took control of the game and won an easy 3-0 victory. But remarkably, this was only KÍ's 3rd win on home soil this season. Away from home, KÍ are still unbeaten.

Monday, September 11

Skála – NSÍ Runavík 2-0 (0-0)
NSÍ lost for the 4th time in succesion when they lost 2-0 to Skála this evening. A few days ago, NSÍ let their coach Trygvi Mortensen know that the contract for next year had been terminated, but that he would stay as coach for the rest of the season though. But the coach didn't want to stay with such a no-confidence vote, so he decided to quit immediately. Bogi Lervig and Arnfinn Langgaard will act as caretaking coahces for the rest of the season. A rumour has it that Skála's coach, Johan Nielsen (the most winning coah in Faroese soccer), will be the coach at NSÍ next season. With the loss this evening, NSÍ's hope of a medal this season have now disappeared. Skála, on the other hand, are going from strength to strenght and have taken 14 points out of a possible 18 in the last 6 matches. EB/Streymur will be well aware of this and are probably feeling quite nervous for the game against Skála on Sunday. If EB/Streymur win, it's very unlikely they will be caught by B36, but if Skála win, then nothing is decided yet!

All the results from round 22:

GÍ Gøta – HB Tórshavn 1-4 (0-1)
0-1 Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen
1-1 Sámal Joensen (pen)
1-2 Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen
1-3 Tór-Ingar Akselsen
1-4 Páll Mohr Joensen

B36 Tórshavn – B68 Toftir 3-1 (0-0)
1-0 Amed Davy Sylla
2-0 Fróði Benjaminsen
3-0 Amed Davy Sylla
3-1 Julian Johnsson

VB/Sumba – EB/Streymur 1-4 (0-2)
0-1 Sorin Anghel
0-2 Marni Djurhuus
0-3 Rafael Kwiecinzki
0-4 Sorin Anghel
1-4 Birgir Jørgensen

KÍ Klaksvík – ÍF Fuglafjørður 3-0 (1-1)
1-0 Christian Lundberg
2-0 Christian Lundberg
3-0 Símun Joensen

September 11:

Skála - NSÍ Runavík 2-0 (0-0)
0-1 Debus Danielsen
0-2 Jónhard Frederiksberg

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