June 11, 2006: Round 12 of the Formula Division:

10 men HB Tórshavn beat Skála
and take the lead in the table,
as EB/Streymur lose to NSÍ Runavík.

NSÍ Runavík – EB/Streymur 3-2 (3-0)
EB/Streymur lost first position in the table to HB (on goal difference), after losing 3-2 to NSÍ. NSÌ lead 3-0 at half time, and although EB/Streymur fought bravely in the second half, it wasn't enough today. This was only EB/Streymur's second loss of the season. The other loss was against NSÌ earlier in the season. With today's victory, NSÌ moved up to 4th position, only 3 points after HB and EB/Streymur.

Skála – HB Tórshavn 0-1 (0-0)

HB was weakened by the absence of injured Jákup á Borg and striker Páll Mohr Joensen and in addition to that, Kári Nielsen and Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen started on the bench and this clearly affected HB a lot, as HB showed none of their inspirational attacking play they have produced in many of the latest matches.

Skála were better in the first 15 minutes and created one or two half chances with some good crosses into HB's penalty area, but HB gradually improved, and halfway into the first half, HB nearly took the lead with a long range effort from Johan Ejvind R. Mouritsen which had the goalkeeper well beaten, but the shot bounced off the crossbar.

HB didn't create much else for the whole of the first half, and at the other end, Skála created only half chances, again with crosses, but however, Tróndur Vatnhamar never had to make a save.

Nine minutes into the second half, HB's central defender Vagnur Mohr Mortensen was shown the red card for pulling the shirt of Skála's forward just outside the penalty area, after the pair was chasing a long clearance from Skála's goalkeeper. The Skála attacker was close to getting clear and HB's defender opted for the emergency break.

Skála hit the free-kick straight into the wall, but were very close to scoring when the return-ball was crossed into HB's penalty area, but the onrushing Skála attacker blasted the ball over the goal from a free position.

HB then went straight on the attack and Tór-Ingar Akselsen received the ball halfway on the Skála-half on the left, raced into the penalty area and fired a low shot with his left leg into the goal inside the far post. Although the shot was well placed, the goalkeeper seemed to react a bit too slow and should probably have done better.

After the red card, HB made some changes to strengthen their midfield and brought on Kári Nielsen and Rókur av Fløtum Jespersem.

With a man in deficit, HB concentrated on their defense for the rest of the match and had many men behind the ball, but although Skála had the ball a lot, they never really threatened HB's goal. For the most, Skála tried with long passes into HB's penalty area, but today, HB's sometimes sloppy defense held firm.

At the other end, Tór-Ingar Akselsen's first goal of the season seemed to give him a confidence-boost, as he had some good dribbles and created excellent scoring opportunities on 3 occasions, but his finishing still need some sharpening, as two of the shots went over the goal, when he probably should have scored. If his finishing improves, he could soon again become the lethal striker he was in the closing stages of the 2002 season.

And with Jákup á Borg injured, HB's other players will have to be at their best if they are to retain the lead in the division, which they won today, because today's match made it very evident what a huge contribution Jákup is to the team.

On Wednesday, HB and GÍ battle it out for the top of the table. GÍ are just 1 point adrift of HB.

GÍ Gøta – ÍF Fuglafjørður 1-1 (0-0)
GÍ failed to take top spot in the table as they allowed ÍF to equalize 10 minutes before the end. This was ÍF's first point away to GÍ since 1980. Had GÍ won, they would be one point ahead of HB and EB/Streymur. But GÍ will have another go for the top position when they play HB on Wednesday (The match is brought forward because HB play in the Inter Toto Cup next weekend away to Dinaburg FC).

KÍ Klaksvík – B68 Tórshavn 1-3 (0-2)
B68 shocked KÍ Klaksvík and took 2-0 lead in the first half with both goals coming from new signing, Mustapha Makal Ndaw from Gambia. – He could turn out to be the man to keep B68 out of the relegation zone. Veteran Suni Fríði Barbá added another in the second half, after KÍ Had reduced the score. With the 3 points, B68 moved up to 8th place, but just 1 point ahead of ÍF and VB/Sumba in the relegations positions.

B36 Tórshavn – VB/Sumba 2-2 (2-1)
B36, incredibly, had to settle for a draw with lowly VB/Sumba even after leading 2-0. But B36 just cannot score goals and at the moment don't look as a serious contender for the title. VB/Sumba in addition hit the woodwork twice in the first half, although B36 had most of the possession. After today's draw, B36 slipped to 6th place, although just 4 points adrift of the leaders, HB and EB/Streymur.

All the results from round 12:

NSÍ Runavík - EB/Streymur 3-2 (3-0)
1-0 Einar Hansen
2-0 Sonni L. Petersen
3-0 Christian Høgni Jacobsen
3-1 Bárður Olsen
3-2 Sorin Anghel

Skála - HB Tórshavn 0-1 (0-0)
0-1 Tór-Ingar Akselsen

GÍ Gøta - ÍF Fuglafjørður 1-1 (0-0)
1-0 Áslakur R. Petersen
1-1 Høgni Zachariasen

KÍ Klaksvík - B68 Toftir 1-3 (0-2)
0-1 Mustapha Makal Ndaw
0-2 Mustapha Makal Ndaw
1-2 Høgni Madsen
1-3 Suni Fríði Barbá

B36 Tórshavn - VB/Sumba 2-2 (2-1)
1-0 Kenneth Jacobsen
2-0 Herbert í Lon Jacobsen
2-1 Evrard Ble
2-2 Birgir Jørgensen

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