April 09, 2006: Round 02 of the Formula Division:

HB Tórshavn lose to EB/Streymur who take first spot on the table alongside B36 Tórshavn

HB Tórshavn – EB/streymur 2-3 (2-3)

EB/Streymur soon proved that they hadn't come to Tórshavn just to defend, and after 15 minutes, they had a good chance to take the lead, but Bárður Johannesen in the HB goal made a good block from the shot.

But it was HB who took the lead with a fantastic Jákup á Borg goal. Tór-Ingar Axelsen sent a long ball from the midfield to Rókur av Fløtum Jesperen on the left flank. He crossed the ball, which didn't looke too dangerous at first, but the EB/Streymur defense made a meal of it and gave the ball away to Jákup á Borg just outside the penalty area in center of goal. He chested the ball and then volleyed it directly into the top right corner. – A beautiful goal!

37 minutes into the first half, EB/Streymur equalized when they took advantage of some sloppy defensive play from HB. Hans Pauli Samuelsen was fighting for the ball with two defenders and the danger seemed to be averted when he was about to lose the ball, but suddenly he had the ball back and was clear on the right hand side in the penalty area and he curved his shot with the outside of his foot and placed it in the top far corner. – Another beautiful goal in Gundadalur today!

This was EB/Streymur's first ever goal against HB in Gundadalur in a league game in the best division.

But HB just needed another 2 minutes to restore their lead. Jákup á Borg again went surging down the right flank and found Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen outside the penalty area and he beat the keeper with a low shot just inside the left post.

However, EB/Streymur leveled the score again just 5 minutes later. EB/Streymur sent a free kick from just outside the centre-circle into HB's penalty area and there, an unmarked Sorin Anghel just touched the ball with his head, with his back against the goal, and the ball looped over the goalkeeper and into the goal.

But EB/Streymur weren't finished yet. In injury time, the referee awarded EB/Streymur a penalty for handball and Egil á Bø slotted it into the net for a 3-2 lead for EB/Streymur.

In the second half, EB/Streymur were more defensive and concentrated on the counterattacks as HB tried to push forward. HB were very close to equalize twice, but some super-saves from EB/Streymur's goalkeeper, René Tórgarð, kept HB at bay.

In the dying moments, EB/Streymur had chances to increase the lead as HB were searching for the equalizer. But EB/Streymur held on and took all 3 points after their first goal(s) ever against HB in Gundadalur.

EB/Streymur now lead the table, with maximum points, alongside B36 Tórshavn.

But HB will bounce back, because even if they lost today, they actually played much better than they did against ÍF last Sunday when they won 5-1. On Thursday, HB will play away against GÍ Gøta. For HB, only 3 points will be good enough, as they have a tough program ahead of them after the GÍ match: NSÍ, Skála, B36 and KÍ.

EB/Streymur will play their next 2 matches at home, against ÍF and GÍ, and that could produce another 6 points and then it looks very exciting for EB/Streymur this season…

ÍF Fuglafjørður – B36 Tórshavn 1-3 (1-1)
B36 still have maximum points after today's round, but they weren't having it all their own way in today's match against ÍF, because it was ÍF who took the lead. But Fróði Benjaminsen proved why he is one of the highest paid player's in the Formula Division when he equalized 10 minutes from the half time whistle. B36 scored 2 more goals in the second half; one of them thanks to Sylla, who played with ÍF last season. ÍF have still played against the better teams, so maybe the alarm clocks aren't ringing yet, but they might well start ringing soon, because ÍF's next games will be against first EB/Streymur and then KÍ Klaksvík. ÍF could be without points after 4 games. Then it will be difficult to recover.

KÍ Klaksvík – Skála 2-2 (2-1)
KÍ took Skála by surprise when they came from behind to score two quick goals shortly before half time to take the lead. One of them was from Paul Klapson, from England, who was supposed to play as goalkeeper, but has so far played as a forward. In the second half, Skála piled on the pressure and it took them only 3 minutes to equalize. Skála had other good opportunities, but couldn't score. Skála seem to be getting better and better and will start to climb up the table. KÍ proved that they're going to have a much better season than last and many teams will find it hard to beat KÍ.

VB/Sumba - NSÍ Runavík 2-5 (1-1)
VB/Sumba must still judged as one of the most likely relegation candidates as they lost 5-2 against NSÍ today, and with matches against Skála and B36 coming up, VB/Sumba might already be in deep trouble after only 4 games with possible 0 points on the table, if they lose those games, which isn't unlikely. But however, today, they shocked NSÍ when they took an early lead and shortly after they had a glorious opportunity to make it 2-0 when they got a penalty, but Jens Martin Knudsen saved the shot from Edward Ble. VB/Sumba can't afford to miss penalties like that. NSÍ on the other hand cannot either afford to go behind – nearly 2-0 – against bottom teams, if they are to challenge for the title, although they won the game quite comfortably in the end, but who knows what might have happened if the penalty had gone in…

B68 Toftir – GÍ Gøta 1-1 (0-1)
B68 will take the points they can get, and as long as they can stay in front of ÍF and VB, then draws will be welcomed for them. But it's doubtful what B68 can manage against NSÍ, Skála and B36 the next 3 games, so their position could look quite grim after those games. But as long as Súni Fríði Barbá keeps his goal-machine going, B68 might just stay above 9th place. So will GÍ, but maybe just one place higher that B68.

All the results from round 02:

HB Tórshavn - EB/STREYMUR 2-3 (2-3)
1-0 Jákup á Borg 17'
1-1 Hans Pauli Samuelsen 38'
2-1 Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen 39'
2-2 Sorin Anghel '44
2-3 Egil á Bø (pen) '45

ÍF Fuglafjørður - B36 Tórshavn 1-3 (1-1)
1-0 Atli Petersen 26'
1-1 Fróði Benjaminsen 36'
1-2 Sylla Ahmed Davy 56'
1-3 Hanus Thorleifsson 75'

KÍ klaksvík - Skála 2-2 (2-1)
0-1 Bjarni Jørgensen 24'
1-1 Ovi Nysted 37'
2-1 Paul Clapson 41'
2-2 Bogi Gregersen 49

VB/Sumba - NSÍ Runavík 2-5 (1-1)
1-0 Birgir Jørgensen 4'
1-1 Christian Høgni Jacobsen 28'
1-2 Helgi L. Petersen 59'
1-3 Bogi Løkin 76'
1-4 Dánial Hansen 83'
1-5 Christian Høgni Jacobsen 87'
2-5 Birgir Jørgensen (pen) 90'

B68 Toftir - GÍ Gøta 1-1 (0-1)
0-1 Sámal Joensen 20'
1-1 Súni Fríði Barbá 71'

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