April 02, 2006: Round 01 of the Formula Division:

HB Tórshavn on top after 1st round of the Formula Division 2006

EB/Streymur - B68 Toftir 2-1 (2-0)
EB/Streymur did what was expected of them, when they beat B68 Toftir 2-1. Soren Anghel showed that he means business again this season, when he put EB/Streymur in front and later in the first half, Gert Hansen doubled the lead. But B68 came back strongly in the second half and Súni Fríði Barbá reduced the deficit to 2-1. But EB/Streymur held on and took all 3 points. Next week they'll visit HB and will try to score their first goal ever away to HB!

GÍ Gøta - VB/Sumba 3-0 (2-0)
GÍ Gøta showed that they have no intention to leave their fate to an injury-time-goal in the last game of the season to avoid relagtion, as they did last season, as they handsomely beat VB/Vágur 3-0 today. VB/Sumba on the other hand, will have to improve a lot if they are to stay up. How good GÍ are is difficult to say, because VB/Sumba today just didn't produce any resistance. But GÍ surely doesn't have to be too nervous about relegation at this moment.

NSÍ Runavík - KÍ Klaksvík 0-1 (0-0)
NSÍ Runavík have been judged to be the main challenger to B36 this season but they started their campaign with a disappointing loss to KÍ Klaksvík. But NSÍ had a glorious chance to take the lead in the first half, but last year's top scorer, Christian Høgni Jacobsen, missed the penalty. Instead, it was KÍ who took al 3 points, when Ovi Nysted scored late on in the game. NSÍ can't afford to lose matches at home and to miss penalties if they really want to win the title. But how good are KÍ? We'll know more next Sunday, when they take on Skála at home.

HB Tórshavn - ÍF Fuglafjørður 5-1 (1-0)
HB's new and young team got a good start to the 2006 league competition when they beat ÍF Fuglafjørður 5-1. But ÍF did not provide much opposition and only produced 1 real scoring opportunity throughout the match (in addition to their goal, which was a gift from HB), so it remains to be seen on what level HB are this season. HB will not have it this easy when EB/Streymur visit Gundadalur next Sunday. ÍF looked like they're going to struggle to stay in the Formula Division…

HB quickly took control of today's game and hit the crossbar twice within the first quarter of an hour, with long range efforts from Jákup á Borg and Janus Joensen, but had to wait until around 35 minutes of the game, when Rasmus Nolsøe produced a vintage freekick-goal from 35 meters!

HB scored two more goals within 4 minutes from the start of the second half.

First, Jákup á Borg broke down the right flank and provided Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen with an easy tap in for 2-0 and then Jákup á Borg scored the other, when the ÍF defense opened up and let him run at goal and from the edge of the penalty area in center of goal, he placed the ball past the goalkeeper with his left foot.

ÍF then reduced the score 20 minutes later, after a collapse in the HB defense, when Bartal Eliasen played Atli Petersen free and he placed the ball in the HB goal.

ÍF had one more chance to reduce the score even more, but some desperate defending on the line kept the ball out of the goal.

But just a few minutes later, HB made it 4-1 after a long free kick on HB's own half from Rasmus Nolsøe to Jákup á Borg on the right hand side outside ÍF's penalty area. He found Páll Mohr Joensen who combined brilliantly with Emil Leifson who again played Páll Mohr Joensen who took a shot from a tight angle on the right and the ball went into the goal off the left post.

Johan Ejvind R. Mouritsen scored HB's 5th goal in the last minute, when he was played free in the penalty area and coolly lobbed the ball over the ÍF goalkeeper.

B36 Tórshavn - Skála 0-1 (0-1)
B36 Tórshavn started their title defense with a 1-0 victory over last season's runners up, Skála. B36's new signing from ÍF, Sylla Ahmed Davy (Ivory Coast), scored the goal after 20 minutes. Skála were reduced to 10 men, when their goalkeeper, Vlada Filipovic, was shown the red card just before halftime. But Skála still tried to push for an equalizer in the second half, but B36 stood their ground. - 3 valuable points for B36 who are still favourites to take the title.

All the results from round 01:

EB/STREYMUR - B68 Toftir 2-1 (2-0)
1-0 Sorin Anghel 19'
2-0 Gert Hansen 39'
2-1 Súni Fríði Barbá 58'

GÍ Gøta - VB/SUMBA 3-0 (2-0)
1-0 Sverri Jacobsen 16'
2-0 Jónreid Dalhem 37'
3-0 Poul Arni Jacobsen 65'

NSÍ Runavík - KÍ klaksvík 0-1 (0-0)
0-1 Ovi Nysted 82'

HB Tórshavn - ÍF Fuglafjørður 5-1 (1-0)
1-0 Rasmus Nolsøe 35'
2-0 Rókur av Fløtum Jespersen 46'
3-0 Jákup á Borg 49'
3-1 Atli Petersen 69'
4-1 Páll Mohr Joensen 73'
5-1 Johan Ejvind R. Mouritsen 90'

SKÁLA - B36 Tórshavn 0-1 (0-1)
0-1 Sylla Ahmed Davy 23'

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