Cup Winners 2008

June 14, 2008: The Cup Competition – The Final:

EB/Streymur – B36 Tórshavn 3-2 (2-1)
1-0 Arnbjørn Hansen
2-0 Hans Pauli Samuelsen
2-1 Karoly potemkin
3-1 Arnbjørn Hansen
3-2 Karoly Potemkin

EB/Streymur won the Cup final for the 2nd time in succession when they beat B36 Tórshavn 3-2 after leading 2-1 at halftime.

EB/Streymur took the lead after 10 minutes when B36's goalkeeper Meinhardt Joensen hesitated too long to either collect or clear Bárður Olsens 35 meter-long pass, with the result that always dangerous Arnbjørn Hansen was first on the ball and slotted home.

After the goal, EB/Streymur were in full command and 8 minutes later they doubled their lead.

EB/Streymur have proved all season that they are lethal on set-pieces, and they proved that yet again tonight when Bárður Olsen's pinpoint accurate freekick over the B36-defence landed just in front of Hans Pauli Samuelsen in front of goal, and Samuelsen had the easiest of tasks making it 2-0.

However, after the half-hour mark, B36 improved and about 8 minutes before halftime they were back in the game when Hungarian Karoly Potemkin pulled one back after a corner.

From the start of the 2nd half, EB/Streymur were again the better side, and after 12 minutes, Meinhardt Joensen had to be at his best to keep out Hanus Eliasen's header.

5 minutes later, Potemkin got a shot in after a solo run where he did well to hold off 3 or 4 EB/Streymur defenders, but EB/Streymur goalkeeper René Tórgarð denied the Hungarian this time.

With a quarter of an hour remaining, EB/Streymur seemed to have killed the game when Arnbjørn Hansen again took advantage of B36's sloppy defence, and alone with the goalkeeper, the Formula Division top scorer coolly put EB/Streymur 3-1 up.

But just 3 minutes later, B36 were back in it when Karoly Potemkin scored his second of the night to set up an exciting finish. – In last year’s final Potemkin scored EB/Streymur's 4th goal, when they beat HB 4-3.

But EB/Streymur held firm in defence, and B36 never really got close to the equalizer.

Final result: EB/Streymur 3-2 B36 Tórshavn

Video highlights: EB/Streymur vs. B36, the Cup Final 2008

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