August 15, 2007: The Cup Competition – The Final:

EB/Streymur beat HB Tórshavn in the Cup final in a 7-goal thriller

EB/Streymur – HB Tórshavn 4-3 (3-0)
1-0 Sorin Anghel (pen.)
2-0 Hans Pauli Samuelsen
3-0 Arnbjørn Hansen
3-1 Páll Mohr Joensen
4-1 Karoly Potemkin
4-2 Rógvi Jacobsen
4-3 Vagnur Mohr Mortensen

EB/Streymur beat HB Tórshavn in a Cup final that looked to be over almost before it had started, as EB/Streymur took a 2-0 lead after only 5 minutes and added a 3rd after 20 minutes. But HB fought back bravely, and in the end, EB/Streymur just about held on to their lead in the 5 minutes of added time.

EB/Streymur were awarded a penalty after only 2 minutes when Hanus Eliasen in an attempt to get past a defender, hit his hand. The referee was merciless and pointed to the spot. Sorin Anghel executed it to perfection.

And just 3 minutes later, EB/Streymur doubled their lead when Bárður Olsen found Hans Pauli Samuelsen on the left hand side with a long pass across the field; Hans Pauli easily got around his defender with a simple feint and went into the penalty area and fired the ball into the far side bottom corner.

It took a while for HB to recover, but after some 15 minutes, they slowly started to string a few passes together and got closer to the EB/Streymur goal. Andrew av Fløtum had a couple of shots from outside the penalty area, but they weren't really dangerous. – One was right on EB/Streymur's goalkeeper René Tórgarð and the other one was over the goal. But it seemed like HB sensed that their goal was going to come.

But that didn't last long though, and their hope was turned into dismay when EB/Streymur made it 3-0 after about 20 minutes. Arnbjørn Hansen was played clear in center of goal with a smart pass and although Tróndur Vatnhamar in he HB goal saved the initial shot, Arnbjørn was there to head the rebound into the back of the net.

If it had been an uphill struggle for HB being 2 goals down, it had now become a steep mountain to climb.

However, HB never surrendered, and they bravely fought on, but as EB/Streymur now were becoming much more defensive and played with many men behind the ball, HB found it difficult to break down the EB/Streymur defense.

Difficult, but not impossible, and Rógvi Jacobsen was extremely close to reducing the score when Jákup á Borg served him with a perfect cross from the right hand side, but Rógvi's header from within the goal area was miraculously saved by René Tórgarð in EB/Streymur's goal.

EB/Streymur also missed an absolute sitter when Hanus Eliasen should have made it 4-0 when he was played clear, but standing almost on the goal-line and with no goalkeeper in sight, Hanus managed to shoot well over the crossbar!

EB/Streymur kept on defending for the second half and were always looking to catch HB on the break as HB had to throw caution to the wind in search for a goal – or 3. But for most of the 2nd half, HB's defense managed quite well to keep EB/Streymur's attackers from getting close to the goal, even though HB only played with 3 at the back – or maybe even with only 2 and a half!

And at the other end, HB were creating a whole host of chances, but their finishing let them down again and again. Either the shots were over or wide, and when they were not, the goalkeeper kept HB at bay with crucial saves.

But full credit to HB for trying and believing – and keeping at it, even if the clock was running out. And it was running fast; especially when the EB/Streymur players at every given opportunity were faking injuries.

HB's faith finally paid off after 77 minutes when Páll Mohr Joensen became clear in EB/Streymur's goal area and poked the ball into the goal.

But that seemed to be to no avail as EB/Streymur made it 4-1 a couple of minutes later on a counterattack. From the left wing the ball was played to the unmarked Karoly Potemkin who was alone with the keeper and easily scored to 4-1.

Well, if you think this finished HB off, think again!

Just a minute later Rógvi Jacobsen made it 4-2 with a sensational shot from long range that went straight into the top left corner. An absolute cracker!

And a few minutes later, HB edged even closer. A HB player went down on the edge of EB/Streymur's penalty area. The referee pointed directly to the spot. But he then took a long look at his linesman and decided to have a chat with him. The outcome was that the referee changed his decision and instead gave HB a free kick just a centimeter outside the penalty area. "Well, I'll show him", Vagnur Mohr Mortensen thought, as he bombarded the free kick directly into the back of EB/Streynur's goal. 4-3!

At the other end, EB/Streymur had several clear-cut chances to decide the match, but Tróndur Vatnhamar made 3 or 4 incredible blocks and kept HB in the match as it wasn't over yet, because the referee added 5 minutes of stoppage-time.

HB were still piling forward in search for the equalizer and sent long high balls into EB/Streymur's penalty area where there were plenty of anxious moments, but in the end, EB/Streymur just about held on to their 4-3 lead.

This was the first major title EB/Streymur have won in their relative short history since the two club EB and Streymur merged. Last season they lost the semifinal on penalties to B36 Tórshavn, who went on to clinch the cup. EB/Streymur also missed out on the championship title after they were leading the table until only 2 minutes were remaining of the season, when HB stole it with a late goal. But today, EB/Streymur got their revenge. Congratulations to them.

And commiseration to HB, who also deserve a lot of credit for their strong comeback today.

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