April 12, 2005, The Cup Competition:

KÍ Klaksvík and B36 Tórshavn
are expelled from the Cup

The Faroese Football Association's executive committee has decided to expel KÍ Klaksvík and B36 Tórshavn from the Cup competition after they had used unlicensed players in their matches against Fram (3rd division) and Skála respectively (KÍ won 7-1 and B36 won 4-2).

KÍ had used 3 players which playing-licenses still were not in the hands of KÍ, but with the club they played for last season. B36 had used 1 player which playing-license was still at his old club.

Nobody is accusing KÍ or B36 of cheating, as these missing licenses were merely because of some “mishaps” at the club’s administration. But the Football Association says it can not distinguish between mishaps and deliberately evading the rules. Therefore they had no other choice but to expell KÍ and B36 from the Cup.

Instead, Fram from the 3rd division and Skála will now progress to the Cup’s quarter finals.

However, KÍ and B36 sill have the option to appeal the decision.

They most likely will…

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