The Cup Competition 2015
(the Prime Minister's Cup)

Preliminary round

March 28, 2015
Royn Hvalba (2div) vs. 07 Vestur (1div) 0-1 (0-1)
0-1 Torstein Mýlingstind

April 01, 2015
Undrið FF Tórshavn
(3div) vs. Giza/Hoyík (2div) 0-5 (0-3)
0-1 Leivur H. Joensen
0-2 Áki Dam Egholm
0-3 Guttormur Patursson
0-4 Bárður Mittelstein
0-5 Ahmed Keita

First round - April 06, 2015:

Teams without brackets are premier division teams.

HB Tórshavn vs. Skála (1div) 1-0 (0-0)
1-0 Alex dos Santos

A goal scored directly from a corner from Alex dos Santos after 65 minutes was the only difference between HB and 2nd tier leaders Skála. HB were far from convincing and will have to up their game considerably if they are to stand any chance against Klæmint Olsen and NSÍ Runavík in Sunday’s league match.  But maybe HB just aren’t better than they were today. They haven’t showed it so far, anyway. Granted, Christian R. Mouritsen, Levi Hanssen, Pál Mohr Joensen and Andrew av Fløtum, who were rested today, make some difference, but HB seem to be a long way from any championship shape. – Let alone cup shape.

EB/Streymur vs. KÍ Klaksvík 3-2 (2-1)
0-1 Sørmundur Kalsø
1-1 Leif Niclasen
2-1 Arnar DaM
2-2 Páll Klettskarð
3-2 Brian Olsen

Although a severely weakened team compared to their past, EB/Streymur seem to be holding tight to their cup traditions and the other tradition of never having lost against KÍ Klaksvík at Margáir. KÍ took the lead after just three minutes, but the home team turned it around with two goals in the last four minutes before half-time. Páll Klettskarð seemed to have forced extra time with 10 minutes to go, but the joy was short-lived as Brian Olsen snatched the winner for EB/Streymur just three minutes later.

ÍF Fuglafjørður vs. B71 Sandoy (1div) 5-0 (2-0)
1-0 Clayton Soares
2-0 Dánjal á Lakjuni
3-0 Kristoffur Jakobsen
4-0 Andy Olsen
5-0 Kristoffur Jakobsen

This tie was never any real contest as there was just too much difference between the sides. The first two goals were scored in the first 20 minutes while the last three were scored in the last 20 minutes. 

Víkingur vs. B68 Toftir (1div) 4-0 (2-0)
1-0 Finnur Justinussen
2-0 Finnur Justinussen
3-0 Finnur Justinussen (pen)
4-0 Magnus Jarnskor

Seven goals for Finnur Justinussen in two matches, who made it 1-0, 2-0 and 3-0 before Magnus Jarnskor sealed the match with a fourth goal in the dying minutes.

B36 Tórshavn vs. TB Tvøroyri 2-1 (1-0)
1-0 Lukasz Cieslewicz
2-0 Lukasz Cieslewicz
2-1 Albert Adu

With two goals from Lukasz Cieslewicz in five minutes midway through the first half, B36 appeared to have sewn up the game, but TB set up a grand stand finish as Frenchman Albert Adu pulled goal back with 10 minutes remaining, and B36 goalkeeper Tórður  Thomsen had to make a terrific save to deny TB the equalizer.

MB Miðvágur (1div) vs. Giza Hoyvík (2div) 0-3 (0-0)
0-1 Leivur H. Joensen
0-2 Jóhan Restorff Jacobsen
0-3 Ahmed Keita

Although playing in a lower division, Giza Hoyvík's win was no real cup shock as MB's promotion to the 1st division was only made at the end of last season, and the team sheets also reveal that Giza Hoyvík have four players with quite a lot of experience from the top division; amongst them goalscorers Leivur Holm, who has played for AB, and Senegalese forward Ahmed Keita. Holm gave the visitors the lead just after the hour-mark while Keita wrapped up the victory with the third goal in the last minute of the match - 10 minutes after Jacobsen made it 2-0.

NSÍ Runavík vs. FC Suðuroy 2-1 (2-1)
1-0 Klæmint Olsen
2-0 Klæmint Olsen
2-1 Búi Egilsson

The question is not if Klæmint Olsen scores, but rather how many. Today he had given NSÍ a two-goal lead after 19 minutes. And when FC Suðuroy’s Jón Krosslá Poulsen was sent off two minutes later, it looked very much like game over. But not so as 10-men Suðuroy surprisingly pulled a goal back a few minutes before half-time and had chances in the second half as well.

07 Vestur (1div) vs. AB Argir 1-2 (0-1)
0-1 Álvur F. Christiansen
0-2 Dmitrije Jankovic (pen)
1-2 Holgar Djurhuus (pen)

For long it was tense, and matters not decided towards the end after AB had taken the lead five minutes before the interval. A two-goal cushion from a penalty five minutes from time settled the nerves for AB who therefore could afford 07 Vestur to pull a goal back on another penalty two minutes later. 


April 21, 2015

(2 div) - HB Tórshavn 1-4 (1-0)
1-0 Ahmed Keita
1-1 Arnbjørn Hansen
1-2 Gunnar Haraldsen
1-3 Fróði Benjaminsen
1-4 Rógvi Holm

Last year’s losing cup finalists HB had fielded their strongest team against the minnows Giza/Hoyvík from the 3rd tier but yet struggled to get through to the semi-finals, although winning comfortably in the end.

But HB were embarrassed – and given a scare – when Senegalese forward Ahmed Keita gave Giza/Hoyvík the lead after only eight minutes as he had been played through.

Giza/Hoyvík showed great resilience as they managed to hold on to that score-line until the hour-mark when Arnbjørn Hansen finally equalized, six minutes before Gunnar Haraldsen headed HB in front from a corner to terminate what would have been one of the biggest shocks ever  in Faroese cup competition, should HB not have won.

Ten minutes from time Fróði Benjaminsen increased HB’s lead to 3-1 before Rógvi Holm made it 4-1 in the 90th minute following a corner.

April 22, 2015

B36 Tórshavn - EB/Streymur 4-0 (3-0)
1-0 Lukasz Cieslewicz
2-0 Lukasz Cieslewicz
3-0 Jákup á Borg (pen)
4-0 Odmar Færø

B36 made short shrift of EB/Streymur where Lukasz Cieslewicz scored a brace in the first 15 minutes of the game before Jákup á Borg made it 3-0 from the penalty spot after half an hour.

Odmar Færø sealed the semi-final birth with a free header from Cieslewicz’s corner to make it 4-0 five minutes from time.

No Hitchcock thriller can match the drama that went on between ÍF Fuglafjørður vs. Víkingur and NSÍ Runavík vs. AB Argir which had it all: Unthinkable comebacks, a scissors kick, a red card, the goalkeeper scoring an equalizer before everything was decided in shoot-outs – and 20 of the kind between ÍF and Víkingur.

NSÍ Runavík - AB Argir 0-0

Extra Time 2-2 (1-0)
1-0 Klæmint Olsen (pen)
1-1 Heðin Stenberg
1-2 Jógvan Andreas Skeel Nolsøe
2-2 Haraldur R. Højgaard

Penalties: 5-4

NSÍ win 7-6 on aggregate

After stalemate in the first 90 minutes, NSÍ took the lead on a penalty from Klæmint Olsen just before the end of extra time's first half.

AB gambled early but reaped the reward when goalkeeper (!) Heðin Stenberg equalized with a volley from a corner after 110 minutes and incredibly AB took the lead just a minute later when Jógvan Andrias Skeel Nolsøe lobbed over NSÍ goalkeeper Andras Gango.
But the wild stuff wasn’t over yet as Haraldur Højgaard equalized for NSÍ after 115 minutes to take the match into a penalty shoot-out.

After 3 successful efforts from each team, Dmitrije Jankovic’s shot was saved by the NSÍ goalkeeper, and as that was the only missed, NSÍ won the shoot-out 5-4 to qualify for the semi-finals.

ÍF Fuglafjørður - Víkingur 2-2 (0-2)
0-1 Gunnar Vatnhamar
0-2 Atli Gregersen
1-2 Nenad Saric
2-2 Bartal Eliasen

Extra Time 1-1 (1-0)
1-0 Ari Ellingsgaard
1-1 Heðin Hansen

Penalties: 8-9

Víkingur win 12-11 on aggregate

ÍF look dead and buried as Víkingur were leading 2-0 after some 30 minutes thanks to goals from Gunnar Vatnhamar and Atli Gregersen.

But after substitute Nenad Saric had pulled a goal back with a scissors kick with half an hour remaining, it revived ÍF and they went desperately close to the equalizer when Brazilian Clayton Soares rattled the crossbar.

Hope faded for ÍF as the clock surpassed the 90-minute mark, but in stoppage time Bartal Eliasen - ”Mr. ÍF”, as he is often referred to – dug out the equalizer to force extra time.

ÍF went on to take the lead just four minutes into extra time when Ari Ellingsgaard netted from an acute angle and when Víkingur centre-back Dánjal Pauli Lervig then was sent off for a second bookable offence right at the start of the second period of extra time, it looked like the defending cup winners were going to be ousted from this year’s edition at the quarter final stage.

However, there is a reason why Víkingur have won the cup three times in a row as they just don’t give up, although it looked like the last opportunity had gone when ÍF goalkeeper Pedrag Markovic dived to save Súni Olsen’s spectacular long range effort after 118 minutes.

However, in added time, Markovic’s hands were less safe as he failed to hold on to a cross that eventually fell to substitute Heðin Hansen who slotted in the equalizer to set up a penalty shoot-out.       

The first five penalties for each team went in before the goalkeepers saved one each. After Víkingur goalkeeper Geza Turi scored on their 10th try, Turi went on to save the following shot from Saric to win the shoot-out 9-8 and 12-11 on aggregate to go through to the semi-finals. 

1st leg

May 21, 2015:

NSÍ Runmavík - HB Tórshavn 1-0 (0-0)
1-0 Klæmint Olsen (pen)

Both teams had chances to take the lead in a closely fought and intense first half where NSÍ were closest to taking the lead after 20 minutes when Andras Fredriksberg from 37 metres hit the crossbar as Teitur Gestsson had been caught in no mans land. 

HB’s best chance fell after 40 minutes when 17-year old Teit Jacobsen in his first start for HB’s 1st team brilliantly dribbled past his marker on the left wing to make a low cross to Arnbjørn Hansen  who squandered the glorious opportunity as he shot diagonally wide of the far post. In total, NSÍ just edged HB with scoring opportunities. 

The second half was equally even but maybe with fewer scoring opportunities, but this time one or two more for HB. 

But with 12 minutes left of the clock, Klæmint Olsen went down in the penalty area after Johan Troest Davidsen made the cleanest tackle ever made on a football pitch, but having taken a long look at the linesman, the referee awarded the penalty for NSÍ. It clearly was not!

Anyway, Olsen converted safely from the spot himself to give NSÍ the advantage before the second leg in Tórshavn on 4 June. 

Víkingur – B36 Tórshavn 0-1 (0-1)
0-1 Gestur B. Dam

An under-strength Víkingur team with about 5 absentees paid its toll on their performance as they never managed to threaten B36 who had forward Ibrahima Camara suspended  - and which he’ll be for another two matches. 

B36 took the lead after about a quarter of an hour after a solo effort by left back Gestur B. Dam who in the end slipped the ball past reserve goalkeeper Elias Rasmussen. 

Víkingur found it difficult to reply though, and even when Jákup á Borg was sent off after 30 minutes having been in clinch with Atli Gregersen, they still hardly ever threatened and B36 had no problems in defending the victory home.

2nd leg

June 03 & 04, 2015:

June 03:

B36 Tórshavn - Víkingur 0-2 (0-1)
0-1 Bárður Hansen
0-2 Filip Djordjevic

Having trailed from the 1-0 defeat from the first leg, Víkingur were on level terms within four minutes after a quick free kick which allowed right back Bárður Hansen to get into shooting range and fire the ball into the back of the net.

Víkingur dominated through most of the match, but late in the second half their reserves seemed empty, and B36 were about to get the upper hand. 

But five minutes from time Andreas Lava Olsen turned and played a brilliant through ball which left Filip Djordjevic clear with only the keeper to beat, which he did emphatically to send Víkingur through to the cup finals which they have won the last three times in succession.

June 04

HB Tórshavn - NSÍ Runavík 0-1 (0-0)
0-1 Árni Frederiksberg

NSÍ will meet Víkingur in the cup final after beating a lacklustre HB team that had very little to offer.

Except from 10 minutes after the first half-hour where HB had a couple of scoring opportunities and where Arnbjørn Hansen’s header hit the upright, HB just didn’t seem to have the means to create scoring opportunities. 

Knowing it would be virtually game over for HB if they conceded a goal at home after the 1-0 win for NSÍ from the first leg, the visitors were eager to make that happen and had several attempts on the HB goal in the first half an hour. 

Having weathered that half an hour, HB seemed to finally be able to put pressure on NSÍ, but it lasted only 10 minutes however, and during the entire second half, HB never managed to threaten the visitors. 

With time ebbing out, HB gambled by taking out centre back Rógvi Holm with a quarter of an hour remaining, but paid dearly as Árni Frederiksberg was played clear to score the winning goal for NSÍ in the 80th minute. 

Question is if it was the right gamble. Arguably, something had to be done, but long high balls into NSÍ’s penalty area could have been another option as a 3-man defence against the most lethal attack in the country would always be risky. 

Final: August 29, 2015
Tórsvøllur in Tórshavn

Víkingur win 4th cup final in a row

Víkingur – NSÍ Runavík 3-0 (2-0)
1-0 Súni Olsen '10
2-0 Gert Hansen '32
3-0 Heðin Hansen '58

After Víkingur had taken a 2-0 lead after half an hour and NSÍ were reduced to 10 men six minutes later, the contest was effectively over as 10-man NSÍ never managed to mount any pressure.

Víkingur took the lead after 23 minutes with a cracking free kick from Súni Olsen from 23 metres.

NSÍ tried to respond early and had a entered the penalty area a couple of times, but the pressure quickly wore off again, and instead Andras Gango had to make a save at the other end folowing a corner form Olsen in the 19th minute.  

It was a warning, as Olsen swung in another corner on the half-hour for Gert Olsen to head in to double the lead.

The uphill battle became even steeper for NSÍ when winger Árni Frederiksberg was sent off after 37 minutes, and in fact, NSÍ never managed to mount any kind of pressure after that.

Instead Víkingur effectively closed the contest 12 minutes through the second half after a defensive blunder where Heðin Hansen won the ball off the defender and surged towards goal and from the edge of the penalty area he fired a low diagonal shot into the bottom left corner.

Whole match re-live below. Match starts at 9:25:

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