September 08, 2008: Formula Division news:

KÍ Klaksvík coach
Eyðun Klakstein resigns

With 6 matches remaining of the league and KÍ placed in 8th place, just 3 points above B71 Sandoy and Skála in the two relegation places, KÍ coach Eyðun Klakstein has decided to quit his job, the club announced on Sunday evening.

Klakstein became KÍ coach in May last year, alongside Trygvi Mortensen, when English coach Tony Paris was sacked.

This season, Klakstein was head coach while Mortensen was his assistant.

KÍ have today appointed former KÍ coach Petur Mohr as new coach for the rest of the season.

Mohr was KÍ coach in 1991-1993, winning the title in 1991.

With his "no bullshit style", Mohr might be just the right man for the job to steer KÍ clear of relegation.

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