June 04, 2008, Estonia vs. Faroe Islands, Friendly International

Incredible fightback from the Faroe Islands as they turn 0-3 to 3-3 in 7 minutes, but still lose 4-3 however

Estonia - Faroe Islands 4-3 (3-0)
1-0 Vjatšeslav Zahovaiko
2-0 Vjatšeslav Zahovaikl
3-0 Tarmo Kink
3-1 Christian Lamhauge Holst
3-2 Christian Lamhauge Holst
3-3 Súni Olsen (pen)
4-3 Jevgeni Novikov

The start was a very miserable one for the Faroe Islands as they went 3-0 down after 28 minutes.

Zahovaiko headed Estonia in front after a corner after only 8 minutes. And just before the first quarter of an hour, Zahovaiko doubled Estonia's lead with his second goal. Again it was in connection with a corner which the Faroese defence didn't manage to clear.

A couple of minutes before the half-hour mark, it went from bad to worse when Kink made it 3-0. The Faroese defence was once again all over the place, and Kink had an easy job to run the ball in with his head after a cross from the left.

Faroese coach Jógvan Martin Olsen must have made a hairdryer-speech at half-time, because it was a transformed Faroese team that entered the pitch for the second half. - And really, it was also Olsen's job that was at stake, because with a 3-goal-hammering (or more) against Estonia, Olsen's position would be under threat.

But Olsen will survive for now, because in seven minutes, the Faroe Islands levelled the match.

After 62 minutes, Christian Lamhauge Holst reduced the deficit with his first goal for the Faroe Islands when he was played through by Súni Olsen. And just 3 minutes later, Holst netted again when ball fell in front of his feet in connection with a corner. And after 69 minutes, Súni Olsen levelled the match the match with a penalty which was given for hands.

- An incredible fightback from the Faroe Islands, but unfortunately Novikov managed to get the winner for Estonia 5 minutes later with a powerless flat shot from 19 metres. Faroese goalkeeper Jákup Mikkelsen will claim that his view was blocked by the 3 defenders in front of him, but Mikkelsen still ought to have done better.

The goals can bee seen on this Estonian website: http://etvsport.ee

New video from different angles. Quality is so-so; shakes a lot as it's probably taken with a mobile phone (or a digital camera). But for hard-core Faroe-fans, that doesn't matter. It shows 3 of the Estonian goals from a different angle and also give us an idea how Estonia could score 4 goals, as it uncovers a completely un-organized Faroese defence. And then it also reveals that Estonia was cheated for a clear penalty.

And a bonus video :-) The Estonian National Anthem

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